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At the moment, I am watching and loving one of Hyun Bin's old dramas, "Worlds Within". The charm of the drama is hard to express in words because it is like no other Kdrama I have seen. It had abysmal ratings in Korea and I wonder what Korean viewers thought of it. To me, the drama translates breezy and soothing feeling of beauty of life found in small details that can be insignificant to one but can make other person feel happy for no apparent reason. This is such a feel-good drama, and something for every age as well.

IT doesn't hurt , of course, that "Worlds Within" also has Hyun Bin, the prettiest man in Korea and a great actor as well. I can across some recent photographs of him:

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Hyun Bin! My big and consistent love! A man with dimples and good acting skills! I am watching "Worlds Within" (one of most underrated dramas of all times) . He is as good as ever in this drama, wearing checkered shirts and tight trousers. But as much as I love his character in "Worlds Within", I must say that his best look is that of scruffy bad boy. I have found some of excellent examples of this look, from the times of "Friend our legend". He even had a very short haircut during these times, my personal weakness:

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on my friends list who celebrates this holiday! From my heart I must say how thankful I am for all of you!!! ** big hugs **

I had a bit of a cold yesterday so I stayed at home and had a chance to finally start the new drama with Hyun Bin, Worlds Within . I have watched 4 episodes and my impression is very underwhelmed . This is such a pity, I adore both main leads but the drama is not my thing at all. "Worlds Within" is a Korean drama trying to be a Western show, with partner swapping and office love stories and fast dialogues, but the problem is that i am not in Korean dramas for this!! I am in for forbidden eternal love! Also "Worlds Within" doesn't do Western show particular well (as "My Sweet city" did), the story so far is not catching. What a pity!!!!!

Still, I was reminded that Hyin Bin is the prettiest man in Korea and I might just have to finish watching "Worlds Within" so that I can just watch how gorgeous he is.

Friday pictures of Hyun Bin, the prettiest man in Korea )

Who is pretty even when he plays a mental patient )

But who cant smile for the camera to save his life )

Also some fashions I disapprove of )

PS: "The Painter of the wind" is going to be the death of me.
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A headache day? Surely this just calls for a pictorial collection of Hyun Bin's good looks. This collection is dedicated to [ profile] lesbiassparrow who started watching him in Korean drama "Ireland". Who is Hyun Bin? Of course he is yours truly's favourite Korean actor! Why? Because he is so nice to look at :D. You see, even as I was putting this collection together (for which credit with many thanks goes to soompi forums) my headache gone away as a puff of smoke. And this is all due to the therapeutic qualities of dimples!

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I am at the end of episode 11 of "The Snow Queen". I think this will end up to share my favourite drama place with "A Love to Kill", though they are completely different. ALTK is full of very dark undertones, Doestoevsky-like emotions of complexity and Angst (with the capital letter). Where ALTK is dark, "The Snow Queen" is pure. Where ALTK is Dostoevsky-like, "The Snow Queen" is indeed like a fairytale written by Andersen. As to Angst, there is enough angst in the both of them, and amazingly beautiful angst. :D One of the best things I like about "A Love to Kill" is that IMHO it has the best cinematography in Asian dramas, totally out-of-this-world. One of the best things I like in "The Snow Queen" (apart from the main hero played by Hyun Bin :D who is a math genius and has the child-like wonder of the character) is that it is filmed like a movie, not like a drama. No slow moving scenes, no annoying secondary characters. As [ profile] vierran45 said, everything serves the point.

And as ALTK has some of the best and most passionate scenes of "THE Kiss" (and not only among Asian dramas), "The Snow Queen" has some of the most fresh and heart-breaking scenes of "The First Love".

One of my ever favourite scenes in "The Snow Queen" is in the episode 10. And this scene is one of my "BIG LOVES". As [ profile] dangermousie correctly pointed in her post, not all cliche's are bad. Some of them just do so much for me that I cry /laugh/get heart flutters every time I watch them. And this is one of my favourites scenes in the world:

Spoilery part and Pictures )

PS: Cross-posted in [ profile] dorama_chat, here
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I feel like a dead walking today. This week was very busy for me. This week everyone in our team is on holidays and everyone who is not on holidays is on sick leave. It was my manager and I holding the fort for 3(!!!) days so I am just about ready to go home. I am not complaining, really :D , for I do love my job VERY VERY much and always have. But on a day like this a prospect of staying home and watching films THE WHOLE DAY long seems to be very appealing too. Too bad, I remember when I was staying home for three years I really hated it. :D But then again, that was before the age of speedy Internet connections.

To amuse/make myself awake I am filling my LJ with the pictures of Hyun Bin. Whilst I was looking for his pictures on soompi forums (Thank you very much soompi, you all are great!!!) I realised what I find the most appealing in this Korean actor: his vulnerable and somehow pure looks.


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This is a copy of the post I made yesterday in [ profile] dorama_chat , Here

I have started watching Korean period drama "Damo" from [ profile] meganbmoore’s recommendation and it is an absolute classic.

Short synopsis: 17 century Korea: Chae-Ok was separated from her brother in infancy, after their father was accused of treason. She was taken as a servant into a rich house where she met "a son of mistress", Hwangbo. As they grew and learned martial arts together Hwangbo replaced for her the lost brother. When Hwangbo joins Police and becomes a Commander, he takes Chae-Ok with him as a tea-serving officer (HEE! They had tea-serving officers in Korean Police :D). Later Chae-Ok meets charismatic rebel, Sung-Baek.

Damo is great in many different ways:

- Fabulous trio of main characters

- Storylines that make a lot of sense, move fast and no less engaging and interesting then any of big-screen films, and not only in the romance part of it.

- Love story to die for.

- Commander Hwando who is a paragon of masculinity, reserve and passion

See: Beards? What beards? I don’t notice any!!!:

Damo Picspam: this is so like House of Flying Daggers )


I have also started watching Korean drama "Ireland" with Hyun Bin (because he is fabulous beyond any words) and he is so cute and young and everything else in it, but Spoilers for Ireland’s ending )
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For [ profile] vierran45, eight icons from Hyun Bin's latest drama, "The Snow Queen". I have consumed all three new subtitled episodes of this drama today (without lunchbreak). I love this so much.

Icons are free to share textless are not bases), for any "The Snow Queen"'s fans.:

06. 01.

The rest of the icons )

Cross-posted in [ profile] dorama_chat, Here

Tomorrow our in-laws are coming for lunch. I better put my "good cook" cap on. They are lovely people and always so nice to us. We went to their house last week and had some marvellous time full of my father-in-law funny stories and mother-in-laws cakes. They are great company.


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