Jan. 21st, 2011

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Daemul follows the first female president of South Korea and her beset friend, prosecutor Ha Do Ya . It is drama well-written and well-acted. Seo Hye Rim 's rise from a job of simple news announcer to the presidency is believable and logical. It is not Cinderella story - Seo Hye Rim's strong will manifests itself from the first scene, where it is as clear to us as it is to her future life-long friend and lover Ha Do Ya : this woman is special.

The drama had success in ratings and collected several awards: it is a combined effort of the producer of "Lovers" and "Lovers in Prague" and the director of "Hello my Teacher", who seem to be a pair fit to produce something note-worthy, but the main secret of the drama's success is , of course, the lead actress, Ko Hyun Jung. From Mishil to Seo Hye Rim, Ko Hyun Jung is the master of powerhouse-lady roles.

Although I thought Daemul to be a very good drama, for my personal , rather shallow taste, it's balance between the politics side and the love story side was shifted too much into the politics side. 24 episodes of drama relentlessly following dodgy political funds were a little too much for me, so I reached for the fast forward button few times . But! The love story side was lovely: they became friends first and supported each other through sick and thin. I don't want to spoil anyone for the ending, but let me disclose one thing: the ending is GREAT (but I would have expected so from award-heavy drama, anyways).

Few very spoilery gifs! )

ratings: 7/10


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