Apr. 5th, 2011

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However annoying the last 2-3 days have been (I had terrible LJ withdrawal symptoms yesterday) , I do not worry. There are not many absolute truths that I know of, but I know one of them: any Internet application that is built by humans will be out cold once in a while. And the bigger it gets more chance it will. And if you know an Internet application that never has a problem it will definitely be one of the two: a) built by aliens from outer space or b) small. None of the two options suit me personally.

So I do not worry, just try not to use LJ heavily at the moment as they are doing whatever they are doing to protect themselves from DOS attacks and their servers must be busy. And yes, let's blame Russians for this! How dare they express their opinions freely and invite DOS attacks to the place where I post about Korean dramas!

PS: I do, however, have a DreamWidth account (I always want to call it DreamWeaver :D). I have had it for years: you never know what can happen! It is the same as here, alexandral . I am very very unlikely to move there, though. If LJ goes out of operation I am going to take a plunge and create a "proper" blog.


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