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I am dutifully buried under a workload or DOOM. I have to make an effort or everything will fall into pieces. Hence, I am taking a self-imposed break until next week. Will be back as soon as the horison clears. I will be checking LJ but probably won't have any time for commenting. I am sure I'll get it all conquered and I do love my job so.

But I want to say that I love you all:

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1. It has been a while since the work was as busy as now. I am doing about 20 systems at once. I work as a database programmer in one of the UK Universities, looking after University's bigger systems (they are mostly made by other companies) and writing some smaller ones. I love the job , I always have, I am one of these lucky people who "find the job you love and you'll never work a day in your life". I work from home and from office, and the margins are blurred sometimes. On the plus/minus side I am almost always close to a computer, unless I eat, sleep, do shopping, figure skate, drive, jog, or perform any other non-information related activity. And of course, I wear glasses.

2. I have checked spoilers for the episode 12 of "Cinderella's sister" and also watched the episode 11 with subs and I can't express how much I am loving the drama.spoilers ) For anyone interested, here is the ending of the episode 12 on youtube, uploaded by Shirley: . And here is a fabulous shippy scene:

3. I have watched the 2nd episode of "Worlds Within", and I am in absolute love with Hyun Bin's character. If fact, I am in love with everyone in this drama, but the lead lady. Do you need an example of immature, "I think everyone should just fall at my feet because I am so cute", girl? This is Joo Joon Young , now (when she is almost 30) and in the flashbacks, exactly the type of girl that I try to politely avoid in RL. I hope her layers will be peeled off too.

4. I have watched some more episodes of "Queen Seon Deok" (I m on episode 33 now) . I am all about the older guys at the moment, Munno and Chil Sook (he is played by the same actor who played the bandit leader Jjakgwi in "Chuno")

5. I think Shin Min Ah is lovely and green is my favourite colour. Some pictures of Shin Min Ah )
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Having successfully once again conquered Google Calendar Application Programming Interface by fixing the problems we had with our Uni's student timetables uploads into the Google Calendar I am feeling quite good. But I am also very tired and brain-dead now so I am celebrating by watching all the episodes of the "True Blood" season 2 in one go. My brain-dead reactions can be shortly summarized as "Eric - YUM YUM YUM. Bill - boo. Jason Stackhouse and his storyline is boring. but at least his penis is left alone in this season which is a great improvement."

I have a big question, though. Why is "True Blood" TV series so different from the books? My mind boggles - I am not usually too worried by small (and even big) deviations between TV shows and books. But when there are so many changes that "True Blood" TV show is 25% of the book and 75% of some other stuff, I don't understand. What is the point of it? How does copyright work in this case? It is like fanfiction or like re-writing the books.
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GRRRRRRR! Google released an upgrade to the Calendar Application Programming Interface on Wednesday 16.09.2009 which affected quite negatively some things in our uploads of student timetables into their Google calendars. It is also my fault because I should have incorporated certain checks from the very beginning but as sometimes it happens, I didn't . I am sorting this out during the weekend and I am not going to claim overtime because I am feeling guilty.

I have this love/hate relationship with Google. On one hand, they are quietly taking over the world. On the other hand, their Application Programming Interfaces are less than stable and less than excellent.
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We have survived the launch of the Project. It all went very very smooth. Too smooth. :D I feel relieved but at the same time .. strange.

My daughter has some kind of rash all over her face today. I get so irrationally worried about these things and not happy with doctors who say to me "Oh, this is normal". How come this is normal?

I HAVE DONE A SESSION OF SCUBA-DIVING. I loved it! I want to join our scuba-diving club now.

I haven't watched anything that requires thinking since "Generation Kill", my brain was too busy for anything. But:

- Sara Connor Chronicles. OH MY POOR HEART! The first episode of the season 2 fulfilled the potential of the season 1 so well! Voiceovers seem to have gone away. I am a fan for life of Cameron/John, Sarah/Derek and Agent Ellison (all by himself). I need to make some Agent Ellison icons.

- Fringe. The first episode was a bit hyper-active for me. The main female character looks like a twin of Meredith from "Grey's Anathomy". Who, in her own case, is a Michelle Pfeiffer's look-a-like. All this look-a-likedness is confusing. But I liked the mad professor and his son and the X-files references are always appreciated. I definitely intend to watch more.

-Carnivale: Picked up a DVD set of this I-have-never-heard-of HBO show in DVD rentals. I wonder why no-one has mentioned it before - so far it is exceptionally good (in a weird way) and gorgeously filmed..
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I have been doing too much working from home lately, as in not having enough time for TV and LJ. :D This doesn't seem to be right and needs to be rectified! I am in the middle of user testing on a big project and to be honest the end is not nigh. But I am sure we will get through, we just need to keep digging.

I didn't have enough time to watch Russia/Spain properly )

PS: Two things of fandom:
- Vash the Stampede is GREAT!
- Where are the subs for Iljimae?
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Oh, I completely forgotten about this one – it has been two years since I joined LJ! I was reminded about it by [ profile] ginger001's post (my mind works in strange ways) who joined LJ almost at the same time and who is my oldest LJ friend. I raise a glass of virtual champagne to say huge "thank you" to all you ladies and gentleman on my friends list who been kind, entertaining and fabulous all these two years!!

And in a flow of good news – I have received a big thank you from the hard-to-please senior manager for the work I have done on my latest website at work. The interesting thing is that I probably only found my inner web-designer self through LJ and icon-maiking so YAY LJ! WHOO-HOO! Thank you all!

To celebrate all this let's look at some black-and white pictures of James McAvoy who is Alexandra's "next best thing after champagne", here. Oh, I love black-and-white pictures, especially of James McAvoy! )

And because I can't hold it any longer spoilery ramblings on Atonement )

PS: Rantings above are the indicator of my present brain overload at work and I apologise for them. And this is just a start because I am starting another very important and time restricted project at the moment. :D I need a good luck with it!


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