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When I saw all your posts with posters, screencaps and happy feelings about the new Taiwanese drama "Summer Desire", my fate was sealed. It has been a while since I watched a Taiwanese drama (the last one was "My Queen") and I really liked the look of this one.

But! The first 5 minutes of the drama, and we get to hear the main herouine's voiceover: "But because of me, hatred ran deep between the two. ..Perhaps I am inauspicious . I made them unhappy…" Please tell me I am not hearing what I am hearing, because what I am heating is "It is my fault they are fighting.. I am unlucky. I made them unhappy". What sort of misogynist, "women are the reason men turn to bad things", drivel is this????? I will give the drama a bit of credit and try to ignore the introduction for now, but I will be on my guard.

Male leads:
- I don't mind Peter Ho as Ou Chen so much. He is no Adonis, but providing he angsts a bit more in every episode I think I can learn to like him. There is intensity in him that I find very appealing.

- On the other hand, Huang Xiao Ming as Luo Xi looked fine in screencaps but in motion he has a weird slightly sleazy smile. AND he wears pink cardigans.

PS: Cinderella's sister : the end : I am so so happy! There was an angsty deep in the middle of the drama, but overall it was a very much feel-good drama of spring. It told quite an unusual story (take me right, I love romance as much as any other person, but some interesting family relationships were an additional bonus), it had good script, amazing settings and excellent actors. My ratings: 7/10
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This drama is making me happy! A couple of gifs from the epsiode 18 )

Wednesday / Thursday ratings :

Cinderella's sister: 23% : well-deserved!

Bad Guy: 12% : not too bad for the first episode?? Or too low? I am in the middle of the episode 1 (with subtitles) and I think I am OBSESSED. It is no secret I like Kim Nam Gil, but I have also fallen instantaneously in love with Han Ga In's character, Moon Jae In.
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Happy birthday [ profile] dangermousie! I wish you fulfilment of all your dreams and wishes and also many many good fandom things: dramas, films and books! Kim Nam Gil is sending his "Happy birthday" too:

Today! The first episode of "Bad Guy"! Is out!! I have watched it raw (no patience!) , could not understand a thing, but have understood as much : the drama is fast-paced, beautifully filmed, sexy, complex and dark. And Kim Nam Gil has very long eyelashes. I might get terribly obsessed. I want subs!!!!!!!!!

Screencaps of the episode 1 of Bad Guy. Not all of them are worksafe )

In other Kdrama News: Cinderella's sister episode 17 was fabulous, lovely and more. My thoughts on the episode 17, with screencaps )
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It is safe to say now that Cinderella's Unni has been a great success with me. Through this drama I realised one thing – it wasn't just a fluke that I liked "Family's Honour" so much. I think I love family dramas in general, where alongside the main couple's romance I get something extra: various relationships between siblings, parents and children, grandfathers and grandchildren and others. This gives me a feeling of belonging to the story somehow. Episode 15 of "Cinderella's sister" had some very strong and intense scenes between the mother and Hyo Sun. I really applaud both actresses, Seo Woo and Lee Mi Sook. It is even strange to remember that I disliked Hyo Sun so much at first. Her character has become clear to us through the cause of the story , the creators managed to introduce us to her point of view and her inner thoughts very slowly, bit by bit.

And on the whole, "Cinderella's Unni" is such a girl power drama. The focus has never shifted from Eun Jo and Hyo Sun. I am absolutely loving this.

In this regard, the episode 15 had an amazing scene of "Eun Jo shows the Evil Brother number 1 who is the boss". Ever since the evil brother N1 was introduced, I have been waiting for this. I cheered for Britain and the whole world combined, because smart girls rule!

Read more... )
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High-resolution screencaps from the lovely ladies on soompi, of most awesome variety:

Cinderella's sister episode 14 )

Prosecutor Princess 14 )
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My sincere apologies - I am still behind with answering the comments!

Cinderella's sister
I loved the episode 13, I think I have settled in this drama and I am in love with every character, including secondary and evil characters. I am also in absolute love with the location of the farm. The place is absolutely fabulous!

There were some very intense moments in the episode 13, but my favourite still was "The evil brother number two gets a decent haircut and asks Ki Hoon to introduce him to Hyo Sun". Awwww! This was so cute. Also it seems there is no love between the two evil brothers, and may be the brother number two (and the brother number one) aren't that evil and everything is the result machinations of Ki Hoon's father (who is surely evil :D) :

More )

Personal taste/Oh My Lady
I am following both of these, in a VERY fast forward mode, and my conviction is set: these are not-bad-but-pass-and-forget dramas; I will remember the first one more for good kissing scenes than for any coherency (also warning: don't watch it if the rights of gay people are close to your heart) and the second sadly falls by the wayside in terms of chemistry between the leads.

Prosecutor Princess
Seeing the subs are coming nice and fast, I have finally started "Prosecutor Princess". I am loving it in big way, mostly for snappy dialogue, fresh characters and electric combination of Park Shi Hoo+Kim So Yeon.

But there are two very distracting moments in this drama:
- Ma Hye Ri's terrible haircut. The hair stylists resonsible for the drama couldn't have chosen a less flattering haircut for gorgeous Kim So Yeon even if they tried, and they almost succeeded in making her ugly. As a haircut purist, I also must point out that this horror CAN NOT be a creation of any designer hair salon (as it supposed to be). Not unless all the hairdressers in the salon are on drugs.

- Ma Hye Ri's atrocious clothes. I refuse to believe these are purchased from any of designer shops (I haven't seen anything as ugly anywhere), and if they are, they matched in a "lets make it as less colour and shape coordinated as possible" way. This is not Cordelia, and this is not the girl from "Legally Blond": both of them had some very bold , but cute outfits. This is a mad chick who thinks that orange, purple and green go together in one combination (plus yellow shoes). I am going to make a special post about Ma Hye Ri's clothes because these clothes are totally post-worthy. Again, because I have not a passing interest in clothes, every single outfit of Ma Hye Ri's hurts my eyes and makes the drama less believable (designer shops - NO WAY!).
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1. It has been a while since the work was as busy as now. I am doing about 20 systems at once. I work as a database programmer in one of the UK Universities, looking after University's bigger systems (they are mostly made by other companies) and writing some smaller ones. I love the job , I always have, I am one of these lucky people who "find the job you love and you'll never work a day in your life". I work from home and from office, and the margins are blurred sometimes. On the plus/minus side I am almost always close to a computer, unless I eat, sleep, do shopping, figure skate, drive, jog, or perform any other non-information related activity. And of course, I wear glasses.

2. I have checked spoilers for the episode 12 of "Cinderella's sister" and also watched the episode 11 with subs and I can't express how much I am loving the drama.spoilers ) For anyone interested, here is the ending of the episode 12 on youtube, uploaded by Shirley: . And here is a fabulous shippy scene:

3. I have watched the 2nd episode of "Worlds Within", and I am in absolute love with Hyun Bin's character. If fact, I am in love with everyone in this drama, but the lead lady. Do you need an example of immature, "I think everyone should just fall at my feet because I am so cute", girl? This is Joo Joon Young , now (when she is almost 30) and in the flashbacks, exactly the type of girl that I try to politely avoid in RL. I hope her layers will be peeled off too.

4. I have watched some more episodes of "Queen Seon Deok" (I m on episode 33 now) . I am all about the older guys at the moment, Munno and Chil Sook (he is played by the same actor who played the bandit leader Jjakgwi in "Chuno")

5. I think Shin Min Ah is lovely and green is my favourite colour. Some pictures of Shin Min Ah )
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From lovely shirley on soompi:

Oh my poor heart! It is all I can say. :D I can't wait.

Pictures: )
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Finally, I think I have emotionally bonded with both Hyo Sun and Eun Jo.
Spoilers for the episode 10 )
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The photo is just because I like it:

I shamelessly watched episode 9 streamed raw.

Spoilers )
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Cinderella's sister episode 8: this is so wonderful, amazing, full of angst, perfect, fantabulous:

Many many screencaps )

I really hope that the kissing scene will take place in the next two episodes, I think it is about time, or they both will simultaneously combust.
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I need subs to analyze this properly, but , In one phrase: How adorable can Jung Woo get???

Also: Oh no they didn't??? )

One other thing came to my mind - I thought that Hyo Sun is an exact copy of Eun Joo's mom, only younger. She also has everything in a way of superficial charm and good looks, but doesn't really want to do anything to support herself. All Hyo Sun is looking for is a man to take care if her, poor Ki Hoon most likely. And she doesn't really love the man she has chosen, it is all because she decided that he is someone who would be able to look after her.
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Very very long preview. OMPH! Some very interesting developments.

I don't want to spoil anyone, but saying Taecyeon appears shirtless (in a vest) won't be spoilers, right? This was about to happen at some point? He has arms of steel but he is still such a baby-boy:

Preview for the episode 7: )

Preview for the episode 8, where Jung Woo proves that he has the arms of steel )
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What to say? This is turning into "Every single wish of Alexandral satisfied" drama.

Ki Hoon is back! And his haircut is nice! And his outfit is nice too!

Episode 5 recap in pictures )
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Tomorrow! Will be a new episode! I am still feeling quite "blah", but who really cares - tomorrow will be a new episode of "Cinderella's sister". Everyone on my friends list is loving it, the ratings have been slowly creeping up and I am happy. Speaking of ratings, I expect a big leap forward in ratings this week, now the pre-story is over and it is about time for Taecyeon - aka - Beast to appear. Who does look very cute, even with the haircut of badness (meant to emphasize his poverty?) and the ears of Dumbo (picture from lilcrush on soompi):

OMPH. THE EARS. THE EARS. He lost his weight and it all gone into his ears.
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Some ranting )

Screencaps of glee, many many screencaps of glee )

On the whole: I love this drama to bits. Such a welcome change after "Chuno" (that just about has ripped my heart out of my chest). Also : I predict a totally happy ending, fairy-tale like.


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