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Something crossed my attention this spring: everyone is wearing Ugg boots. Ugg boots look good, cost too much and seem to be worn during the warm time of the year. But something is very strange!!!! I haven't seen anyone wearing these 100% sheep-skin, very warm-looking boots during the snowy times in February . But now - the weather is warm and everyone is wearing them . And even more - I have seen girls wearing them last summer. I am totally mystified. Why would someone wear sheep-skin boots in over 20C degrees weather? Would not your feet feel hot???? I used to have padded sheep-skin boots in Russia and they seemed to make your feet feel boiling in any weather warmer than 0C. Do Ugg boots have a speciall thermos thing inside to help your feet stay cool?

See: a girl sitting in a desert in Ugg Boots.

This is one of the strangest things.
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I do get an occasional "dumb day" and it is today. May be I overdid jogging yesterday and my body is saying "hang on, dearie! Let's have a rest!"..

The Wire
But something very cheerful happened to me today – I have "addicted" one of our guys from work to the excellence that "The Wire" series is.. He watched the first season in one weekend! He thinks that this is the best thing EVER (of course!!!) ! He is going to buy "The Wire" DVDs for himself!!!!!!

Angel season 1
I am plodding along with this and I like it very much, especially when Angel stops brooding and starts smiling in a cute unsure manner and saying something that is light and not TRAGIC and important. This usually happens when he is around Cordelia so I am very much shipping them together. But I am a little miffed )

Supernatural, The kids are all right
It was probably one of the best single episodes over the course of this show. to hide spoilers away )

Something I promised to [ profile] endlessdeep: my small collection of BOOTS. I probably I need to add "shoes" to my list of interests.

Boots in pictures )
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This was a fabulous and eventful weekend. We went to my father-in-law's 70s birthday on Sunday. It was a very special event for a special person. He is always full of energy, optimism and love for life. Everyone had a nice time –his children organised a "surprise" party for him and invited all his friends. We made some nice pictures, Sasha took the majority of them. He-he! She is really interested in photography!

I was reminded of this by [ profile] elspethsheir's post of shoe goodness: last week I bought new shoes from Clarks! Shoes+me= endless obsession and this new pair is particularly comfy. Also it has that cute buckle on a side that (I think) looks very interesting. I don't want to take them off my feet when I go to bed. :D

Shoes of comfort and pleasure: )

Cosy Cellar
And this is my den: Last summer we cleared our cellar, painted it and made into our computer/DVD room. This is my heaven, a place where I hide away from the world. :D

The cosy cellar, Alexandra's favourite place in the house: )

"The Last King of Scotland" is an awesome film. I watched it on Saturday, but some of it's harrowing images and ideas are still standing before my eyes every time I get them closed.

More on The Last King of Scotland )

I was very distracted by the fact that James McAvoy's eyes are a very deep shade of blue: )

Gillian Anderson had a small role in this film. This actress is shining in everything she does: )
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EEEEEEEEE! I just have watched episode 1!! It is so so great! I don’t have anything very profound to say apart from that this is like "Meteor Garden" coming back to me and I adore Tsukushi (who is so bright and pretty) ,Tsukasa (who is so angsty) and Hanazawa Rui (who is so mysterious). Yep, [ profile] meganbmoore!!! Oguri Shun is so great even with the crasy hairstyle!! (Have I said "great" three times in one sentence already??)

Can I ask a couple of things??? (Cut for spoilers) )

And even more squee for crazy fashions and hair which amuse me greatly and add to the viewing pleasure. Seriously! All the fur!!! But nothing of course can compare with Hanazawa Rui’s shoes. They are so crazy that as a shoe-addict I am I HAD to include a picture in this post. :D

A picture of Hanazawa Rui’s shoes )

PS Crossposted in [ profile] dorama_chat, Here

PS 2 I have also watched "The Snow Queen" episode 12 and 13 and it is the love of my life (in the terms of doramas). I will post about it separately.
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Holidays!!!!!!!!! I hope all of you are having a wonderful time. And all my best wishes to anyone having a hard time!!! ** Hugs **

Alexandra's holiday sitrep:

- Successful Roasts - 2. A Lamb Roast with Jamie Oliver Rosemary and Lavender seasoning was particular delicious and Mr.Alexander roasted some scrumptious potatoes and parsnips. I am mad about parsnips.

- Chocolates, mince pies, cakes of various kind, ice creams, etc. YUMM!

- Having walks in the park as "a family with two dogs" . Our friend's chocolate labrador Borbon is on holidays in our house.

- Resting together doing nothing and watching TV. "Tops of the Pops", "Doctor Who", the works. Doctor Who was great - being a little more serious suits David Tennant much better. And Donna is such a love!!!

- Watching Asian dramas as they are suitable when having children around. "The Snow Queen" is my latest dorama love, I have posted more about it Here in [ profile] dorama_chat. And Japanese drama"Remote" is awesome too. I like it even more then "Kurosagi", I think!!!

- Watching films late at night and sleeping until at least 10.00. I have watched "Layer cake" (visually stunning, great ending, Daniel Craig's blue eyes, some good twists), "Children of Men" (great and great and even more great when I start thinking about it, I must make a proper post about this film with pictures), "The Island" (OK, but nothing to write home about, Sean Bean is the best thing about it for me).

- Going to the sales "with girls". Buying shooooooooooooooes.

Pictures of shoes. Yes I am a shoes addict )
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+ I am having a great day!! I had a "rethink" on Friday and decided that I must go to bed in a good time (before 12 pm) , no matter how much I want to watch the lovely things I have been watching lately. And I must make myself to go to the park with the dog at least once a day (good for me, good for the dog) to keep my RSIs away. And it seems that after three days of self discipline I feel marvelous. I am alert, I don’t forget anything and I feel LIFE is WONDERFUL!

+ I have been craving all sorts of Chinese/Japanese food lately. It must be somehow connected with the recent Asian drama addiction. Especially lately, Yoo-rin from Korean drama “My Girl” is such a good eater that this totally tipped me over the edge. My friends and I went to my favourite Chinese restaurant in Leeds, "Red chilli" for lunch. They make wonderful exotic dishes, like Sea cucumber and Pig intestines and that sweet dish my dearest hates, “Donkey rolled in mud”. The lunch menu is more of the main-stream, though also fantastic.

Red chilli! Fooooooood pictures. Not dial-up friendly )

And just because I was wearing them, my favourite pair of shoes! Very comfortable! Yes I love shoes as much as I love food! )

+ And because it is such a wonderful day, my friends persuaded me to go and see "Casino Royale" with them. Yay! Daniel Craig! I am going to see you soon!!!! In half an hour, in fact!

+ I am right in the middle of lovely Korean drama "My Girl". More on My Girl I posted in [ profile] dorama_chat


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