Mar. 25th, 2011

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I am so obsessed with "Midas" that I have been doing nothing this morning but intensely researching the drama's cast and creators. It appears that the writer, Choi Wan Kui, is the guy that wrote scripts for many good dramas: "IRIS", "The Kingdom of the Wind", "Lobbyist", "Jumong" ,"All in", etc. etc. I think I know now why the drama appealed to me so much: all the dramas of Choi Wan Kui are largely driven by plot and characters, none of them are of the "boy meets girl, forget the plot" variety which I seem to be getting really tired of.

Comparing "Midas" with the other dramas of Choi Wan Kui that I have seen (IRIS", "The Kingdom of the Wind", "Lobbyist", "All in"), this is a "typical" drama of his. In the main focus of the story is a strong male character that goes "to hell and back" (Jang Hyuk), but the drama also has a variety of strong and interesting supporting characters and secondary pairings.
These are good news and bad news: good news because now I can relax a little and trust Choi Wan Kui to finish this drama the way it started, with good writing and twisty plot. The bad news: there aren't too much patterns in his dramas that I can observe. It all can end tragically and it all can end well or it can end tragically for some charcaters.

Speaking of secondary characters in "Midas", I am head over the heels about No Min Woo. I will try to locate "Rock, Rock, Rock" when I am back home today, but in the meantime I am going to post his pictures:

Some more pictures of the pretty boy, mostly from Midas: )

PS: I am getting largely in the mood to watch a drama of Choi Wan Kui that I haven't seen, may be " Swallow the Sun". Is it any good?

PS 2: I am trying to stay un-spoiled for Midas. I usually like spoilers, but the plot-intense dramas like Midas (with assassinations, intrigues, etc.) are better watched without being spoiled. And today With S2 released the episode 7 subtitles!!!!!!!!!!!


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