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"Generation Kill" continues to be great. I am reading anything and everything connected with the show.

One of the facts is the losses in the Iraq war. More than a million are dead on Iraqi side, and the half of this are civilians. The population of Iraq is about 20 million and this means 1 in 20 is dead. The losses on the USA and allies side are around 4000, one for 250 on Iraqi side.

I came across an interview with real Brad Colbert (you can find a piece of it on the HBO Generation Kill website , in Brad Corbert's profile) . His looks are quite similar to the looks of Alexander Skarsgard, but in the interview he seemed to be quite a different guy from the TV show Brad. I must say, I didn't like the real Brad Colbert as much as I like Alexander Skarsgard's Brad Colbert. The real Brad seems to come across as a guy with a big dose of American patriotism, "I wanted to be a marine since I was a little boy" type of guy, where Alexander Skarsgard plays a more complex character. As [ profile] the_grynne noted, the phrases like "Vote Republican" don't seem to sit well with the TV show's Brad.
One particular phrase irked me in the interview, something about "Why did I want to become a marine .. may be because of all the travel and adventure".

But to end it all on a happy (if somewhat shallow note), a new promotional photo for HBO's "True Blood" Eric (played by Alexander Skarsgard) is out, big thank you to [ profile] endlessdeep:

The full-size picture )
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I am so very excited!!!!!! But I just figured out that the most of the direct translations of Gymnastics (I used to do gymnastics in my younger days) will start at 4 am here. A bit on an early side, though if I stay awake it might just be considered a late night.

High-Heel race
Is this for real? A high-heel race takes place on 19th of July in Moscow!. I was so surprised last year to see an abundance of women wearing high-heels in Moscow. EVERY DAY. Going to work and using public transport and all in HIGH HEELS. This is so dangerous when you consider using elevators in Moscow's underground train system. And so feet-straining considering the amount of walking everyone does in this very space-y city.

Generation Kill
And may be Olympics will stop me obsessing with Generation Kill. I am so in love with this show, but there is not much talk about it on my friends list. I have been even reading Jacob's recaps on TWOP. He rambles too much and talks too much about himself (I don't want to know about you! I want to know about Brad!) and most importantly he, on several occasions, missed an important conversation . And this considering his recaps are 30 pages long. Hmm, I think I need to find proper recaps somewhere. This will not do.

The icon is fitting for the Olympics post, I think.
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The episode was somewhat anti-climatic for me. Everyone is affected by the events in the episode 3, everyone is disgruntled to some degree and most of all Nate who seems to have changed in a totally different man overnight. Hmm.

We get to know more of Captain Patterson, the Alpha commander, who appears to be a good and decent guy in an understated way. I keep imagining that he has a home with a nice wife and kids to go back to. He is good at what he does but this is not everything in his life.

We are through more than a half of the miniseries; it seems as if the entire American army is in Iraq now and they just keep bumping into each other because there is NOT ENOUGH place in the land for so many American troops. There are not enough of things for them to do and kill, so some unnecessary missions are invented. Also, unlike in the WW2 movies, there seems to be no clear purpose for them all to be there and I think this shows.

But still - can Brad to be any more awesome? And can this episode not to be a good one as he spends a half of it gorgeously disgruntled and a half of it half-naked? And also Rudy is absolutely awesome too?

Pictures of Brad Colbert. Not Spoilery (unless you count it spoilery that he looks good without a t-shirt )
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Yes, this is love!!!!!!

Some more icons, mostly from [ profile] the_grynne's fabulous screencaps .


Three more )
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After three episodes I am absolutely in love with this show. Brad, Ray, Lieutenant and Doc.

Icons are free to share, preview:


The rest of the icons, 23 in total )
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I have watched the first episode and liked it VERY MUCH INDEED. Why no-one is watching this? Any fans of "The Wire", David Simon and Ed Burns? [ profile] lage_nom_ai?????

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the good looks of Alexander Skarsgard!!! It is a very very good show!


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