May. 31st, 2011

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I re-watched the episode 7 yesterday, so that I can get my weekly Game of Thrones episode to keep the momentum of obsession going. I have also discussed it with everyone and anyone who is willing to listen. Did I mention that I am largely succeeding in pushing the show and the books to my working colleagues? And what a good episode this was again! But I must rant say few things:

Dear Creators!

I really like the character of Baelish as played by Aiden Gillen. I never expected to be amused by this character so much. But what is it with making him into some kind of show creators' pet? What is it with giving other character's stories (yes, I am still harping about the Hound's story) to Baelish and what is it with the gratuitous brothel sex scenes, inexplicably crossed with his heart-felt confessions to the brothel whores? I never liked teachers' pets and I am on the verge of feeling dislike for Baelish.

On the storytelling level, I feel (I might be wrong here), this scene didn't fit with Littlefinger's character. He seems like a person that does not disclose anything unless this serves his interests. And here he is spilling his guts and his secrets to the Northern whore who has some intimate connections to several men from the North and who potentially can spill his secrets to these Northern men?

As a logic and science geek, I also want to mention that no-one travels as fast as Ros-the-whore did from Winterfell to King's Landing, not without an airplane. Is Roz going to be revealed as a secret Targaryen heir, with a dragon stashed somewhere in secret place? Is she going to be the Queen of Westros one day? There must be something important for Ros's character in the future episodes, otherwise I don't understand why we see so much of her.

To finish, the scene was nausea-inducing and it lasted far too long. It felt like "it's not for girls" culture that I abhor. Please stop it. I know you want your ratings high, and I want your ratings high too because many of my favourite events will be happening in the season 3. I want your season 3 almost as much as you do, but still, this was bad.

PS: I want to show off my new "devious Baelish" icon.

Spoilers : No book spoilers so far


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