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Warning: Beware of some shallow content ahead.

What is your favourite kiss on "Moonlight"? This is a very serious question, you see. "Moonlight" spoils us with generous, numerous and intense scenes of kissing. Every week I think "Oh, this is definitely my favourite kiss on this show" and when a new week comes along I change my mind. We've seen it all – love, jealousy, angst. Plus I am almost dying from angst myself as the next week will be the last in Moonlight. And for how long?. NOOO!

I must console myself by speaking about kissing. Because: My poor heart should eventually burst from all this love. Spoilers up to the episode 1.11 )
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The episode 1.11 "Sleeping Beauty" made my shippy and otherwise heart bounce with joy (and many times!). But I am slightly concerned )

Isn't this a season of good will and peace? I am feeling very festive, cheery and mellow and not snarky at all. So let's talk about things of love and beauty!!!!! Let's share the "Moonlight" love and be as cheesy as we can!!!!!!! I wish you all very happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credits: The theme of this post was provided by fabulous [ profile] endlessdeep.

We all need to be touched )
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I am still thinking about episode 1.09 "Fleur de Lis" . My initial reactions were quite muddled but after "sleeping on it" I am slightly disappointed  )

But my personal highlights of the episode were the scene between Josef and Beth )

Let's talk about Josef! My favourite secondary character at the moment and hunky Logan in the past!! This character study is dedicated to [ profile] petzipellepingo (who gave me the idea a couple of weeks ago).

Happy birthday, dear [ profile] petzipellepingo!! Many glasses of virtual champagne accompanied by strawberries your way!!! And all the best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!

Josef Konstantin. Character study in pictures. )

PS Feel free to share your insights on the character of Josef!!!!!!
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I really liked the last episode. There was no Josef and no Coraline but must hide the rest )

I was temped into Mick and Coraline in the previous episode but NO!! Beth belongs to Mick and Mick belongs to Beth!!!

And if this is not a proof than what is - they are completely mirroring each other:

10 Reasons why Beth belongs to Mick and 15 reasons why Mick belongs to Beth. As you see, Mick has more reasons! )

PS: Feel free to add any more reasons. Reasons for why Mick belongs to Coraline are not accepted in this post. :D
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Wasn't episode 7 so very good? As in quite un-guilty way? I really liked )

Something I wanted to do for quite a while – don't you think Alex O'Loughlin has one of the best ranges of facial expressions in the history of EVER? And they all deserve to be remembered?

My favourite facial expression of Mick's so far: Cute un-haunted look of pre-vampire days

Beginners guide to Mick St. John's facial expressions )

PS Which is your favourite facial expression of Mick's?
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I am so very happy that "Moonlight" is doing so well recently and improving with every episode. HEEE! I guess this is the good time for some snark. I forewarn anyone: This post contains views on fashions that are mine and mine only. I don't think (far from it!) that I am good at this or anything of the sort. It is just for fun. It all started in the pilot, of course. With this:

Below are 11 crimes against fashion in supernatural settings of Moonlight, in order of terribleness )
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I just have watched episode 5 – OMPH! If there ever was a show that absolutely fit into the "how to bring the most amount of guiltiest pleasure to Alexandral" category this is officially THE ONE. It is even better than any Asian dramas! For one thing, it moves much faster and in the episode 5 we are already having this FANTABULOUS scene:


PS I am left to re-watch it again and again!

PS 2 Josef is back! And he wears black shirts (amd burgundy shirts!)
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As a general rule I am not a fan of voiceovers – I usually prefer to make my own mind about the things that are going on and it confuses me. BUT!! Alex O'Loghlin totally cracked "how to make your voiceover sound hot" thing.

In honour of the voiceover of manly Australian hotness: The best voiceover phrases so far )

Which one is your favourite?

Episode 1.04 : Fever
I loved this episode, every single minute of it but still – What is it with no scenes with Josef whatsoever??
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It is official – I am watching this show until the end will us part, re-watching it and writing petitions if it is ever cancelled. I am starting to enjoy it's feel of the 80s melodrama, it's sentimentality and the choice of music. These were the songs of my youth and I can't ignore it! Plus this was an episode "in which Mick smiles A LOT" ..

Lengthy report from today's episode, in pictures )

PS I also watched "Blood Ties" today. I have made a big mistake with "Blood Ties" - I have read one of the books. Hmm and Hmm again - I didn't like it at all. Now I can't look at the show with quite the same love that I had before. May be this will pass.
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- I finally watched "Moonlight" and I liked it. A LOT. First I shall get out of the way all the things that are bad in this show (only in my own opinion, of course!). I like vampire stories, I honestly do. I have been reading and watching various stories about supernatural since I was at school and first red Alexey Konstantinovich Tolstoy's (don't confuse with Lev nikolaevich Tolstoy, the author of "Anna Karenina") most excellent "Vurdalak" . Vurdalak is another word for Vampire in Russian (the word Vampire also exists in Russian) but really more in the old Slavonic legends sense. A. Tolstoy had a whole series of short stories derived from old Slavonic legends and all of them are incredible but in a very scary, no punches, no nice vampires way. All this said, I think I am coming to the end of my tether with Vampire stories on TV. I think if I see another Vampire story anywhere soon I am going to go crazy (well, this is exaggeration, of course :D) Seriously - What is it with Vampire stories nowdays? Why are there so many of them all over sudden? "Blood ties" and "Moonlight" can be twins!!!!

- But what is really wrong with "Moonlight" (apart of the whole "just another show about the same thing among a hundred of others" curse) that "Moonlight" is made in a strangely odd and "plastic" way and I wonder what sort of drugs the guy responsible for it's cinematography is taking. In this day and age students at media courses do better than this.

+ Now all the bad stuff is out of the way I get to the part where I loooooved the first episode of "Moonlight". (And I even watched it twice). Because I am totally irrational and I take it that the Vampire story line is not important in "Moonlight" but the story line about one cursed love is. And the chemistry and interaction between Alex O'Loughlin and Sophia Myles in the first episode was great and fabulous. The first time she touched him? It was so wonderful! Everything about "Moonlight" promises tons of guilty pleasure and clichés but I like it. :D And may be I will be the only person who loves "Moonlight" but I feel I'll persevere and I am with it till the end. Also Alex O'Loughlin is scrummy and how would you not like this )

Bionic woman I have watched the second episode and I am giving up on this. Michelle Ryan is as bad as she was during her "East Enders" days, Katee Sackhoff is pretty but the show is quite useless.

Supernatural Oh, how I missed you! Sam! Dean! Pretty! New long arch with the demons that escaped Hell at the end of the season two! Mysterious Ruby! I think she is a new romantic interest for Sam but what do you think? Does anyone know if Jo is returning or not?
This show wasn't my favourite when it started but it is really catching up in quality and it is so NICE to look at. I enjoy it so much and it isn't even a guilty pleasure for me anymore – I think the show that stayed good through two seasons and seems to be getting better again totally deserves all recognition it gets.

Dean is saying that he could not live with Sam being dead )

Dexter I have spoiled myself for the first two episodes of the season two, but isn't it a very, very interesting beginning? It kept me on the edge of my seat so many times!

House Hmm. I have always thought that I am in this show because of Hugh Laurie. But now I have realized that no, I wasn't .The first two episodes of "House" without Cameron, Chase and Foreman were rather quite boring for me. May be some of House's jokes are getting too old for me too but I am not sure yet – it could be that I am just missing Cameron, House and Chase.

Jorneyman Hmm. I am involved and I am bored at the same time. I find the story about Dan's family and his past interesting to watch but the stories about people from the past leave me cold yet.

Angel I am stuck on "In the dark" episode, namely on the torture scene with the "evil Nazi doctor" guy.. I feel that I have seen the exactly same scene so many times (especially in "Buffy") that it is getting quite tiring, especially considering I don't have any worries about Angel's future (he has to last 5 seasons, after all!) BUT! I love Doyle! And YAY to his REAL Irish accent!

PS Have a nice weekend, everyone! I feel a little drained – I think it must be the time to start jogging again ( I had a two –week break) .


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