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Back from Scotland and watching the second episodes of Game of Thrones!

My thoughts, with pictures )

Overall, I think I am over the first impressions gap, and loving the show . The last scene in this episode was incredibly powerful. But this episode was still a bit slow which is strange considering that the book is so huge and there is so much material to use.
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It has happened: after 1 episode of "Bad Guy" with subs and one raw I am insanely loving this drama. This might end in doom and gloom, but there is still hope, I haven't picked up anything that says "definitely everyone will die" yet, it is more likely that Shim Gun Wook will achieve redemption, that "heaven or hell?" phrase at the end of the episode 1 was very telling.

Shim Gun Wook's tragic past is probably one of the most tragic pasts I have ever seen in fiction. The death of the puppy (poor little thing!) was just the icing on the cake of misery.

Moon Jae In is lovely and so very unconvincing as a beginner gold digger. Hong Tae Sung is incredibly cool (he is Kim Jae Wook ! ) and as it seems that nothing is his personal fault, I am feeling for him and for the poor puppy.

Whoever is filming this has a huge crush on Kim Nam Gil:

Screencaps: obligatory shower scene (with scars) )
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Happy birthday [ profile] dangermousie! I wish you fulfilment of all your dreams and wishes and also many many good fandom things: dramas, films and books! Kim Nam Gil is sending his "Happy birthday" too:

Today! The first episode of "Bad Guy"! Is out!! I have watched it raw (no patience!) , could not understand a thing, but have understood as much : the drama is fast-paced, beautifully filmed, sexy, complex and dark. And Kim Nam Gil has very long eyelashes. I might get terribly obsessed. I want subs!!!!!!!!!

Screencaps of the episode 1 of Bad Guy. Not all of them are worksafe )

In other Kdrama News: Cinderella's sister episode 17 was fabulous, lovely and more. My thoughts on the episode 17, with screencaps )
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High-resolution screencaps from the lovely ladies on soompi, of most awesome variety:

Cinderella's sister episode 14 )

Prosecutor Princess 14 )
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I have caught up on "A Man Called God". It seems that I like the skeletal version of Song Il Gook as much as I did his non-skeletal version, and may be more. Why? I don't know. I don't really approve of people starving themselves to death and I am still worrying for his mental health, for who in his good mind will do this to himself? But? He looks so vulnerable and I want to cook him food? No, not really, I am not really a person who enjoys cooking too much, even though I can cook adequately. I don't really know, but Song Il Gook still looks hot.

The drama itself is a bit silly, but I am giving it the benefit of a doubt, and in any case, I haven't met an action kdrama that I can take 100% seriously yet. "A Man Called God" is cheese, but I am in a mood for wine and cheese party today.

And leaving anything else aside, "A Man Called God" has lovely OTP:

OTP in pictures. It has everything I need in an OTP: )
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Finally, I think I have emotionally bonded with both Hyo Sun and Eun Jo.
Spoilers for the episode 10 )
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Cinderella's sister episode 8: this is so wonderful, amazing, full of angst, perfect, fantabulous:

Many many screencaps )

I really hope that the kissing scene will take place in the next two episodes, I think it is about time, or they both will simultaneously combust.
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We well over the half of this 16-episodes drama, and I am still not at all convinced that there is much chemistry between the two leads. Take me right, the kiss scene was quite good and there few enough sparks flying at that very moment, but this was 4 episodes ago. The way they interact on day-to-day basis doesn't give me "eternal love" vibe at all. On Gae Hwa's part , she treats him with indulgence as immature younger brother. On Min Woo's part, he seems to have huge pity and compassion for her. But pity+indulgence do not make a couple! I wonder if this is intentional, or if the actors for some reason aren't able to display attraction to each other?

Also, more I see them , more I notice that there is such a huge gap in maturity between them. How will they ever come together as a couple? So far, it seems that if this happens , it will look like a cradle robbing. I am more and more inclined to think that this drama will have an open ending.

But Min Woo is totally adorable as "young father":

More adorableness )
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I have caught up on "Jejoonwon", which continues to be adorably naive, plotty and pretty. The best thing about the latest episodes is that after being made a free person by the King, Mr.Hwan underwent a make-over and he is suddenly looking very hot. Take me right, Mr.Hwan have always being a lovely guy, but before the makeover I haven't felt any real attraction. But now, Western haircut and Western clothes seem to suit him so well:

Some absolutely wonderful OTP developments, as well: )

Still, Jejoongwon continues to amuse me:
USA = good
Russia = good
Japan = evil reincarnate, set out to consume poor Korea.
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I have been moping about since "Chuno" ended, craving a big shiny period drama obsession. I have started "Queen Seonduk" today, very speedily fast forwarded the first 20 episodes to the moment Bidam appears on the scene, watched the episode 21 properly, and I am already obsessed.

My heart is doing: Bidam Bidam Bidam.

He is so fantabulous:

Bidam and DukMan's OTP is undeniable: he ties her to a tree! )

Apart from the general awesomeness of BiDam, "Queen SeonDeok" was the biggest Kdrama of the year 2009, scooping all possible MBC drama awards in 2009 and reaching into 45% ratings in it's prime. I have been wanting to see this for ages purely because I was interested what is the excitement all about, but I think I will genuinely love this to bits.
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What to say? This is turning into "Every single wish of Alexandral satisfied" drama.

Ki Hoon is back! And his haircut is nice! And his outfit is nice too!

Episode 5 recap in pictures )
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The hair-flying scene from the episode 1 is not letting me go. You know, sometimes you can pin-point the exact moment of falling in love? This was it. Whatever happens next, Ki Hoon is done for. He may be doesn't know it himself yet (but may be he does) , but this doesn't matter - nothing can stop this from unfolding. And then he goes and buys her a hairpin. OMPH.

Screencaps )

Edit: I really loved Chun Jung Myung in Hanzel and Gretel.
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Chuno episode 23: soon it is all going to end and I am still not getting the vibe of doom. Am I in the total minority and will my optimism be crushed soon? I don't know – but I guess I am an eternal optimist so I can't do anything about this.

Spoilers for the episode 23 )
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As promised, few screencaps from Oh Ji Ho's old movie, La Belle. I tried my hardest to choose the ones that won't violate Photobucket's terms of service, but who knows?

A long way from Slave General Song Tae Ha: )
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This episode has definitely reached Pullo/Vorenus (from "Rome") level, the guys just took to each other like ducks to water. I just wish we had more episodes of this instead of IMPENDING DOOM.

Spoilers for the episode 22 )
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Episode 19 was amazing, many fabulous fighting scenes and many emotional scenes too.

My thoughts on the episode 19, with pictures )

PS: A call for the fans of Chuno: please take a minute of your time to vote in a purely scientific Chuno poll , hosted by [ profile] dangermousie, here:
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The episode 18 was fabulous and absolutely worthy of full recap. First things first: both guys have a new hairstyle:

Chuno episode 18 recap in pictures )


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