Jun. 16th, 2011

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I am still spending all my free time finishing the batch of gif-y icons. And what great fun that is, I think gifs appeal so much to the geeky side of me! But I have to say that LJ's 40K limit on icons seems almost criminal, optimizing your gif icons is so so hard. The limit has not changed for the last, how many years?

But! Having two days in a row and not posting about Game of Thrones ? It seems from the news that the actress for Brienne is finally chosen, but they won't tell us who she is. I want to KNOW so badly!!! I hope she is tall (she is supposed to be just slightly shorter than the Hound) and I hope she is NOT good looking (I will be forever bitter if they chose one of pretty actresses). And I would rather prefer if she was not in her 40s (as the rest of the cast), I am ready for some younger faces.

Brienne, of course, is my all-around favourite character in the series, and my top five favourites list is as follows:

1. Brienne. Because she is the character I identify with the most. I am no beauty, don't possess much of the feminine side, and would have loved to have a big sword I can chop the heads off with.

2. Tyrion. Because as they say in Russia, I usually fall in love through my ears.

3. Sansa. This is the recent change in my favourites, after the first season of the HBO show and my current book 1 re-read. Jon used to be my third most favourite character, but I am afraid that the image of emo/pouty/chubby teddybear that is Kit Harington is forever etched in my brain now and Jon's ratings have plummeted.

4. Sandor Clegane, The Hound. Again, I think this has something to do with identifying myself with his angry character and his honesty (I am not really angry on the outside, but on the inside, I am :D)

5. Jaime Lannister. Because I like redemption storylines and because he is pretty.

Beside these five, I am also extremely obsessed with the character of Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning, and his sword Dawn, even though : a) he is already dead and b) there is only about three full paragraphs that mention his name. I think this is the part of me that loves tournaments and sword fighting talking:

Some thoughts on shipping and A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones is probably the first big fandom that I am involved in that is free of shipping wars. There were several shipping discussions recently in GoT communities, and these discussions were full of various and interesting ships. I think this is mostly because the source material is so good, the series are not built around a predictable love triangle, they are build around characters that grow and around fabulous worldbuilding.
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These are from the episodes 8 and 9. Take, enjoy, credit is nice.



The rest of the icons, 24 in total )


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