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I loved it with the great love and as of this moment "Rome" is my favourite TV show ever made and shares this title with HBO "The Wire". YAY to HBO for making these series and many other great ones too. I loved everything about this episode, and I loved the ending. It was not something depressing for me at all, but rather something very uplifting.

Episode in which Pullo and Vorenus were amazing or So many fabulous things I loved in this episode. In screencaps )
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Can I love this show more? I loved the previous episode "A necessary Fiction" and it was one of my favourites, but because there was so much of deep understanding of human in soul in "Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus" (read - Lucius Vorenus) I will probably end up liking it even more.

I was fascinated by Mark Antony and his relationship with Cleopatra, and so many good words for James Purefoy! It really pays off to include good actors like him or Ciaran Hinds into a TV show! When it comes to important scenes like scenes of Caesar's death or scenes depicting Mark Antony and Cleoptara's relationship, James Purefoy and Ciaran Hinds effortlessly give a new meaning to the familiar historical events.

Plus James Purefoy gives a totally new meaning to a beard and eye-liner.. :D

But of course, this episode for me will always be the one where "Lucius Vorenus was absolutely awesome". Pullo was fabulous too, but I my fannish heart is so full of Vorenus at the moment. :D

Greatness of Vorenus and Pullo in this episode. Pictures )

A Couple of little things that I didn't like )

** sigh ** I had to make some icons again. Making "Rome" icons seems to be an incurable disease as [ profile] queenofthorns said. I promise to stop soon – just one more week!

Icons are free to share, please let me know if you would like any text added.


...... ..

The rest of the icons )
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I have been dreading to watch the latest episode of "Rome" .. I watched it finally this evening and I thought it was one of the strongest episodes of this season, but my heart is torn into tiny little pieces now.. So many things happened in this episode!

Rome, A Necessary Fiction. I am ranting a bit but it all ends well with pictures of Pullo and Vorenus )

I have made some icons, they mostly reflect the fact that Titus Pullo was incredibly great in this episode, even with all his mistakes and shortcomings and weaknesses he is so absolutely awesome.

They are free to share, please let me know if you need any text added and I will do it with pleasure!!!



The rest of the icons )
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Notes on "Rome" episode 6 "Philippi". I liked it very much because I do like "Rome" and it can't do anything wrong for me at the moment, but I had some uneasy and confused feelings my spoilery thoughts on the episode )

Two picspams of the day

Agrippa and Octavia )

Brutus breaks Alexandra’s heart. It is not a spoiler as this episode is named Philippi I guess )

EEE! I have blurted this all out! Now I can go and read everyone's posts! And also I should go home and catch up on some sleep!!
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I spent the first half of today at the dentist’s (but this is the pre-ultimate visit!!). The second part of today went much, much better in watching and re-watching 17th episode of HBO series “Rome”, “Heroes of the Republic”. I loved this episode in so many ways that I can’t contain my glee and can’t even wait until the icons are ready, I must speak of it!!!

Oh, let me count. I love the latest episode of Rome because (Or 15 things I adored about this episode, pictorial help included) : )
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I liked it very much!! "Rome" is my favourite à la Dumas story of two ancient Roman musketeers. Whatever is happening in Rome, Pullo and Vorenus are sure to be involved!!!! My head is hurting from triple-day over iconing, but I don't really care. :D

+ I like Simon Woods as the new Octavian, he seems to be so ENERGETIC, but I have to watch a little more of him to complete my mind.

+ But I think my loyalties to Pullo and Vorenus are seriously shaken because I do, do love Agrippa so!!! Because, spoilers )

Agrippa screencap of the day )

+ And as to the rest , you know what is the best thing on earth? Some more spoilers )

And EEEE! Icons!!! (I am so sorry, I can't stop just yet). Icons are free to share ,if you like I will make customizations, like text and etc., for you.
Spoilers, big spoilers.

.. ......

The rest of the icons )
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My head/heart is full of "Rome"-related thoughts. When one starts thinking about future plot developments before dozing of to sleep one must admit that this is serious. And even more so, this week I re-watched my favourite scenes from season 1 and this helped to add fuel to the fire. :D

And this is where posting a collection of pictures helps, because for me life is largely about visuals. I have collected 35 (!!) screencaps involving mostly Vorenus. But of course Pullo is there too because Vorenus and Pullo are one single unit for me.

So, for your perusal: Vorenus, Pullo, sweat, blood, daggers, long pale eyelashes and blue eyes.

Also because "Rome" still occupies my thoughts, I welcome any requests for "Rome" icon making - choose your favourite screencap, let me know if you like a particular text and I will make an icon this weekend.

Pictures, 34 in total )


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