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Angel season 4
YAY! I sailed through this in no time at all and it is definitely my favourite season of "Angel" and "Buffy" (I am still stuck in the season 3 of Buffy) . On the whole - the show has "growed up" by Lilah's words. [ profile] baleanoptera, have you seen this season?

My very jumbled thoughts (in no order):

- Cordy/Connor storyline was very disturbing in a worst kind of "yuck" way and though everything has been explained I am afraid I will never be able to like Cordelia as I liked her before.

- the fact that EVERYTHING has been explained is probably my less favourite moment about this season. I think I am not a fan of storylines that give me an impression that we all are puppets of some forces. I am more into traditional free will stuff, even when deities and gods are concerned. Plus a logic freak in me says "And what about Doyle? What if the actor who played Doyle was not a troubled person and his character stayed in the show? Then Cordelia would not have been able to have visions and the rest would not have been able to follow?"

- I loved the morally ambiguous Jasmine arch.

- I still like Connor, he may be was the strongest and most complex character in this season (it is a tie between him and Wesley). And Angel's final sacrifice for him made so much sense in mystical/fairytale/religious nature of the whole arch.

- But I hate Connor's floppy hair with passion

- On the other hand, I loved the clothes overhaul everyone experienced under the mind control spell. Seeing Angel in a pink/lemon/while stripy shirt was incredibly hilarious and very satisfying.

See: the bad shirt of mind control:

- Wesley is my favourite "good" character in Angel (and the whole Buffy-verse at the moment). He better gets together with Fred in season 5 or else! And I also hope he will not shave his attractive stubble and will not stop wearing deep dark red shirts.

- Lilah is my favourite "bad" character in Angel.

- The fourth season of "Angel" reminds me of "Firefly"

We are off on vacation next week and I will not be able to use the Internet there. But I hope to read!!! LOTS! And make some photographs of picturesque English villages!
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I was moving through the season 3 slowly because of the magic vampire child thing. It took few month for my brain to get accustomed to the idea that vampires can have children. But I am glad I got over it because "Angel" from somewhat good show finally has become a very very good show at the end of the season 3. Everyone has grown up, things have changed and become serious, the world-building structure became real.

By far the saddest and most real scene in the series: )

Stephenie Meyer "Breaking Dawn"
I am joining the camp of nay-sayers. This was probably the worst book I have read for as long as I can remember myself.

The question: Is this in the vampire lore now? Vampires can have children?
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After "In the Wings" episode of the season 3 "Angel" had suddenly become amazingly good . It was literally as if a bulb switched on for me and I can't wait to watch more! Short list of reasons :

- Angel and Cordelia
- Gunn and Fred
- Heart-broken Wesley is awesome
- Angel and Lourne as best buddies
- Groo, go away!

(I am getting afraid that this blissful spell will pass as [ profile] endlessdeep forebodes a very bad 4th season . I am especially afraid for Fred and Gunn.)
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Angel, season 3: I have re-started my "Angel" watching. And I immediately remembered why I stopped watching it in the first place. I don't know how everyone liked this but for me the storyline of Angel and Darla having a baby is a bit of no sense. (I am on the episode 3.10 "Dad" at the moment). How did that manage to happen? How did two vampires manage to conceive a human baby? And Why? Why the baby stuff that works so exceptionally well for me in RL doesn't really work that well in TV shows?

And now Angel is running away from everyone AGAIN.I am going to watch through this show as I am very intent on finishing "Angel" but! I hope this is going to be resolved somehow well.

30 days of Night: I remember [ profile] nutmeg3 mentioned this film to me a while ago. And YAY! I have watched it! And it didn't disappoint! In the fictional world full of fictional vampires that are in bulk converting into the Tortured Misunderstood Hero Club it is so great to see an old-fashioned Evil to the Core Blood Thirsty vampire. Besides, a well-made visually film is always a half of the win with me. Add to it a decent attempt at the character building in the form of rather hunky Sheriff (by Josh Hartnett) and his rather cool estranged wife (Melissa George) and you get something that made me quite happy! Especially as the film is dipped and rolled in most wonderful and clean snow.

But still, the best thing about this film are the vampires, particular their leader played by Danny Huston. Not an anti-hero as such, but rather a horror-hero, a being truly evil but at the same time possessing personality and power and entirely stealing all the scenes he is in. It is probably the first time I see someone devoid ENTIRELY of any good qualities who doesn't come across as a caricature.

I am Legend : I enjoyed this whilst I watched and it had one of the best movie dogs. I want that doggy to be my doggy. I liked the way the vampire beings were made, especially dogs and rats. I liked the rest of CGI less as it was quite obvious in some parts that everything is just an animated picture, not reality. But wasn't this film just "28 days later" with a nuance? This nuance being Bob Marley – singing Will Smith as the Big American Hero?

And to end on a random note, some pictures of Bae Yong Joon. Swimming. Butterfly Stroke. )
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I do get an occasional "dumb day" and it is today. May be I overdid jogging yesterday and my body is saying "hang on, dearie! Let's have a rest!"..

The Wire
But something very cheerful happened to me today – I have "addicted" one of our guys from work to the excellence that "The Wire" series is.. He watched the first season in one weekend! He thinks that this is the best thing EVER (of course!!!) ! He is going to buy "The Wire" DVDs for himself!!!!!!

Angel season 1
I am plodding along with this and I like it very much, especially when Angel stops brooding and starts smiling in a cute unsure manner and saying something that is light and not TRAGIC and important. This usually happens when he is around Cordelia so I am very much shipping them together. But I am a little miffed )

Supernatural, The kids are all right
It was probably one of the best single episodes over the course of this show. to hide spoilers away )

Something I promised to [ profile] endlessdeep: my small collection of BOOTS. I probably I need to add "shoes" to my list of interests.

Boots in pictures )
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EEEEEEEE! I am in "Russian" period because awesome and fabulous [ profile] dangermousie (to whom I am forever thankful) sent me THE MOST ADDICTIVE thing in the universe or Russian tv-novella "Bednaya Nastya" (or "Poor Nastya"). Not to confuse things, the main heroine is called Anna and she is in the most delicious master/serf, yin/yang, bad boy/lovely girl relationship with Baron Vladimir Corf (played by Daniil Strahov). This tv-novella is also full of other angst-filled romantic relationships and amazing adventures, all 120 episodes of it. And YES! Duels! I have been missing Russian fiction so much because no one does duels as good as Russian 19th century prose. Oh, I am bubbling – I spent the whole of Saturday and Sunday watching "Bednaya Nastya", I just could not stop!

And look! This is Daniil Strahov who is playing the main hero, Baron Vladimir Corf. Please pass me some smelling salts!

Some more pictures of Daniil Stahov, 17 in total )

Angel I have started watching "Angel" and this is the love from the first sight. It is indeed much better then "Buffy" for me (include here that I like "Buffy" very much). "Angel" is just so much more of a good (and by good I also mean dark) supernatural story where "Buffy" is really a story about high-school with supernatural bits helping telling this "school" story rather then vice versa. And here I am quite petty – "Buffy"'s title music score is really raking my nerves recently, I find this type of music head-pounding. It is fine when you hear it for the first 5 times but I am through (40?) episodes and I am truly getting enough of it. You see – PETTY!

PS: Bionic Woman I watched it today too. It is in no way original but very pretty, especially Will Yun Lee. But! I have a bad bad feeling that the whole point of this show is to make girls fight on TV..


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