Mar. 24th, 2011

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Usually, I am a canon OTP kind of girl. I don't know why but normally I choose the canon OTP in any show or any book instinctively, without meaning to do so. There have been few exceptions, as with any rule, but usually these exceptions are in two categories: a) the writer of the story have changed their mind half-way . Little Women is My most upsetting case of non-canon OTP; or b) For some reason my subjective aesthetic feelings kick in and I find the canon guy extremely ugly . Vampire Diaries! Stefan is well and truly ugly which can't be made better by any goodness of his character - these are two totally different things.

And just when I say that I am fed up with Kdramas, Kdrama fairy wants to take revenge and consequently I become heavily and rapidly obsessed with Kdrama Midas. And even worse, I become obsessed with non-canon OTP.

Come and meet my favourite non-canon OTP: Lee Jung Yeon ( Lee Min Jung ) and Yoo Myung Joon ( No Min Woo ):

To preface, let me explain more about "Midas". Midas, so far, is a strange beast. I start watching this expecting a mind-bending story about "mergers and acquisitions between companies", with Jang Hyuk. But in reality, this sentence doesn't describe Midas correctly: this might end as a melodrama, but so far it is a human drama about people who care for money more than anything else, and about their "closest and dearest". It revolves around the following love triangle: Kim Do Hyun (played by Jang Hyuk , gorgeous and sporting various haircuts) , his ex-fiancee Lee Jung Yeon and MONEY in the form of Do Hyun's lady boss In Hye. Among the various other elements thrown in the mix are: revenge and family drama.

The best thing about the drama so far (I have watched 6 episodes) is Lee Jung Yeon's character. Even when they had their blissful period with Do Hyun she said the following to her father: "My life is not just about Do Hyun". She is warm , she is intelligent, she is capable and she is her own person. She works as a nurse but she also studies in grad school and wants to become "a professor". She immediately picks up on the way Do Hyun starts to change after beginning to work for In Hye. At first, Jung Yeon is ready to forgive, but one thing happens after another: Do Hyun never has any time for her, then their wedding is blown because he gets in an accident which might have and might have not being arranged by someone (In Hye, i suspect), but the truth is, he was talking about work on his mobile whilst driving. Other misunderstandings arise, mostly engineered by In Hye, but it all ends when Do Hyun goes to New York and Jung Yeon and Do Hyun split. There were three particular scary things so far: In Hye calling Do Hyun "her prize horse", Do Hyun always insisting Jung Yeon should leave her work and Do Hyun hiring gangsters to beat up some people protesting on the street.

I have been shipping Do Hyun and Jung Yeon at first, but after the episode 6 I decided that they don't really suit each other. The failed wedding was sadly the best thing that happened to Jung Yeon, otherwise Do Hyun might have ended up hurting her even more.

Back to my non-canon OTP:

She: Lee Jung Yeon , a capable nurse
He: Yoo Myung Joon , a playboy brother of In Hye. There was a tragic story in their childhood: the two of them are children of the second wife (out of 4 wives with 6 kids overall) ,poorly accepted in the family. Their mother has left the family for some lover 16 years younger than her.

The best scene so far was the moment when he fell for her. Up to that, it was all fun and games for Myung Joon. But then one day he crossed the line and had the biggest telling-off of his life from Lee Jung Yeon. This changed everything: The scene in pictures )

PS: We had a time-jump in the episode 6 and I think he is about to become ill with cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS 2: This is a grown-up drama, with open-mouthed kissing prior to wedding and assumption that people actually have sex.


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