Jan. 14th, 2011

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Moscow trip was great, but contained some quite extreme weather. We were lucky to fly from Heathrow on the very early morning of the fateful 18th of December. Heathrow was closed at the midday of the same day for 3 days.

We used Lufthansa this year and weren’t at all pleased with this company. The tickets were really cheap but I am not flying by Lufthansa anymore, NO WAY, not ever, because:

- Our luggage was delayed for three days on our way to Moscow (due to our transition in Munich, the luggage somehow got stuck in Munich) , leaving us without essentials for three days. I was not happy! I admit that reports about the 3-day closing of Heathrow and realisation of how lucky we were to be able to successfully fly out of London at all (rather than spend 3 nights in Heathrow) improved my mood considerably, but still – Lufthansa! This is not right!

- Berlin is officially the worst airport I have ever been in. We had a transition in Berlin on the way back from Moscow to London. We were made to go through passport control, walk for what seemed as miles outside (in the cold outdoors) to another building, and queue for full check-in, security and passport control again. Besides, the airport had most confusing signs. I am a bit of a logic freak, but still: A4 and A04 are NOT the same. If you show "A04" on the information displays you must mark the gate as A04, not as A4. And as the icing on the cake, I was pawed by some security lady ALL OVER. I must have had an unpleasant face. BRRRRRRRR!

Complaining aside, the trip was wonderful and I promise to post the pictures. I generally promise proper regular posting (at least 2 times a week).

Fannish life:
I have been catching up on some shows, mainly "Mentalist" and "Good Wife". My daughter discovered a big passion for Mentalist as she generally loves police shows with quirky main characters (Monk, Columbo, etc.), so we had some catching up to do

Films: I haven't seen anything standing out, apart from "Never Let Me Go". The film is definitely beautiful and haunting, and makes one think, BUT there were big buts for me! I have hidden my thoughts behind the spoiler cut, but I must say: the ending is spelled out in the first 2 minutes of the film, so there isn't too much spoilery damage one can do.

Never let me go: Spoilers )
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I am back but my LJ notifications are not!!!!!!!

I don't seem to be getting any email notifications! Everything seemed to be fine last time I logged in, but no notifications today!

Is there some setup thing that I have missied or is this a widespread problem?

Update: the problem was in my Google email account. I found all the notifications in the spam folder!


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