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I have watched a Korean film “The Host” this weekend, and it was great!! Big applauds to the two main actors:

Song Gang-Ho , a star of "Sympathy for Mr Vengeance". OMPH! His range of acting is incredible, he is absolutely different here!

Byeon Hee-Bong , an evil grandfather from the Korean drama "My Girl". If you ever wanted all the evil things come upon the evil grandfather, watch "The Host".

The story Toxic chemical waste was deliberately spilled into Kan-river. Six years later a man-eating monster appears from the depth of the river. To make matters worse, Korean military announces that the Monster is a carrier of the lethal viral disease. A simple family (grandfather, father, aunty and uncle) are trying to save a little girl who is abducted by the Monster.

The Monster Even for this day and age of computer graphics, when artificial neural networks are applied to create an astounding special effects in the films like “Lord of the Rings”, The Monster was created superbly. It looked absolutely real, never was out of place, and it had a personality!!! It even appeared to have some very dark sense of humour, totally in unison with the rest of the film.

And EEEEEEEEEEE! There were some very important topics raised in the film, it made me think, think think and laugh about it all

East/West It was hilarious to see how the western people were portrayed in "The Host". I don’t know 100 percent about Korea (but it seems to be the case from the watching this film), but in Russia anyone coming from the developed European countries or USA is looked upon as a semi-god of some kind.

Social issues and satire: The BIG fear of the Bird Flu Off-the-wall, crazy and dark humour was the best thing in the film. The issues of the increasing paranoia in the world, fear of the lethal diseases like Bird Flu and biological warfare are very difficult issues to laugh about. But (this is just my opinion) people in recent years are becoming increasingly obsessed with pandemics, diseases, etc.. Everyone is so very serious about this. Just during the couple of recent weeks we had a documentary about Bird Flu followed by the documentary about the Big Flu Pandemic showing us scenarios of these diseases spreading around the world in a matter of weeks. Do I think it is all impossible? No, after things I have seen happening before my eyes I can believe it. But do I think it is likely? No.
The fact is that the more important issues, for example, continuous spreading of AIDS are overlooked and over-shadowed by these scares-of-the-day. At the beginning, in the heyday of AIDS scare, we heard about this disease every day from the news screen. Now we hardly hear anything anymore, but at the same time in some parts of Africa as much as 20% of population is infected by AIDS.
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+ I had some excellent news – my flat in Russia is sold. I was keeping it for few years, but since my parents moved to Moscow it became hard to maintain it. The flat was sold very fast and the property is quite valuable there at the moment, so YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

+ We will be able to do the project I was thinking about for years – converting of our attic into another bedroom. And convert all the windows into double-glazing. YAY! I am probably going to have many windows-related posts.

+ But at the same time I feel a little strange- my ties with Russia are becoming thinner and thinner. It is like at first I felt like an alien in UK, then I felt like I am in between and I finally realised that I am may be loosing the ties with Russia.

+ I am booking a garment for my Graduation (BAH "Business Information Technology" course). The graduation will take place on 14 of November. I am very excited myself, but I think Sasha can’t wait. It is her favourite topic of conversation at the moment. :)

+ I felt a little guilty for criticizing Microsoft Windows without speaking of any alternatives. There is a very neat free-ware Linux based desktop system Ubuntu which seems to be awesome. A link for information and dowload of Ubuntu is : Here . You can download and install Ubuntu and have it working in parallel with your Windows on the same computer. There are also all basic programs for it provided there. Linux is generally an awesome thing.

+ And where would I be nowdays without mentioning "A love to kill"? spoilers up to the episode 6 )
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+ [ profile] koalathebear recently made a post about the word "love" in three different Asian languages. She explained that in Japanese/Chinese language the word “love” is reserved for the very special occasions. And the word “like” is used more commonly. This is so fascinating!!! When I watch Asian dramas I get confused because sometimes I see the English word “love” used in subtitles and sometimes I see the word “like”. I wish I always knew which original word is used.

Russian language is similar to English – the word "love" ("lubov") can be used very widely and in all sorts of different meanings and cases.

But Greeks! Variety of different words for "love" in ancient Greek language! Agápē for giving love, self-sacrifice, love between husband and wife Eros for passion and longing, Philia for friendship and Storgefor affection (liking ?). (I apologise if I didn’t get the meanings correct)

I am wondering if there are interesting ways and different words to say “love” in different languages – German? Spanish? Hindu? Any other? I really would love to hear about some.

+ I am watching "Full House", episode 11 at the moment. I like it very much and it is a lovely rest for my brain and re-charge of my positive emotions level.

I like watching the change in Young Jae’s emotions – he starts with "eros" for Hye Won and annoyance for Ji Eun , but in the first 10 episodes he slowly develops Philia, then Agápē and finally Eros for Ji Eun. His feelings for Hye Won don’t grow and don’t change and slowly the strong and more vibrant, living emotions for Ji Eun are taking over. More on Full House plus pictures I posted" in [ profile] dorama_chat

+ This is one of my "big" questions (don’t laugh!! :) – can one love two persons at once???
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A tragedy happened recently in UK - Rottwailers killed five-month old baby

I feel so terrible about this. I am in double mind too. As a small child I was bitten, or may be just frightened by an Alsatian in the play ground. I don’t remember what happened, I just remember that I was always afraid of dogs while growing up. Especially the big ones. These fears were fuelled up by the string of Russian Second World War films largely featuring Alsatians.

As I grew older, in my teens, I met a friend who was a dog enthusiast and her cute, big and dorky dog Betty almost cured me of the fear of dogs. After I got married I realised that my dearest is a HUGE dog enthusiast himself and because he always wanted a dog we got our family dog Sky. We waited few years until our daughter Sasha became old enough. I am not afraid of dogs anymore at all. I love dogs, of all shapes and forms and sizes!!!!

What I am trying to say is that I don’t ever think it the dog’s fault when he/she become vicious. People often seem to think that the dog is like un-animated thing which you can just put in the corner when you want to. People living next-door to us are a little like that – they never walk with their dog (large, active type) and this dog seems to be doing much barking. Sometimes people take big dogs which they don’t know how to control or train. And – how on earth can someone leave a dog/ a cat, or any any animal, with the baby alone!!!!

Come and See:

I have noticed a fantastic Russian film in the wide DVD release - Come and see (Idi i smotri)It is described as The greatest war film of all times on IMDB. If I can choose one film which affected me the most it would be “Come and see”. Saying this it is probably also the most terrifying film I have ever seen. I could not sleep for two days after watching it. If you want to see the most truthful representation of what Second World War was for Belarusian people this is the must-see. I am incredibly glad that this film is released on DVD. I am an idealist – sometimes I think if just all the people saw films like that when they are young we would had no wars.

Come and See cover )

On a happy (but tired) note I was watching Full House until 3 am yesterday. And I could have watched more, I could not stop.

+ It is getting to be full of angst soon, I feel it!

+ I think I simultaneously like Min Hyuk and Young Jae. I want them both to be happy which is not possible!

+ Min Hyuk has a totally new and wonderful vulnerable side to him. Aww!
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+ I am feeling a little bit tired because I am watching doramas (Asian dramas) like crazy. I have almost watched through the half of "It started with the kiss" . And this Taiwanese drama is truly lovely. It has an absolutely adorable main female lead (Ariel Lin) and an absolutely gorgeous main male lead (Joe Cheng). Plus abundance of fresh and hitting-home jokes. Plus important questions about finding your way in life. And it is also full of love , friendship, family relationships and all other things.

Small photo essay of the lovely stolen kiss from It started with the kiss )

+ But I did all the ironing plus all the tidying and all such things. I just slept less.

+ Tomorrow I have to go to the doctor to do my regular cervix cancer check-up ( Everybody in UK does it every 3 years). I am not particular looking forward to the procedure, but well –one has to things one has to do :)

+ I have started watching a wonderful drama with Takyua Kimura"Beautiful Life". I hope it has a good ending!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Pondering about bad endings in films and literature

I used to think that Asian dramas always have a good ending. I was very wrong. Last week I was thinking that my tolerance for the bad endings became very low since I have moved to UK. For Russian films or books bad or uncertain endings are very common. But over 8 years I got used to predictability, to good endings, to Hollywood and TV.

I must say openly – I DO NOT LIKE BAD ENDINGS! Especially when someone dies or does mentally ill or else. I get so immersed into the fictional world that when my favourite character dies it is like a death of my good friend. I can’t accept it whatever the author was trying to say!!

Some book’s endings are so bad that I will never agree to accept them:

1. “Idiot” by Dostoevsky
2. “Jude Obscure” by Thomas Hardy
3. “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy
4. “Gone with the wind” by Margaret Mitchell

But it also crossed my mind that when my heart is hurt by someone’s fictional dying it could be that this makes my heart better somehow. More compassionate. More understanding of people’s hurts. ** Sigh **


Sep. 22nd, 2006 01:17 pm
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I have watched Herzog's “Aguirre, the Wrath of God “ yesterday. Awesome film. It was absolutely realistic in a “taken by hidden camera” sense and at the same time it was almost mystical and proverbial. From its opening scene of descending from the mountains I had a feeling as if I was transported into the screen. The film follows the story of search for mythical El Dorado by the Spanish expedition and the rise and madness of their leader Aguirre.

There were many things to ponder about in this film and many things I probably missed on the first viewing:

- The awesome and cruel power of nature. We live now in the day and age when we think we can harness our planet so well, but in reality we just pretend not to notice how small and weak we are still standing before the forces by nature. Tsunami, hurricanes, etc.!!

- There is a saying that humans get the leaders which they deserve. Not always true. But still –how come that hundreds and thousands of people can follow the mad man and the maniac? What happened to the eyes of millions of Russians when they were following Stalin?

- Cultural alienation and cultural pride. I am sure it is happening less and less now but still – How does it come about that “Western” people often have that feeling of cultural and almost moral superiority?

Couple of the pictures of Mad Klaus Kinski in the Aguirre, the Wrath of God. No spoilers )


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