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I just finished the first episode of the season 4, of "The Wire", "Boys of Summer". I wanted to wait for DVDs to be released, mostly because I find "The Wire" to be exceptionally beautiful, in a "beauty of urban decay" sort of way and wanted to watch the season in DVD quality. I am not disappointed! This season is gorgeous! The colours are vivid and summery and there is a feeling of empty space, may be somehow connected with the void left by the fall of Barksdale's empire. Emptiness makes the streets look somehow surreal.

It is hard to say anything yet, but one thing is for sure - I am going to love this season to bits. It is a love from the first sight as it was with the season 2. I struggled with the season 3 for a little while but the ending was fantastic.

I think I am going to be all about the boys. They are great. Especially Randy who has a heart and also has some ideas. I am getting worried already as I remember someone saying something about the tragic ending for them.

Snoop and Chris are so scary! The empty terrace at the end of the episode gave me shivers. I had a feeling as if I was watching a horror film, imagining that behind every nailed door are piled up dead bodies.

Prez as a Math teacher is an interesting thought. OMPH! It either going to be a great success or a complete disaster. Success may be?

Namond and Randy, my favourites so far )
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I do get an occasional "dumb day" and it is today. May be I overdid jogging yesterday and my body is saying "hang on, dearie! Let's have a rest!"..

The Wire
But something very cheerful happened to me today – I have "addicted" one of our guys from work to the excellence that "The Wire" series is.. He watched the first season in one weekend! He thinks that this is the best thing EVER (of course!!!) ! He is going to buy "The Wire" DVDs for himself!!!!!!

Angel season 1
I am plodding along with this and I like it very much, especially when Angel stops brooding and starts smiling in a cute unsure manner and saying something that is light and not TRAGIC and important. This usually happens when he is around Cordelia so I am very much shipping them together. But I am a little miffed )

Supernatural, The kids are all right
It was probably one of the best single episodes over the course of this show. to hide spoilers away )

Something I promised to [ profile] endlessdeep: my small collection of BOOTS. I probably I need to add "shoes" to my list of interests.

Boots in pictures )
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"We don't need to dream no more" Stringer Bell

I have finished watching the third season of "The Wire" this weekend. To tell the truth, I struggled a little with the season 3. It didn't "grab" me from the beginning as season 1 and particular season 2 did. But as I continued to watch so much of the whole picture and whole paradigm of "The Wire" started to develop beautifully in this season that at the end I fell completely in love with it.

More about season 3. Spoilers for all season. )

My favourite characters in a gallery of sceencaps. Spoilers )

I made some icons too (I never can resist) and they are free to share. Please let me know if you need any customisation, any text added or taken away



The rest of the icons )
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The Wire I have started watching season 3, I have seen episode 1 so far. It is a little slow yet (in the season 2 we had a container full of dead girls by this time) , but seeing all the characters again feels like meeting the real people whom I haven’t seen for a while!! Among new characters, I really like Major Colvin, but he seems to be pals with Major Volchek and this can’t be a good thing, right?

Bones I am up to the episode 7 in the season 1. What to say? Storylines are still quite bad, in a way of collecting as many clichés as you can get. We already had child molesters, terrorists, cannibals, serial killers. BUT!!!!!!!!! Booth is great, and he says some of the most sharp and amusing things ever! And he wears his shoulder holster with dignity!!!! I like the bunch of misfit forensic scientists! They all are fabulous!!! I don’t like Bones herself yet, but this doesn’t spoil the watching for me. I wanted to ask - do you think she has a strange accent (or even a speech impediment)? I was wondering, because as non-native speaker I am never sure of these things.

Supernatural: "Born under a bad sign" What an excellent episode. I am finally getting into Dean/Jo shipping because ). And most of all, being evil makes Sam soooo interesting!

1 Percent of anything Finished it. It was a great fun, but not obsessive love. The best parts for me were multiple secondary OTPs, especially the one with Cousin/Doctor girl. I am craving a recommendation for a new Korean drama!!!!!!!!!!

Seducing Mr. Perfect (Korean romantic comedy) Now, this was a girly joy!! Think “Bridget Jones”, “My Girl” and “Pretty woman” (in the main hero’s part, not heroine’s). I definitely want to make a proper pictural collection!! Such a lovely romantic comedy and Daniel Henney is very very attractive and wounded.

Just a peek: )

Unfair (Japanese drama) Female homicide cop with the tortured past investigates a string of serial murders. I am not fully immersed into this yet, I finished the second episode yesterday, but it is quite engaging and dark. Is anyone watching this? What do you think?

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I like Mondays.

I work Wednesday to Friday and Wednesday is the worst day because it is always so BUSY and there are so many things awaiting to be done .. But Monday – I have a whole day for myself and today I have already done so many things (taking my friend to the airport, shopping and getting tulips for the front garden) that this whole day fills me with joy. I keep looking at my tulips through the front window and all is great!!! I wish everybody a nice day!!!!

I finished "The Wire" season 2 this weekend. Spoilers for season 2 of The Wire, the greatest show EVER )

I also was watching "Bleak House" and it is a true masterpiece. The only thing which upsets me in it is something of my shallow nature )

I am screen-capping and hope to make some icons. Though I never know how icon-making is going to go ..

And I am thinking about Dr.Who and Rose so much and I am not thinking about Kara/Lee as much anymore ;)…
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+ I am a queen of SQL query optimizing. My little cute on-line enquiry system (glorified phonebook) works very fast considering underlying database size. I should change my username to queenofqueries. Yes I should.

+ There are two more weeks added to the due date of the Project of Doom (Project of Doom is the same as “My little cute on-line enquiry system”, but on a bad day)

+ Admiration for “The Wire” overwhelms me, and I just want to say – it is clearly the cleverest, most un-compromising, most un-soap-opera-like series I have seen yet. I am into episode 5 of the season 2. And it reminds me of “LA Confidential”

+ I have seen “LA Confidential” for 15 times. I think. This is the best film on a face of a planet. I must have separate post about it. Plus icons. I worn my dearest out with it. When we watched “LA Confidential” for the first time together, his reaction was: “This is a very good film”. His favourite film is “Usual suspects”. Now all he can say is : “You don’t watch this again, do you?”

+ I have got “In the mood for love” at home and following from conversation with [ profile] winterspel I will surely watch it today.

+ Plus “House” is on today. I have been faithfully watching season 2 up to date, and I am a silly House/Cameron shipper ;)
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"The Wire" is awesome and fantastic!

Resources in my user info.
Icons are free to share ,if you like I will make customizations, like text and etc., for you.

Many more icons under the cut )
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University Project of doom is going along. There are quite some things to do, but i am over the initial shock of the new development platform (PHP) and settling into it. I will know more after Tuesday 14 of Feb when I have "project progress meeting" worthy 15% of the marks. The "project progress meeting" mark is supposed to indicate the overall mark. I am praying..Probably will have to work late tomorrow ;)

But i keep having "moments of weakness" and reading LJ **sighs**, can't live without it, it seems ;)


I am just watching Season 1 episode 11 and :

- I am going to cry ! NOWWWWW!
- Love Daniels
- Love Jimmy
- Immensely attracted to Stringer
- Don't understand D'Angelo ;(
- Kind of like Kima , but for me she is probably the only TV stereotype in "The Wire" - "African origin lesbian who is a great detective" (HHHHHMMMMMMMMM). I feel it is just overdoing on the "minority equality" thing (Sorry! It is just me and "everything has to be balanced") She is nice, really

- Made 90 screencaps

- So obsessed with "Wire" that was afraid i am going to talk Wire-like in the church today. That would have been a mishap!

- Mr.Alexander loves "The Wire" too ** feeling very smug **


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