Feb. 22nd, 2011

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You probably already know that I like Kdrama. I don't know what it is, but on average I make much more intense emotional connection with Asian dramas than I do with Western TV. Several times I tried to figure out why and finally decided to give in to the most logical explanation: I wasn't brought up in the West, I was brought up in Russia where strong Asian influence exists alongside with the strong Western influence. Russian TV of the times of my youth was, in it's format and content, much closer to Asian TV than to Western TV.

But I have a "problem" with Kdrama (and particular with Kdrama, this is much less present in other Asian dramas). The problem is The Curse of Kdrama Second Half. The curse can be best described using graphical representation below:

a) My interest during watching an average Kdrama: the peak of interest is usually somewhere in the middle. After that, a long fall, followed by the return of some amount of interest at the end.
b) My interest during watching an average TV of any other kind: usually steadily grows towards the end.

I often ponder on why I lose the interest after the second half. I often check Kdrama ratings: the ratings usually climb up towards the end, or stay steadily the same. Then it must be ME? There is something in Kdrama formula that doesn't agree with me in particular? This must be it.

Dream High : It is much more disappointing for something you thought was good to go pear-shaped than for something you never thought was good to continue to be bad. I did have hopes for "Dream High"; it seemed to me at first that the drama made sense and was more than just a cute drama about teen stars. It is disappointing to see that "Dream High" IS just a pretty drama about pretty stars. Never mind the scary illness (I am not fond of this story device, but I have to bear), for me it all goes wrong when the inconsistencies strike: I am a logic freak . One example from the episode 13 : 1) Hye Mi seems to be lovey-dovey with Jin Gook 2) Jin Gook has a big crisis (attacks his manager) 3) two of them don't even talk about it for days 4) even if they live in the same house and Hye Mi is assertive enough to demand explanations previously. And this is just one example of many, there is more, especially with Jason and Pil Suk. So, R.I.P. my special hopes and feelings for "Dream High". Dream High is lovely but I will finish this drama in fast-forward mode.

Marry me Mary : On the other hand, "Marry me Mary" never seemed the kind of drama that had any ambition about giving me a lesson or uplift my fighting spirits or anything of the sort. So when the Curse of Kdrama Second Half happened, it didn't affect me much. Although I enjoyed the first half of "Marry me Mary" more than the second, the fall wasn't steep and I continued to enjoy it greatly till the end. Because "Mary" was all about the chemistry between the main trio, and because it had scenes like this one: )

PS: I finished "Marry me Mary" with my perfect satisfaction , my ratings 7/10. A full extra point given for lovely songs.


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