May. 23rd, 2011

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I am in a middle of a massive icon spree (on which I am spending all my non-working time), so I have to be really really short:

The episodes were really good. We are through 70% of this season! I LOVE Tyrion and I LOVE Bronn. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Jaime is also my poor darling.

Cersei is continuing to be shown as a poor misunderstood woman who loves her children and loved Robert and now even allows him to hit her, when her man Jaime is not there to protect her (I know the hitting scene was in the book, but the accents the show placed are the show's). I have seen few comments from folk who think that this Cersei makes much less misogynistic representation of a woman than the book's Cersei, but for me it is the other way around. The book Cersei needed no one and loved no one, but herself and Jaime (as a mirror of herself). And she loved her kids as a mirror of herself as well. She was a younger copy of Lord Tywin. And isn't Lord Tywin so so awesome? He is probably my favourite casting in the show, and he is definitely my favourite evil character, I just can't help but admire his intelligence (even when it is evil) and his cool .

One last note: This show definitely has a thing about whores and brothels.


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