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+ My Home Internet is not fixed yet. Engineer has not come today because there was discovered some problem on our whole street. Again. They didn’t make a notifying call again and we had to wait in vain again.
If anyone lives in UK and thinks of joining NTL/Telewest - DO NOT DO IT!! THEIR CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS APPALING! I am starting to feel that I am back in Russia – there is never ending story of engineer’s non-coming and notifying calls non-making and altogether if my problem is not sorted with this “big” fault on our street I am moving to BT next week.
In myself I am past caring – my friend from work also had huge problems with NTL in the past, the only thing is that it is a lot of hassle to change your provider.

+ But – EEEEEEEE!!! I am having a week of Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Notorious and His girl’s Friday and Farscape. I will be watching all this goodness and making some icons ( I promised to [ profile] lage_nom_ai ;). I know I have been talking too much about the World Cup lately;)

+ Plus World Cup continues and England won their second match and is through to the next round!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! First Three quarters of their game against Trinidad and Tobago were non-inspiring, but at the end I saw a glimpse of hope that they can indeed play very well. Terry made a terrific save and Beckham made some great passes. He is an amazing player!!!! Sasha is very happy – he is her favourite “ever” player. I like him to!!
Sweden against Paraguay was a strange match of the kind of “What has happened to Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC??” (this is such a Slavonic-sounding surname and he does not look Swedish).

+ O my Poor heart – Argentina/Serbia and Montenegro – 5:0!!!! I must confess that I have one of this strange non-objective feelings about Argentinean team and I apologise in advance to all their fans – their team forever connected in my mind with Maradona and Maradona in my mind connected with the dark side of the football because he had an incredible talent, but at the same time he scored goals with his hand and squandered his talent on drugs and over-eating. It is so sad !!!
But- their team looks incredibly powerful this year! Quiver all the enemies!!

+ Veronica Mars 2.13 - Ain't no magic mountain high enough )
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Bad things:

+ My Internet is not fixed yet. Engineer was supposed to come on Monday, but he didn’t – because there was a “bigger” problem discovered in our area all engineers were cancelled in a vain (in my case) hope that all the problems will be sorted out together with the “big” one. I want my Internet back!!!!!!!! I am writing this post after work on my work computer.. ;( I apologize very much for not commenting much!!!!

+ Sky-the-dog still has strange scabs (and bleeding when wet) on her ears, they are much smaller after the steroid treatment and good weather, but they are still there. I think Vets are going to do biopsy on Friday.

Good things:

+ Football – I am enjoying this World Cup VERY much! The weather is great and this weekend I basically did two things – sunbathing in my new-bought shorts, and watching football plus eating all nice things. There were all the nice surprises in a form of Australian match, Korean match, but there was an absolutely strange match of France against Switzerland too. At this moment I have SO many favourites!!!

+ Veronica Mars Doughnut Run )

+ Some more disappointment of the shippy run – Lagaan )

+ my eyes are feeling very good!!!

+ Bart-the-cat is LOVELY!!! Very, very dorky but loving kid. He makes me laugh uncontrollably by his antics - somesaults, crazy jumps, etc..
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+This is the time of school holidays – I am permanently going to the parks, eating ice creams and Mc Donalds and having Sasha’s friends round! Very nice!

+ It feels so unfair to work when the weather is nice. Is it true that in Spain everybody has LONG lunch breaks???

+ I finally watched X-men 3! I must admit I like it less then the previous two because this film is a little short for me and I can enjoy more of the character development for the new characters as “Angel”, but any film which has a scene where Huhg Jackman is losing almost all his clothes for the sake of saving humanity can’t be bad in my book. He is very sculpture-like looking and heroic. We went together with my friend and her 14-year old son and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

+ Veronica Mars season 2 )

+ Dr Who Impossible Planet: This is probably the first episode in this season which is totally brilliant for me. I have a thing for the black holes since the age 8, I think.

+ I have gotten Farscape” season 1!!! Yay! But I had no chance to watch it yet.
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Veronica Mars, Logan, Veronica+Logan, from season 1..

Icons are free to share

Please let me know if you want any text added/taken away, borders by [ profile] realtanala



More icons )
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+ Sasha and I watched "The Idiot’s Lantern" of Dr. Who yesterday. While I still found it very pleasant to watch and TV Lady was suitably scary, I really was not keen at all on Ten’s shouting face and was missing my Nine like mad. I just don’t think David Tennant is as good an actor as CE was, that is all. For me he over-acts and over-shouts. Sorry!! I was trying my best to like him, and at his best, when he is serious, I think "wow", but more and more recently - NO!!! I think I will have to watch “Dr. Who” this year because Sasha adores it, but – it is not my cup of tea entirely. And where all Doctor/Rose furtive glances and their wonderful chemistry gone????

+ I have bought Nick Cave’s "Murder Ballads", I was thinking to acquire it for a while, but now when I am listening to it I remembered that I used to own this exact CD in Russia and I used to be crazy about “Where the Wild Roses Grow”.

+ I don’t know how it is for other people, but my brain has been totally transformed by moving countries/languages so that many things exist for me totally in parallel. Due to some differences in translation of names and titles, I know a number of books, films and music which I used to like in Russia and which I can’t find in England. Names starting with "K" and "C" are difficult because in Russian language the same letter "K" is used for both. Film titles are difficult too, because in Russia films are often dubbed and film titles are translated not directly, but more in touch with Russian culture.

+ I remembered my that long time ago one of my friends was suggesting that part of the “national character” is defined by the national language, the way a person thinks on one language or another, like for example, English is well-structured and the position of the words in a sentence doesn’t change, where in Russian you can put the words in a sentence any way you want, but of course, this changes the meaning.

+VM season 2 beginning )
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+ I have got a sleeping sickness. I sleep and sleep and have naps in between and feel lazy-boned..

+ Because of sleeping during all spare time I haven’t watched/read much. I am getting through "A Feast for Crows", but very slowly – you know, I don’t mind getting old but my eyes are not as they used to be. Never mind, there are good things about getting older too..

+ I have a LJ crisis – over the last 10 month I have accumulated 3 or 4 LJ’s that I have added to my friends list and they didn’t add me back. I don’t have a problem with it at all – I mostly added these LJ’s to my friends list because there is something of interest to me in their contents, and they could not see anything in my LJ of interest to them, so this is totally cool.. The problem I just realise is that what if they would rather that I have deleted them from my friends list?? How can I know??? Even if they don’t say in their Userinfo?? I am in tortures of uncertainty?? Shall I go clean and remove them all from my friends list??

+ Veronica/Logan - O YES!!!! Kind [ profile] umeedmerchant wrote in her comment that Jason Dohring is 24 years old and YES, that makes me feel better!! Only a little, the rest of my attraction to the very young Logan I put down to my inner-teen ([ profile] soniag.:)
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+Happy birthday [ profile] soniag!!!! I wish you happy and successful writing and many great things!!!!!!

+ Weekend goes very fast. We took Sasha and her friends to the birthday treat of "Ice Age 2" on Saturday. It was lovely, especially opossums and team spirit and all wonderful Disney things.

+ On accumulated birthday money Sasha got very pink shoes which she wanted to wear even to sleep

+ VM - Veronica/Logan and Logan himself - O MY POOR HEART!! I didn't even like him at first! But he has that intensity which is so attractive in men and he is loyal and (don't laugh) - he has something in his movements which is very very irresistible and he has that look of the hurt little boy sometimes.. And Veronica/Logan in the last episodes of the season one have a sense of alchemical belonging to each other for me. All the rest of the VM is very interesting too.

+ Spoilers for the beginning of season 2 )

+ Mini photo essay from the 1.18 )

+ Bad news on VM front are that the DVD of the season 1 I was cherishing in mind to order are of the region 1 only. Very, very wrong..
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+ I am sick as a dog – last week's headache was a start of cold.


+ It is Sasha’s birthday today. She invited her friends to the birthday treat on Saturday – trip to the movies!!!!!!

+ Bart-the-cat has an unexplained love for Sky-the-dog. He plays with her and curls to sleep with her. And she is very motherly with him, licking and protecting. It is really cute to watch, but on the back of my mind I have a warning from one of Mr. Alexander dog’s books – “Never leave your terrier and your cat alone together because terriers have an instinct to hunt small animals”. I don’t know what to think. Cat is growing like crazy; I think he is going to be HUGE. And he demands food.

+I am really in VM love – I spend Monday moping over my cold/watching VM. Season 1 up to now is amazing!! Inexplicable (because he is such a bad boy in season 1) but I adore Logan now. Season 1 spoilers up to episode 8 )

+ I liked “The age of steel” very much, but now I must confess – I do miss Nine. Ten is good, but I could do with less of the crazy faces. Sorry, everybody! I like Ten very much when he is in the serious mode, but he is overdoing it for me with the facial expressions.
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1. I am very busy at work. I will be busy next week too.

2. I have a headache. I am not dying, but it is enough to crave chocolate croissants. Plus some organic chocolate. I probably need to try tomatoes. And I bought a very red top (two in fact). Is it all connected.

3. I watched three episodes of "Veronica Mars", the last ones. Veronica is fresh and lovely and a little adorably quirky. She has a fantastic smile of the sort “the world smiles with you”. I need to watch more of Logan, he is just not fully in my type of cute, but this is very subjective, he seems to be an interesting person. It is funny (I blame this rant on headache) - I realised it takes me a split second to realise if I find someone attractive or not. How does it all work? And of course, there is a smell thing (not applicable to on-screen attractions) .

4. I watched the real finale of "Grey’s anatomy" Spoilers )

5. I found a fact I didn’t know about my home town, Omsk. There used to be a beautiful cathedral which was destroyed in 1935 by the word of NKVD official Saln ( sounds really greasy in Russian). There is a decision to restore this cathedral. YAY!

Picture of Kafedralny sobor in Omsk, click to see a bigger picture )


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