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I am still mostly doing RL things: spending the time with the family, eating cakes, shopping and enjoying myself. Tomorrow is the New Year Eve, the biggest holiday of the year in Russia. This year we are not going to Russia for the New Year holidays, we will be going there this summer instead, hopefully in time for the mushroom picking season (I LOVE MUSHROOMS).

I am just dropping by to post a happy ramble about "Warehouse 13". I tried the show last year, but for some reason the first season didn’t call to me immediately and I dropped it. This year my daughter wanted to watch the show together on holidays, and after dragging my feet a little bit I agreed! And how happy I am now that I did, especially after the two biggest let downs of this month: I mean the ending of "Hunger Games" book trilogy (I hopefully will tell you more once the good cheer period is over) and the ending of the season 3 of "Misfits". Now, the ending of the season 3 of Misfits was a Very Bad Ending of The Season, but really, I wasn’t too invested anyways.

But onto happier things! Unexpectedly, "Warehouse 13" is such a delight: gender balanced, funny, feel-good and stereotype-avoiding! Well, there was that one episode about Moscow, but I am going to forgive the show because otherwise this is like the good old times of good assembly cast shows! The abundance of fabulous and various female characters is particular nice. The abundance of characters that aren’t young and gorgeous, but are still interesting and engaging is very welcome too. Plus there are so many non-standard relationships in the show! Even women are having meaningful friendships! :D

This is exactly the kind of thing that makes my holidays perfect (we are already in the middle of the season 3) and makes me forget the disappointments of yesterday (Hunger Games, I mean you). All is not lost. If Sci Fi channel is continuing a show like this year after year – I have hope in the future of TV. :D And it is not as if there is anything particular special about "Warehouse 13" (apart from the gender balance which is indeed a rare thing).. It is .. just good fun!

PS: My daughter says that I am like Irene Frederic, and a little bit like Myka. :D And she sees herself as Claudia.


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