May. 13th, 2011

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With one thing or another, it has escaped my attention that the Eurovision song contest 20011 is happening! Right now!!!!

1. The first things first: How come that Ireland always "gets it" as far as the Eurovision song contest is concerned and the UK does not???? Kudos to Ireland for choosing Jedward as their Eurovision entry (see Youtube video below). Unless my favourite (the French Corsican dude) is going to win, the winners have to be the twins:

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2. My personal favourite is French entry. BECAUSE it's OPERA! Because Amaury Vassili has a gorgeous voice! And he sings in Corsican language!!! And has gorgeous long hair! Video )

3. Estonia's Getter Gaani is something what can be called a Classical Eurovision Entry (crazy costumes, shapely ladies and all). I never seem to to get tired of them: Video )

4. Russia nominated a "mister Cheese" this year, Alexey Vorobjev. I know I am a lady of bad taste, but Alexey looks a little tiny bit like a young Kevin McKidd in a pair of tight black trousers. The song is kind of awful, but I do like the trousers. Video )

5. UK is trying hard,to stay away from the last place, we really do. I don't think choosing Blue as our Eurovision contestant is going to help us, though. The guys are visibly despising the whole affair and themselves for agreeing to participate. Really, the UK needs to chill out and join with the fun: Video )
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I hear very bad news. Thank you to [ profile] maryxmas for alerting me to this because I did not have a chance to watch the episode 4 (the King's Hand tournament episode ) of Game of Thrones yet. But apparently, the "little bird" scene between The Hound and Sansa where he tells her about the reason for his facial disfigurement is not included in the episode, instead there is an extra scene of Petyr Baelish explaining Sansa what happened to the Hound when he was a child.

I am a temperamental lady and I am feeling particular temperamental today due to some personal reasons, so I feel this can be something that might totally kill my interest in the show. Please tell me this is not true and one of my favourite scenes of the book 1 is somewhere there, and not replaced by another scene with Baelish (whom I dislike immensely, BTW. He and Lord Tywin are two characters that I hate with passion).

It does not help that Jon continues to do nothing for me and that generally the show is slow and heavy moving. I haven't even watched the last episode yet, mostly because at the moment I don't feel like watching something that moves with the speed of mountains. Shall I think of giving up? There are many new shows, there is only one me? Or may be I should watch and became bitter and try to find faults with everything? I was already contemplating to pay for Sky Atlantic channel, but nope, not now. Generally the interest to the show on my friends list seems to have almost died.

Edit: I am watching this now. I am hating Bealish even more now. But I found one amusing thing: I have a silver necklace dragonfly thingy, just like Sansa's! It is my daughter's actually but she lets me wear it. We bought it at a craft fair (I may be never told anyone, but I like making jewellery).

PS: The Hound is not pleased

Spoilers: very wague spoilers in comments


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