Apr. 21st, 2011

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Happy belated birthday to the loveliest [livejournal.com profile] miss_dian!!!!!!!!!!! ** smooches, hugs, confetti and lots of delicious cake you way ! **

I have almost disappeared from the face of the Earth yesterday because I had a fast and furious love affair with Canadian show "Rookie Blue". Watching the first season in 2 days (13-episodes), yes I can do it! My verdict is: I definitely like Canadian shows, especially Rookie Blue. Rookie Blue is for you if:

- You like women-centric shows. There are 4 strong main female characters in the show (two of them are women of colour) , doing all sorts of awesome things like catching bad guys, winning boxing contests, being good friends and being good mothers and daughters too.

- You like buddy cop shows. Rookie Blue is a Holy Grail of buddy cop shows, in all gender/age combinations.

- You like bromance shows. Chris and Dov are really cute together. There are so many absolutely hilarious scenes with these two. Gregory Smith and Travis Milne have perfect chemistry and comedy timing together.

I did end up shipping a non-canon ship, though, which is really unusual for me. But judge for yourself: what could I do? I know that Andy seems to be happy with lovely homicide detective Luke Callaghan, who is excessively cute and possesses all sorts of good qualities. And he is good looking too.. But I just loved her friendship dynamics with Sam Swarek, her friend and mentor. He just seems to understand her better and he is the only person apart from her best friend Traci whom she lets through her defences.

This is their first meeting: she arrested him on her first day and destroyed his undercover mission:

Sam without shirt )

PS: I am so sorry, [livejournal.com profile] blueocean80 ! I promise to catch up on "Swallow the sun" today, will watch episodes 17 and 18.

PS2: We are having a succession of long weekends starting tomorrow: Easter + Royal Wedding + Spring bank holiday!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEE! I am going to see my friend in Scotland tomorrow, will be back on Sunday.


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