Jan. 25th, 2011

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Like almost everyone else, it seems, I am in love with "Dream High", this season’s high-school drama that gets it right. The drama has it all: young fresh actors, musics numbers and even Taecyon. One and only possible minus is the fact that Bae Yong Joon is only in the first 4 episodes: even my 11-year old daughter thinks that he is awesome beyond belief as enigmatic director, scene-stealer, Jung Ha Myung .

For the record, after episode 6 my predictions for the ending of Dream High are:

1) I am quite sure HyeMi is going to end up with Jin Gook, after much angst and many misunderstandings.
2) I think that mysterious K is Song Sam Dong, but I am not as sure about this as I am about the pairing prediction.


As much as I like “Dream High”, the current drama episodes of which I await the most is CSI-like "Sign". I don’t even like CSI all that much, but it seems that dramas written by Kim Eun Hee ("When it's at night", "The Winter Queen", "Winter Sonata") often hit the right spot with me. It is all in the balance between dark human story, police story and love story. I tend to get a little distracted when watching dramas that are romance only. Also, this writer tends to create powerful female characters, which is always a big plus with me. Sign is no exception, and especially if you are a fan of whodunit or serial killer stories, I would really recommend to try “Sign” as well-written drama with good acting.

As far as acting goes: I think both female leads, Kim Ah Joong and Uhm Ji Won are all shades of great, and to my huge relief, the secondary lady is not "traditional Korean secondary lady full of evil bile", but an interesting multi-dimensional individual. She is my favourite so far: Uhm Ji Won, playing a prickly prosecutor Jung Woo Jin. But Kim Ah Joong is also really good as rookie pathologist Go Da Kyung.

I have always been the Park Shin Yang’s (Sign’s male lead) fan, and he hasn’t disappointed me in "Sign" , as mad professor of pathology Yoon Ji Hoon. BUT! I must confess that I am much more interested in the second lead, police investigator Choi Yi Han, played by hunky Jung Gyu Woon.

My predictions:
I think this drama is going to go the way of two separate OTPS, Go Da Kyung/ Yoon Ji Hoon and Jung Woo Jin/ Yoon Ji Hoon, at least I hope so. In the episode 4, we had both couples performing the act that spells OTP like nothing else in Korean drama: namely, piggy-backing. YAY! I love two separate OTP stories in general, and it will be particular nice to see the gorgeous Choi Yi Han getting the lady!

Non-spoilery promo pictures, a little too heavy on Jung Gyu Woon )
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Happy birthday, dear [livejournal.com profile] ginger001!!!!!!! I wish your next year to be the happiest even, with all the great things (fannish and otherwise)! ** hugs **


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