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I have made a "Your favourite everything , season 1 of Game of Thrones" poll in [ profile] game_thrones community. I am cross-posting the results so that I can keep track of this.
This is the second poll of this kind, the results of the previous run (created after the episode 5 of the season 1) can be found here.

Sub-poll 1: The character(s) you love the most

There aren't too many surprises in this category. There are few changes in comparison with the previous run, though. Tyrion has moved to the first place, placing Arya as the second. Dany has moved to the third place, placing Jon as the fourth. There is much less love for Jaime : he gave way to Sansa and Robb who share the fifth place.

The full list )
Character Place Number of votes Percentage of voters (%)
Tyrion Lannister 1 79 58
Arya Stark 2 68 50
Danerys Targaryen 3 55 40

Sub-poll 2: Character you love to hate

Few people asked for clarification of the "love to hate" term. This is the explanation I found scouting the Internets (, which corresponds with my understanding of the term: "The term was most famously applied to Erich von Stroheim, a German actor of the silent and early sound period, who made a career of playing villainous Prussian noblemen. His portrayals were so strong that the audience would enjoy the feelings of animosity he engendered. Therefore, he was the man you love to hate."

The way I see it - the character you love to hate is the character you hate, but at the same time she/he engenders strong feelings from you and is important to the story. It is not an easy thing to write a bad character that is not cartoonish and will feel real enough to hate strongly. Someone you can channel your pent-up rage towards. My apologies for the late explanation.

There are some major changes in this sub-poll in comparison with the previous run. Joffrey seems to engender the universal hate and loathing, with as much as 67% of the voters naming him as their most hated character.

Also, as far as loathing goes, Petyr Baelish has moved up.

One surprising result for me personally: Catelyn is still hated more than Gregor Clegane, Walder Frey, Alliser Thorne and the rest. Although, looking on the positive side - Catelyn hate decreased from the previous run.

But no-one hates Ned Stark!!!!!

The full list )
Character Place Number of votes Percentage of voters (%)
Joffrey Baratheon 1 92 67
Cersei Lannister 2 74 54
Petyr Baelish 3 43 31

Sub-poll 3: The best casting

Tyrion is leading - 61% of voters list him are one of their favourite castings!

And YAY! Bronn received three votes (one of them mine)!

The full list )
Character Place Number of votes Percentage of voters (%)
Tyrion Lannister 1 84 61
Arya Stark 2 65 47
Ned Stark 3 57 42

Sub-poll 4: Your favourite pairing

Shipping! The results are very interesting. I have heard some worrying reports from here and there that large numbers of folks don't like Ned and Cat.

Do not fear! Ned/Cat as OTP triumphs everything! Yes to the great love and partnership! Dany/Drogo came second, although I am personally not very sure about this ship. Sansa/Sandor came third - the story of the Beauty and The Beast will never die!

The honorable mentions go to : Loras/Renly and Arya/Gendry (fourth and fifth).

There is also an amazing number of inventive ships! "Ros/Another Show" is my personal favourite, but there are also many other great ones, like "Jon Snow's hair/The wind".

The full list )
Ship Place Number of votes Percentage of voters (%)
Ned Stark/Catelyn Stark 1 48 35
Daenerys Targaryen/Khal Drogo 2 43 31
Sansa Stark/Sandor Clegane 3 35 26

Plsease feel free to discuss the results and bond over the shared favourites.
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It is almost Sunday 22nd where I live, the time to post the results of the "Your favourite Game of Thrones character" poll.

Sub-poll 1: The character(s) you love the most?

Three top characters (in terms of loving) are really REALLY close. It seems that Arya, Tyrion and Jon receive almost equal amounts of love, but it also seems that many other characters are loved as well. Personally, I am so glad that Jory Cassel, Benjen Stark and the Direwolves received a vote! And Bronn!

The full list )
Character Place Number of votes
Arya Stark 1 77
Tyrion Lannister (The Imp) 2 75
Jon Snow 3 71
Daenerys Targaryen (Daenerys Stormborn) 4 47
Jaime Lannister (the Kingslayer) 5 28

Sub-poll 2: Character you love to hate

It seems that Cersei is the most hated character of them all, she received much more votes than the other top two (Joffrey and Viserys). I have been worrying about the softening of Cersei's character in she show, may be I shouldn't worry.

Among other interesting results: Jaime Lannister receives as much hate as he receives love. Yep, you have to give it to Jaime: you either hate him or love him, nothing in between.

The most surprising for me personally result is how many "love to hate" votes Catelyn Tully have received. If any of the voters don't mind to answer - why do you love to hate Catelyn? I am just curious. I would love to have an answer!

The full list )
Character Place Number of votes
Cersei Lannister 1 59
Joffrey Baratheon 2 34
Viserys Targaryen (the Beggar King) 3 31
Ser Jaime Lannister (the Kingslayer) 4 29
Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger) 5 24

Sub-poll 3: The best casting

Again, three top characters (Arya, Tyrion and Ned) are quite close. I am so glad that Jory Cassel, Benjen Stark and the Direwolves received a vote - well done, show!

The full list )
Character Place Number of votes
Maisie Williams as Arya Stark 1 50
Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister (the Imp) 2 44
Sean Bean as Eddard (Ned) Stark 3 35
Aidan Gillen as Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger) 4 23
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister (the Kingslayer) - 5 19

PS Me? Still obsessed. Sadly, I have lended my copy of the first book in an attempt to push the show to my co-workers. I might just re-read "A Feast for crows" , I seem to remember the events of this book not as well as the events of the other three.

Spoilers: possible vague book spoilers
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I love numbers and polls. The show is in the middle of the current season, which seems to be a good time for one. There are so many characters in the show that creating a radio buttons or check boxes poll wasn't possible. Please type three (or less) of your favourite characters in each poll, in no particular order. The results of the poll will be published on Sunday, 22nd of May.
Your favourite characters?

Edit: Please note that you need to submit each sub-poll separately!!!!

[Poll #1742259]

[Poll #1742260]

[Poll #1742261]

PS: I think I am becoming obsessed with the show. This sort of crept up on me, but I am once again finding myself thinking about nothing else but "Game of Thrones".

Spoilers: Episode 5 of the HBO show

Update: the poll is now closed
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Top five in the "Your favourite Korean drama" category:

PictureDrama titlePlaceNumber of votesComment
Coffee Prince112I love this drama to bits, but still , the first place is a huge surprise! But as it is said, you can't argue with figures and facts. "Coffee Prince" is a runaway favourite! Congratulations and huge love from all of us!
( Devil )
25This is absolutely perfect drama
The Legend 3-54Mind-blowingly good period drama
Chuno4-53A new step in sageuks and Kdrama in general
My Girl 4-53May be the best romantic comedy there is

The rest of your Kdrama favourites, in descending order. I thought they all are worthy of mentioning! )

Top five in the "Your favourite Japanese drama" category:

PictureDrama titlePlaceNumber of votesComment
Hana Yori Dango 19No surprises here! I still remember how the whole of LJ went crazy with Hanadan fever in 2007. This drama always comes as a winner in the "Best adaptation of Hana Yori Dango manga" poll. Congratulations, Makino, Domyoji , Rui, Sojiro, Akira and Yuki!
Nodame Contabile27Wonderfully quirky, hilariously funny and feel-good.
Nobuta wo Produce 36A real gem among teenage dramas
Pride45Woo-hoo to Kimura Takuya doing hockey!
Utahime 53I haven't seen this yet, but I must!!!!!!!!!

The rest of your Jdrama favourites, in descending order. I thought they all are worthy of mentioning! )

Top five in "Your favourite Taiwanese drama" category:

PictureDrama titlePlaceNumber of votesComment
Mars 110Another runaway favourite. This was one of my first dramas and I really enjoyed it 4 years ago, but only after a while I came to realize how special it is. A really unusual treat, full of psychological mysteries.
It Started With a Kiss 25There is a whole new definition to "she has him wrapped round her little finger". It is ISWAK.
Black & White 34Bring on more plot than you can handle and Zai Zai in white suits.
Love Contract4-52The prettiness of Mike He is overwhelming
Why Why Love4-52Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

The rest of your Twdrama favourites, in descending order. I thought they all are worthy of mentioning! )
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I have posted Your favourite Asian drama poll a week ago; it had very good response! Thank you very much to everyone who participated - I will collect the data and post the results as promised, on the 8th of June. Please feel free to direct anyone to the poll – the more the merrier!

Quite few posters noted that it seems to be unfair to omit Taiwanese dramas and asked for "your favourite Taiwanese drama" poll. I am so sorry I didn't have a chance to do this earlier!

The poll is open to non-LJ users. If you don't have a LJ user account and want to participate, please leave a comment in this post in the format below and I will include your choices in the poll.

Format for the anonymos comments:
1. My favourite Kdrama: your favourite Kdrama here
2. My favourite Jdrama: you favourite Jdrama here
3. My favourite Twdrama: your favourite Twdrama here

[Poll #1574330]
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I think I am in complete minority with Korean BoF. My thoughts behind a cut )

Below is my attemp at a purely scientific poll I tried to make to find out your preferences:

[Poll #1363046]
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My admiration for this guy knows no bounds but the latest pictures of him and his blue cardigan makes me worried:

I need your opinion on this. To participate you don't have to be a fan of Bae Yong Joon or even know who he is. The gender of participants is not important too. (But please be kind – I lurve him :D)

[Poll #1172089]
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This is a follow-up from a post by [ profile] meganbmoore. I have been thinking about these things for quite a long time and as an icon-maker I am really interested in what YOU guys think. I have compiled this poll using the icon trends that I find particular frustrating myself. I also added other icon trends that simply stand out but which I don't dislike..

[Poll #1068164]

PS Please feel welcome to add an opinion!
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This is something I find almost embarrassing to admit because I am in a small minority – I can't understand a hype surrounding "Pirates of Caribbean". Johnny Depp is definitely one of the most gorgeous blokes that have ever lived and Keira Knightly is a very comely lass. BUT!! I do confess embarrassing fact that when I watched the first film I thought "Hmm? This film is in 250 best films of all times on IMDB?" and when I watched the second film.. I confess I didn’t finish it. This all makes me feel slightly worried..

I must get to the bottom of it and Friday seems to be a good day for a poll!!!

What do you think about Pirates of Caribbean )

This is of course an excuse to post a picture of Johnny Depp )

PS2 : If you like/dislike the series I would love to hear why!!!

Update LJ is not working well for me again!! I apologise very much but I will have to answer your comments tomorrow!
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Flexible Squares problem

I had a look in the Flexible Squares community and couldn't find any information as to why posts with the large pictures started to break indecently starting from the beginning of April 2007. They have an information about the known issue with the breaking of the large-image page, but the way they describe it seems to be the way it used to happen, when only the part of the post from the large image onwards was shifted below the sidebar. But the way it happens now is that ALL post containing the large image is placed below the side bar.

New Layout style and colours
I gave up and moved to the more generic and free of bugs Component Layout style. A little bit of fiddling (OK, it only took me 4 hours) and I have got it the way I like, with the header and all. I changed the colours slightly..

Problem with Component layout I can't figure out how to get rid of is that background is stripy and I want it plain coloured. I will appreciate very much if anyone who knows how to get rid of stripyness let me know. I feel there is a simple way to do it and I saw layouts without strypiness, but it is eluding me. I will appreciate any HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

Layout speed Hmm, the other thing is that the old layout seemed to upload faster. But may be it is just me. Update: GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRR! It is too slow, I had to return back to my old layout. GRRRRRRR!

Dark layout vs Light layout
I was thinking about Layout Colours recently. I notice that icons look much better on the dark layout. This is why I often see dark layouts used for icon communities; it makes colours look so much brighter. BUT!! I find it difficult to read white text on dark background, but it could be just me because my eyes are not as they used to be.

What do you think?

[Poll #968339]
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Sleep report Finally sleep deprivation due to Asian drama overdose caught up with me yesterday. We had a big “Vision” meeting combined with “Not your Christmas Dinner” lunch for our department yesterday. Somehow it happened that I was made to/volunteered to report our tables’ view on student coaching experience and ideas to the rest of the BIG audience. EEEEE! I was thoroughly embarrassed but my colleagues said that I sounded "very confident". I hope so, but I think they are just trying to be polite. :D
Because I came home early after the meeting I had a chance to put my head down and just switched off for an hour. I could have stayed asleep, but was carried to the church meeting by my dearest dear. And then I again switched off on the way back and stayed switched off until morning. Sleep deprivation is a scary thing. :D I feel a lot better today!!!

Bones. Poll

I have watched two episodes of "Bones" season 1. I am not sure yet because some of the very good people I know love this show so there must be something in, but it seems that into the two episodes span creators managed to fill as much cliches as it was possible:

+ Main heroine (Temperance Brennan by Emily Deschanel) is stroppy but terribly brilliant

+ Heroine’s parents died/disappeared under unclear circumstances

+ The Hero (Special Agent Seeley Booth by David Boreanaz) is burly and has a snarky OTP with the heroine

+ There is an episode involving heroine appearing in the hero’s apartment unexpectedly and him opening the door half-dressed. And of course there is a skanky lawyer lady in that apartment too.

+ There is an episode involving an Arabian terrorist.

+ The Science can solve any crime. (This is actually worrying me – Though admittedly technology and science play more and more role recently, but I think in the recent abundance of shows like CSI the reality of police work, the importance of normal police methods as deduction, observation, collecting of the evidence and interrogation are getting largely underrated and I am getting a little upset for the real Police)

[Poll #904848]
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Our friend is installing a new boiler in our house today. He put new double-glazed windows last week and our house is much much warmer now. Because our boiler was giving in for quite a while, we decided to change it on a spur of the moment. Now my house is in terrible mess and I am contemplating a long cleaning session after he goes home in ten minutes. And yes - I am totally zen about it all!!!!!! But my windows and doors are kind of awesome and Sasha's room much bigger now after he moved the boiler downstairs.

I don't have much to do for ten minutes and I need to take my mind off contemplating THE BIG CLEAN, also we were talking about this today with [ profile] koalathebear. I am really really interested to know what people on my friend's list think about the New Star Wars.

[Poll #888879]

And happiest of birthdays to [ profile] meganbmoore!!!! I wish you a lovely sword-bearing warrior!!!


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