Feb. 18th, 2011

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It just happens that although my permanent place of residency is Britain, Yorkshire (one of the best places to live on Earth, I am convinced) , I very rarely watch British TV on my TV set in allocated broadcast time. As any British resident I pay for TV licence (you have to do this even if you don't own a TV set) and we as family have that super-duper High-Def-TV-High-Speed-Broadband-plus-phone pack, but it always seems that I am either not at home when all the good shows are on, or I am at home and nothing good is on. The only thing we watch properly on TV is (I am slightly ashamed of this) British contest-type shows. Yes, I mean "Britain's got talent", X-factor" and "Dancing on ice". My daughter seems to have a liking for contest-type shows and what would I not do for my kid. This seems like a good time for a confession: I actually enjoy these shows too, there is much fun to be had from watching people "Stumbling on ice" in High Definition, sitting on your sofa together on your Saturday evening. Even Mr.Alexander often joins us, providing us with endless stream of jokes.

But notwithstanding my watching habits , I think BBC (and other British channels) have made and are making some of the best, most innovative and greatly appealing to me personally shows. Plus British channels have monopoly on absolutely incomparable with anything period dramas. I love American shows too, but I find that British shows usually suit me better than American ones.

Outcasts from the first episode has become my favourite of the season. The show obviously owes much to "Battlestar Galactica" : it is telling a story about a group of human settlers on a remote planet Carpathia, following from the ecological disaster (and possibly war or wars) on Earth. But rather than focusing on the whole "Humans vs Cylons vs Cylon plan" , "Outcasts" focuses on the day-to-day life of the settlers and the mysteries of the planet they are living on. This is what drew my attention from the first episode. This is something I was missing in "Battlestar glactica" where, although human settlers lived several years on New Caprica, there was not much shown of the planet itself, it's fauna or flora.

To add to this, "Outcasts" has it's own Cylons. They are genetically engineered humans called ACs (I still haven't caught what the abbreviations stands for). As revealed in the episode 1, ACs were thrown out of the human "city" Forthhaven some years prior to the starting point of the show because of the suspicion that they carried the deadly virus responsible for the death of 90% of settlers' children.

The planet itself, let's say it, is interesting. First, there are strange electromagnetic storms (whiteouts). Then there are some local bi-pedal creatures (seen so far only once, at night). And third, a fossil of something very much resembling human skull was found in the episode 4. I wonder how this is going to play out, there are some really good possibilities here.

But the best thing about the show are the characters: Let me tell you in pictures )


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