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I have become so obsessed with "Game of Thrones" that I must admit it to myself and seek treatment, preferably in the form of some other obsession inducing material like Asian drama. Preferrably with a heart-wrenching romance and possibly with some other plot too, and by heart-wrenching I mean angsty but with a good ending. I have enough tragedies pending in Game of Thrones, so I am not ready for 49 days. It will also help if the drama is at least half-way through because I want to marathon.

It does not matter if the drama is Korean, Taiwanese or Japanese.

Thorn Birds

BTW, I have finished "Thorn Birds" this week which were just the thing and not bad at all (I wished for a little bit more romance between the main couple, though). May be I will have a chance to post about it one of those days, but for now my ratings are 6/10.

Do you have any dramas with heart-wrenching love to recommend? ** puppy eyes **
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Marry me Mary video
Talented vidder and altogether awesome [ profile] bop_radar made an absolutely ADORABLE fan video for absolutely adorable Korean drama "Marry me Mary": HERE. It just reminded me all the reasons why I loved this drama (which is by no means 100% perfect) more than any other rom com this year.

Game of Thrones!!!!!!!!
And also EEEEEEEEE! I am might turn into an obsessed zombie because "Game of Thrones" has began. I might not have mentioned this (because I was afraid to jinx it somehow), but I haven't been excited so much about a show or drama, or any other TV thing since "Rome", and this was 6 years ago.

Fabulous [ profile] endlessdeep (one of my absolute favourite icon makers in LJ) has a new icon community for Game of thrones. Click on the banner to see the community:

Swallow the sun
[ profile] blueocean80 and I are continuing our "Swallow the sun" watch. I have finished the episode 16 yesterday, and surprisingly, I have no idea how this is going to end. I have a gut feeling the ending is going to be on a happy or semi-happy side, but I am not too sure. The drama is definitely very good so far, but I don't know what to do with the leads. I frequently get violent urges towards Jung Woo (who has to get out of his self-inflicted manpain or else) and I don't really feel too much towards Soo Hyun. But I am absolutely mad about the secondary pairing, Jackson and Amy and I absolutely adore all the secondaries. Especially Mi Ran, who has to be my favourite secondary lady of all times. And I like the way Lee Wan plays Tae Hyuk, I like it that he is the only one who understands Jung Woo's aims. Two brothers understand each other better than anyone else?

One priceless screencap (credit: soompi) from the episode 15:

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My life seems to be in a craziest stage since the time of my long-forgotten youth: work is madly busy, Zend PHP certification exam is approaching too fast (6th of December), I need to write two assignments for the Leadership and Management course (which culminated on 19th of November in consolidation day and my team's win!) by the December 18th, on which day I am flying off to Moscow. Oh, also lately I went to few one-day conferences and as a result London is practically making me sick, especially considering that one of the conferences happened on the day of the Tube Strike. I still hold on tightly to my usual optimistic POV, but only just. If I don't go prematurely all gray, I am due for two Christmas weeks of ice sculptures, ice skating and pancakes in Moscow.

In good news, I finally nailed salchow (A move in figure skating in which the skater jumps from one skate, completes a full rotation, and lands on the other skate) and tea-pot move and completely completed my silver NISA (National Ice Skating Association) level!

I am not even watching anything!!! Well, may be "Lost Girl" and "Gloria", but this is ALL. "Gloria" is safely helping me through this crazy real life spell.

My daughter made me go and watch "Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows 1", which overall was a pleasant surprise. Of course, I am still the same old nay-sayer that is not overly excited by Harry Potter in any shape or form , plus I have a confession to make: I find grown-up Daniel Radcliffe to be somewhat on the creepy side. Where has the pretty boy gone? BUT! To be fair, "Deathly Hallows" was much much better film than the two previous ones. There was enough time given to beautiful landscape shots, there was enough time for characters to talk to each other, and there was enough time devoted to Dobby's death (more time than to Dumbledore's death, actually) and Ron's jokes. Some other excellent things included Ron himself, Hermione in a red dress and Luna's father. Oh, if there are any Hermione/Harry shippers left (although I am not one of them) : I thought "Deathly Hallows number 1" was a really shippy film.

In short, I enjoyed the film, enough to give it 6.5 out of 10 and we had a nice time afterward in Pizza Hut. It took a lot of explaining for my daughter and her friends to understand what the Horcruxes are, though. I blame it on the scrambled-up previous film.

Some more film stills )

PS: Oh where ebooks_crack has gone????????????? I am so very upset!!!
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I have decided that the resistance is futile, I am in Asian drama for life (and may be longer :D). I need to find some good sites for Asian entertainment (drama and cinema, not so much pop) news: casting news, new films, new dramas, actor updates, this kind of thing. So far the only site I have been using: soompi forums and dramabeans blog.

Any more good Asian drama news websites you know of??

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, to add, my current drama watching update:

Barefoot Youth (ep. 10, my ratings so far - 6/10, the subs are really confusing)

Cinderella's sister (ep. 7, my ratings so far - 7/10, my flavour of the moment)

Conspiracy in the Court (ep. 6, my ratings so far - 8/10, a bit too complex at times, but awesome nonetheless. It is like watching a history book, in action. The subs don't help as well, too many archaic worlds in every single sentence. The subs are made by the same person who did "Chuno" subs, I think, but "Chuno" subs are way better)

IRIS (ep.8, my ratings so far - 7/10 - I really need to get through this. But the problem is, I am so emotionally unaffected by this drama)

Jejoongwon (ep.30, my ratings so far - 6/10 - still naive, but also adorable, feel-good and pretty)

Hero (ep.13, my ratings so far - 7/10 - Good story. )

Oh my lady (ep.10, my ratings so far - 6/10 - Si Won is cute, but I am seriously contemplating dropping it for good. I have better things to finish. )

The Slingshot (Story of a man) (ep.10, my ratings so far - 8/10 - a real understated gem)

Que Sera Sera (ep. 7, my ratings so far - 8/10 - need to finish this, but the problem is - I know how it ends and it ends not the way I want it)

Queen Seon Deok (ep. 28, my ratings so far - 7/10 - I think I am beginning to understand why this was such a big hit)

Worlds within (ep. 1, my ratings so far - 7/10 - cautious love so far)
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I am insanely obsessed with Korean drama "Chuno", in fact , the last time I was so obsessed happened when I was watching "Rome". I urgently need some distraction, if possibly, in a form of a period drama that:

1. Preferably is under 30 episodes long (50-60 episodes maximum)
2. Has a strong romantic storyline (if possible, with tortured individuals)
3. Preferably Korean.
4. Has an OTP that preferably is developed slowly.
5. Has male leads as good looking as Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho (this is a hard one, I know!)
6. Has female leads as strong as Lee Da Hae
7. Multiple separate OTPs and/or avoidance of the usual love triangle will be a particular bonus (I am a bit tired of the main Chuno dilemma, you see - which OTP is "better" - Tae Ha/Un Nyun or Dae Gil/Un Unyun)
8. Hot bodyguards in love with their mistresses is a also a big bonus

I haven't seen too many Korean period dramas, there are only 5 that I have seen in full:

1. The Legend - loved
2. Damo - loved
3. Iljimae - not bad
4. Hong Gil Dong - liked at first, disliked the last quarter
5. Painter of the WInd - loved it

And 3 that I haven't managed to finish:

1. Hwang Jin Yi - I was't brave enough to continue this to the end, but I loved it.
2. The Return of Iljimae - I liked this one too, I don't remember why I got stuck.
3. Conspiracy in the Court - I am watching it now and loving it, but it reminds me of "Chuno" too much.

Here is something to convey my big thanks for the recs: a picture of Oh Ji Ho on a beach )

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I wonder if anyone knows of a drama (preferably Korean) in which the secondary guy gets the girl? HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED?

Or, like "Capital Scandal", a drama with some misunderstanding and two separate couples?

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I was reminded by [ profile] winterspel's post that I meant to ask for some Japanese dramas recommendations for ages. Recently the dramas I watch happen to be mostly Korean. :D And even though I have a strong belief that Korean actors are THE most gorgeous bunch of guys any country ever produced, I feel I need to expand my horizons. :D And especially I feel more so since I have started watching "Hana Yori Dango" for it is too adorable for words.

SO, PLEASE recommend Japanese dramas of your choice!!! I will be thankful to you forever!!!!

Japanese Dramas I have seen, with the ratings:

1) Long Vacation 8.5/10 - My favourite Among Japanese dramas. MUSIC.
2) Kurosagi 8.5/10 - Absolutely excellent. And Yamapi.
4) Remote 7.5/10 - One of the best OTPs and highly adorable heroine
5) Good luck - 7.2/10 So much cuteness.
6) Nobuta wo Produce 7/10 - Extremely intelligent.
7) Pride - 6/10 I haven't finished it yet, but it doesn't make my heart beat faster
5) Forbidden Love. 3/10 - I felt very uneasy with the subject matter. But TAKKI!!!

Things I particular enjoy in dramas and shows:

1) Romantic story full of angst
2) Male friendship that is larger then life
3) Good ending
4) It would not hurt if it starred Yamapi, Takizawa Hideaki or Oguri Shun. And a drama with Takuya Kimura or Takeshi Kaneshiro is always a good thing. :D
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Truly THE BEST thing happened. Great [ profile] maddeinin created some wonderful Moomin icons.

I am totally basking in the Moomin Love. This is FANTASTIC!!! These are the icons I taken, I love them:


Apr. 1st, 2006 02:45 am
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HUGE thank you and virtual champagne to fabulous [ profile] elspethsheir. She explained the process of header adding so wonderfully well that it was not so scary after all. And now this is official - I am LJ forever because I have a header!

This is a painting of of La Pia de'Tolomei by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, a lovely lady "who was imprisoned and murdered by her husband in 1295 in a castle in Maremma" (Rossetti archive).

I have one only tiny problem - the top margin in header doesn't disappear and stays 20px (and because of it I had to add bottom margin to balance it out). I did what I could in css for .header, but it must be somewhere else or I am totally missing something because of late night.

Also [ profile] syliasyliasylia made wonderful icons from paintings of John William Waterhouse and THEY ARE FANTASTIC! Here is the link

And also I just noticed that today is the first of April!


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