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I have been doing too much working from home lately, as in not having enough time for TV and LJ. :D This doesn't seem to be right and needs to be rectified! I am in the middle of user testing on a big project and to be honest the end is not nigh. But I am sure we will get through, we just need to keep digging.

I didn't have enough time to watch Russia/Spain properly )

PS: Two things of fandom:
- Vash the Stampede is GREAT!
- Where are the subs for Iljimae?
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Thank you so so much to all of you for the posts, emails, birthday wishes and gifts. I feel so touched and loved and my heart is absolutely full!! My day has been wonderful!

Germany/Turkey )
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This was very disappointing. Poor Buffon.
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Russia is in the semi-finals of the Euro 2008, winning over the highly acclaimed Holland team 3:1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as I am aware Russia never being further than quarter-finals. The Russian coach (who is actually Dutch) Guus Hiddink is made of awesome as far as I am concerned. I will be making picspams and icons in between now and 26 of June.

- I was impressed by the Turkey team as being able to shoot penalties is such an important skill. And ability to score a goal on the last second is even more important.
- Germany has always been one of my favourites and Ballack is in a good form. He is fantastic!

GO GO ITALY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am getting quite excited about the Euro 2008.

The teams I want to win:
1. Russia, I checked the re-plays and match analyses and I think Russian sounds like a good team (and looks like one too). I guess they don't have much chance against Netherlands, but still!
2. Italy! Because I like like like them!
3. Croatia! They are doing so well and would it not be awesome if they win!
4. Germany. I like their character and spirit, I always had.

The teams I don't want to win:
1. Portugal. I really dislike Ronaldo's cry-baby ways. The team never had any character between them and the biggest thing I remember about the Portugese team is the awful brawl during the World Cup 2006.
2. Netherlands. They are playing Russia so I don't want THEM to win. :D.

The teams I am neutral to:
1. Turkey. Are they any good?
2. Spain. They seem to be one of the teams that never seem to win.

Pre-quarter-finals pictures:

Russian team: It seems that the Russian team consists entirely of cute fresh-faced very young players I have never seen before. I hope the match between them and The Netherlands team will not be the last time I see them. On the other hand, a young team like this can just pull it off. The majority of them are the age when they don't have any fear nor are they prone to injuries. We will see. At the same time Russia never had any good coaches no the good history of the game..

Various Russian players )

My favourite Russian player so far, Pavlyuchenko )

Italian team: I hope with HOPE that they are going to win. Spain looks very strong this year, but I hope Italy will just play their beautiful game again in the quarter final.

My favourite Italian Player, Gigi Buffon. Plus man-kissing. I am making icons of this! )

Toni Luca, because he is so good to look at )

Update: Germany had a victory over Portugal. I am really happy. One of my favourite teams is going through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I haven't been watching Euro 2008 at all. I am doing too much overtime work from home at the moment.

All overtime work must stop NOW!! Because it is Euro 2008!

- And Russia is through into the quarter-finals!!!!!!!!! (Please don't tell me they are rubbish :D).

- And Italy is through too!!!!!!!!!! (I must say I WAS following them, and even did a prayer or two :D)

- And Croatia is through!!! (Congratulations, my LJ friends from Croatia!!!!)

- And of course Germany is through and they are going to win (but I don't mind, they have Ballack!)

I might go all football-crazy again!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we are having sweepstakes at work (I secretly requested Italy :D)!


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