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I have spent the most of yesterday sleeping and my head is as good as new. Thank you so much for get better wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many good things happening in the fandom life! Very-very shortly, as I am swamped with various RL things:

1.BSG!!!!!!!!!! I love you, everything is forgiven and I promise a complete re-watch.
- Gaius, I forgive you too.
- Tigh, I love you. Beyond measure.
- Lee, I love you and I always have.
One more spoilery question )

Please , if you don't mind, link me to any interesting discussions about the episode 4.10.

2. Trigun is one of be the best anime I have seen so far. Vash is a spiky-haired twin of Father Abel from "Trinity Blood". I tried to watch this some time ago, but in a very bad copy. How much difference a dubbing made right can do to your viewing pleasure! I am adoring it to bits and if you don't see me for a couple of days this is because I am watching "Trigun".

3. Powerful Opponents I finished it in a fast mode and I think I have my own thoughts on the ending. But they aren't happy.

4. Iljimae: Where are the subs?? I am missing Shi Hoo!!!!
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I have finally caught up on Battlestar Galactica episodes yesterday. OMPH! How little I need to love this show to bits again! Lee and his awesome purple-maroon shirt? And many other good developments that involve Lee, Lee Lee! Isn't it all coming along a very great way this season?

I made more icons of Lee because my heart is full. They are free to share, please let me know if you need any text added or removed.


the rest of the icons )
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I have finally caught up with Battlestar Galactica and the last episode, "Faith", was much better for me then the previous two.

To cheer myself up from all this Lee-lessness , this is a mini-collection of screencaps from "Escape velocity", of Lee.

More Lee )
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Oh, BSG! So far I am bored out of my wits with the different religions/mystical paths/whatever storylines in this season of BSG. Usually incorporation of different religious themes, parallels and metaphors and any discussions about these matters will make me watch almost anything. This is one of my favourite things in fiction. And it is great to see it well-done, as in "Matrix". But what are you doing to me, BSG! You are boring me senseless with my favourite elements! ** sigh **

PS: Please bring more Lee. Lee-less episode, even with Leoben and newly attractive Helo and Anders in it, is not a good episode.
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I am busy at work with the Epic Project and another Project of Hassle and Overtime into helping with which I agreed without appropriate thinking. I haven't watched anything particular exciting but Battlestar Galactica episode 4.03. It was GREAT and I loved it as much as the other two of this season.

Without getting into spoilers I just want to say - Lee! I love Lee! I wish to know whose winning idea it was to make him wear the stripy suit of Democracy!

Nothing but Lee in pictures. No spoilers )
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First of all - happy birthday to [ profile] savepureness and [ profile] maddeinin. I hope that the next year will be happy and full of good things for both of you!!!

All you have been posting incessantly about Battlestar Galactica and making me want to watch it again. I was a little apprehensive as the show and I had parted on not-happy terms, but after [ profile] queenofthorns stopped posting about anything else but BSG I caved in. I am so glad I did. I completely forgot how much I love this show. I love:

- Lee! And his path that will lead him to be a president that finally leads everyone to Earth.
- And Kara! And them together! And her special destiny of finding Earth!
- I love Tigh ! And he is a cylon! What a surprise!
- I love Leoben! But I am still Lee/Kara until the end of times.
- I even love Anders! Because he is a cylon too (and how did this happen?).
- I love scruffy and aging Adama!

- But please, take away annoying Baltar.

Let me tell you about my love with icons from the episodes 4.01 and 4.02 ("He That Believeth in Me" and "Six of One") . The icons preview:


Icons are free to share. Please let me know if you need anything altered, text added or removed.

Some more icons behind the cut. They mostly involve Lee, his stripy suit, his white shirts and his jumpers of various colours. )
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BSG, oh BSG! You gave me hope in “Unfinished Business” of great things to come, but not long since and the balloon of my happiness is lying on the floor, old and shrunk.

Because: Lee, Kara and Anders )

BIG Question about Sharon )
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A test that made me happy

I have completed the "blunt personality test" (taken from [ profile] lage_nom_ai, Here) with the very surprising results.! I am "Almost perfect", and from the more serious explanation of the test, I am "Idealist" (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving). "Thoughtful and considerate", "Intuitive about people", "Do not like to conflict", "Flexible and laid-back", "Perfectionists with high standards". :D

Battlestar Galactica
I am still in a day-dream state after "Unfinished Business" episode, you know, when you are thinking about someting dosing off to sleep three days in a row?

After conversation with [ profile] umeedmerchant I have started watching second season of "House". Hugh Laurie is as entertaining as ever, and I am so much drawn to articulate sharp genius type in RL as well as in Fantasy Life. I can just stare at the screen for hours and listen to Dr. House’s snarky remarks. Also I absolutely unexpectedly like Dr. Chase very much this season too. And my dearest likes "House"; this is an additional plus!!!

Love Contract
I am plodding through this Taiwanese drama, but I am getting increasingly frustrated with the pointlessness and un-interestedness of almost all of the secondary characters. And there seems to be much of the screen time devoted to them. Some scenes I think are meant to be funny or evoke a feeling, but I just don’t seem to get any flicker of it. Even more, many "funny" scenes are plain disgusting in a manner of some teenage comedies. (I apologise very much to anyone who does like teenage comedies, but I am so well passed that stage in life that it seems that I want to wash my eyeballs after seeing even some of the trailers, this is just me!).

"Love and Honor" (Bushi ni Ichibun); Takuya Kimura
I am still so happy about the fact that as catdecember posted (Here), "Love and Honor" (Bushi ni Ichibun) beat "Casino Royale" on the first weekend gross in Tokyo. (It doesn’t mean I don’t like “Casino Royale”, am just happy for "Love and Honour")

I have huge expectations for "Bushi ni Ichibun", directed by Yôji Yamada. I have seen one of his films, "Twilight Samurai", beautiful and unusual romance with the most gentle, philosophical and heroic male protagonist. I hope for something similar (and with inimitable Takuya Kimura as additional plus)

To celebrate this, I posted some pictures of Takuya in [ profile] dorama_chat

This is a preview (Especially for [ profile] koalathebear :D ):

Good weekend, everyone!!!
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I am back to watching "Battlestar Galactica". I have also watched Korean film "The Host" today and it was so good and absolutely not "just horror", but rather a dark comedy and scarily truthful investigation of society. But more about this later, BSG!! I haven't watched it for about 4 weeks and absolutely despaired that things will ever be good. But amazingly, the creators pulled the rabbit out of the hat and explained it all (at least for me)

Spoilery part, Unfinished business, lengthy  )
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Kamenashi Kazuya/KAT-TUN/Yamapi/ Nobuta wo Produce/ Kurosagi
Fabulous [ profile] winterspel made a great post promoting music clips of Japanese singer/actor Kamenashi Kazuya and Japanese boy band "KAT-TUN". I have been listening to these clips on and off and I am pleasantly surprised. The standard of music and voices is quite high. The standard of dancing is even higher, in fact, it is probably one of the best of what I have seen so far anywhere . Saying all this, I was never especially keen on pop music so I can safely say that I probably will never turn into crazy "KAT-TUN" fan girl. But much, much thanks to [ profile] winterspel, it is very interesting culturally to get to know more about Asian entertainment.

And yes, I have almost forgotten, – I liked Yamashita Tomohisa the best in the video clips. To celebrate this, I am watching "Nobuta wo Produce" and "Kurosagi" at the same time. I love love love quirky and clever and crazy "Nobuta wo Produce" to bits (and more about this later) and I liked the first episode of "Kurosagi" very much too. I am not sure about the quality of the script and the swindling story was somehow very naïve, but the presence of Yamapi compensates for script’s pitfalls in spades.

Supernatural, Simon Said )

BSG, up to episode 5 (or 4) )

Films: The truth about cats and dogs
EEEEEEEE! This is such a fabulous film. I don’t have much time left and have to rush home, but - OMPH! Clever articulate girls rule! Dogs and cats rule! Female friendship rules!! Usually female friendship is shown as weakish and falling under the blows of stronger attachments, but not in this film! I just want to hug the writer for this.

Couple of CUTE screencaps from The truth about the cats and dogs )
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I have missed BSG!!!!. When the titles came up and the well-known music started playing – it all came back!!. BSG was my first ever BID fandom and still is, I think.

Thoughts on BSG Occupation/Precipice and pictures )


Mar. 17th, 2006 11:14 am
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I was thinking a lot today and yesterday and decided to make clear my own position on some things, mainly because at some point I did join with the fandom crowd in laughing (only indirectly and nobody probably knew, but I still did) in the latest Fandom Scandal:

Even if I find somebody’s position and actions wrong I really really dislike bad talking and mocking behind this person’s back. Even if this first person is wrong. I dislike it much more then first person’s wrong actions and positions. I am more then fine with disagreements and even arguments, and even if people say not only nice things to each other.. But mocking the others not in their presence – IS WRONG in my book..

Because of it I do apologise for having an un-intentional laugh to the person involved in the latest Fandom Scandal.

(And it is definitely JUST ME!!!!!)
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I have broken into downloads spree and have watched BSG from episode “Scar” to episode “Lay down your burdens part 1”.I could be getting really-really cranky with the Project of Doom and this could be the real cause of disappointment, but I feel almoust that i would like to remove BSG from my interests list. Yes, things are so bad for me ;)...

I apologize so much for the thoughts below as they are not at all constructive, I must, must read past posts about BSG and snap myself out of this.. Some [ profile] queenofthorns posts perhaps will explain it all ;)

Update Hee! I had a nice meal and a nap, and thank you [ profile] syliasyliasylia for some virtual chocolate èclairs. I think i will definitely watch BSG more. If only for Lee's sake. And in hope of some more Lee/Kara interaction..;)

BAD things:
lj-cut for possible, though vague spoilers )

GOOOD things:

lj-ct for possible, though vague spoilers )
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I con’t stop making “Battlestar Galactica” icons! Sometimes (quite often ;) it feels like Starbuck and Apollo are real people..

Thank you [ profile] gender, [ profile] natangel, [ profile] noctuidae for gradients/textures

1. 2. 3. 4.

Free to share, no hot linking, please
I will appreciate any comments very much, good or critical.

Some more icons behind lj-cut )
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Kara/Lee is my obsession and the reason I have joined LJ (that and [ profile] queenofthorns Leecaps), I love them together and separately, but will never forgive Ron Moore if they don’t become one.
*writes a letter to Ron Moore*

I LOVE the way they always stand SO close when they speak and look into each other’s eyes. It makes my knees week every time..

Thank you very much, [ profile] ginger001 , your icons are so lovely, really inspiring. Credits for brushes : [ profile] magicalicons and [ profile] twinklebyte.

Icons form season 2 below, they are not particular spoilerish; if you would like to take any, please leave a comment.

I would appreciate comments very much, good and critical..
* If you think they are no good, just tell me* ;)


More icons )
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Yesterday watched Hornblower "The Duchess and the devil". Jamie Bamber is a cute puppy there. Wow, what a way from that cute stage to the sex god he is now.

Watched "Final cut" again.

Need to find something with Katee Sackhoff in it. She is an amazing actress.

Does anybody know anything good with Katee in it? And anything with Jamie apart from "Hornblower"?


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