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LJ: I am really pleased with the speed LJ is working. EVERYTHING IS FLYING. I can't stop commenting and writing because finally LJ IS WORKING FAST FOR ME. I might take all my annoyed ranting back and wait for LJ to fix the issues with default comment title and other things because my main problem with it (speed and reliability) is fixed. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I still can't believe it and almost want to pinch myself: "Is this real? LJ is working so fast! And I haven't had an error in the last 48 hours, not even one!"

I did log a support request re: default comment title and spellchecker, though. I saw a LJ news post saying these things will be fixed. We will see.

Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia: I loved the episode until the ending happened. spoiler ) I am still not pleased.

Walking Dead: I have finished all available episodes of the season 2 and I am having a terrible imaginary crush on Daryl. He is like a version of Sandor Clegane with a crossbow. My open plea to the creators of the show: "Dear creators of Walking Dead! Please do not kill off Daryl anytime soon".

Anime: I am watching tons of anime at the moment. I would appreciate any recommendations!
My anime favourites, just few of them:

Monster (I haven't expected so much depth in anime)
Shiki (so scary it is good)
Ergo proxy (mind-bending and gorgeous)
Hellsing (really REALLY loved it)
Trinity Blood (my favourite anime song)
Trigun and Cowboy beebob - great old-school anime.

Suits: I have finished 12 episodes of "Suits" in one day. I am still off on holidays. I enjoyed watching, but I didn't feel any depth to be honest and the love triangle part (and the way the character of Rachel was developed in the show) didn't feel right for me at all ..

Warehouse 13 is still lovely. Now they even have a DOG (I love dogs).

Ojakgyo Brothers: I have also watched 38 episodes of "Ojakgyo Brothers" in two days and I am crushing so much on Joo Won it hurts. Also - Uee is such a surprise, I really like her character.

I should stop commenting and posting excessively and do something else. :D
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Here is the first footage from the season 2 of Game of Thrones, in case you havent seen it yet )

It might have been something the show's creators said or it might have been the abundance of Robb/Jeyne related posts in [ profile] ontd_asoiaf (just a note: I am all for freedom of shipping and freedom of fannish opinions! I have ranted about the matter many times already and I honestly won't today. Today is the day of happy news.I am just trying to explain as to where I got the idea from), but I got somehow very worried that The season 2 is going to be all about Robb and his doomed Twilight-like love story with Jeyne.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!! It seems that the first look into the season 2 might indicate that the season is going to pay rather big attention to the storyline I am personally interested in: Stannis, Davos, Melisandre, and the rest of Baratheons. Oh, hot and "mature" pair of Stannis and Davos! Oh, fabulously gorgeous Melisandre! Come to my screen and make me happy this season. Make all the Stannis haters into loving converts and show a thing or two to people who think that "Davos is boring".

Also, it seems that the wigs and costumes have undergone a bit of a change. Everyone looks much better, especially Renly and Loras. But this said - have I ever seen anything as ridiculous as Renly's crown? I don't think so. :D Not on my TV. THE CROWN IS FULL OF HORNS. MANY HORNS. And it sits ridiculously low. It makes Renly look like Prince John from Disney's Robin Hood. Please see the picture comparisons below. My apologies to any of Renly's fans on my friends list, but I think Renly is forever ruined for me. I won't be able to look at him again without giggling inside. I am going to call it The Crown of Horns.

Also, a fan of Sandor Clegane in me is very happy too. I have a big heart and I am fan of many characters, and Sandor is one of my favourites. I am so happy to report that I think Season 2 Sandor looks seriously hot. Has the actor lost some weight? Is it the new beard and the new hair? Anyways, you will have to bear with me this season because I will be doing all sorts of fan-lady things about Sandor.

Sandor in season 2: )

Misfits I have been watching the show, and it is fun. I am reporting a rather amusing thing: I have been told by my colleagues that I am somewhat like Kelly. Not in the crazy dress sense, in "I will not suffer nonsense gladly" sense. OH YES.

PS: These happy news have managed to tear me out of my "I am all about work" mood. EEEEEEEEEEEE!
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I have done many very nice things on my holiday break. I went out to eat every day of the last week. :D I do like eating out. I can cook, but for me cooking is like programming: you put things in, you get the food out. The only non-programming thing about it is the mess afterwards.

When I cook for guests, I usually use one of my mother's or my friends' recipes I brought with me from Russia. Oh, and I have a nice Indian recipe from a co-worker. When I cook for everyday, I usually cook something "healthy" and fast at the same time (i.e mushrooms + sweet peppers + onions + pesto + penne I am cooking tonight) . I abhor pre-packed meals and I don't like to slave away. Food is just food, after all.

My daughter and I caught up on a lot of TV whilst on holidays:

Haven: It left me fairly lukewarm. I guess I am not fond of "special person" stories. I loved Audrey Parker when she had a promise to be "a normal girl in abnormal circumstances" with some female friends as well as with a couple of male admirers. But it seems that all the other female characters either died or disappeared from Haven and all we have left is a "special" Audrey, a man-magnet with whom everyone is in love with.

Also - Reverend Driscoll is such a "straw Christian".

Merlin: I am still loving my way through the season 4, especially appreciating the fact that something is finally happening in this story. After 3 years, the story is finally moving! There was even a baby dragon hatched by Merlin last week! I loved Merlin to bits for his "I want all dragons to be FREE" speech.

Supernatural season 6: My guilty pleasure of the day. My brain switches off, my eyes sparkle with "Dean! Pretty! Castiel! Awesome!". That is all.

Vampire diaries: I am giving up on this. It just seems to be the same the same the same. Life is too short! It could have been a good guilty pleasure show if not for the fact that Stefan is boring and ugly and Damon seems to be wiggling his eyebrows a little too often.

Endgame: We finished this short-lived show about a Russian chess master with agoraphobia who is solving various crimes from his hotel room. This show did have some potential and Alcina is probably my favourite female character of last year's. I need some gifs from this show, of both Arkady and Alcina.

I have forgotten! Today is Halloween! Getting into the spirit of things, my favourite EVER Halloween-y film is "The Addams family".


Halloween! Enjoy yourselves!!!! Eat a lot of chocolate but look after your teeth (I am eating Dark Chocolate Cherry Liqueurs as we speak)!!
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It's holidays! School's half-term! I am also on holidays for a week, and so is Mr.Alexander. We are having all manner of good family time together, all three of us, so I will be off LJ until the next Monday (31st of October).

I hope all of you are having a good time too! Love to all!

PS: We have been caching on some TV as well, and finally watched through the season 3 (and the current episodes of the season 4) of Merlin. So far, I am loving the season 4. It seems somewhat darker and less Disney than the other seasons. What has changed? the new writer? Anyways, I am finally enjoying this show for real, rather than just watching it because my daughter likes to watch it together.
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Finally have gotten to watching Downton abbey and am loving it. Consumed the series 1 in one day.

There is not much to say apart from "This is a fabulous gem!!!" . May be just 3 things:

1. I think the show is a little bit unfair to poor Thomas, the only evil guy in the series. I am not drawing any "discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation" conclusions here, but I am just back from "Equality and Diversity" committee (did I tell you that I am an Equality and Diversity champion in our work area? I guess my outspokenness is known) and I am on my high horse.

2. Violet Crawley/Isobel Crawley is the best love/hate relationship I have ever seen on TV . I can enjoy a show just about them alone.

3. How do I love the way they make shows in Britain. Everything seems so REAL and at the same time everything is just so easy on the eye. I can't help but compare everything with HBO "Game of Thrones" at the moment, and I must say comparison is not into "Game of Thrones" favour. As much as I love Game of Thrones, my feeling of reality in this show is quite often broken by some prop that just doesn't look real. And this is not about the fantasy elements (they are actually good) , and not about the grunge feel as I love grunge feel. I can give you one of the examples I keep repeating again and again - the wigs. But there are many other little things too. I have heard Game of Thrones creators' complaints about budgets, but surely, "Game of Thrones" has a bigger budget than "Downton Abbey" (I checked, GoT's budget is at least 5 times bigger)? Plus the things that are bothering me are not expensive CGI dragons, it is the little everyday things that feel "fake". Besides, they could have let many characters (like Loras) use their own hair which would have saved them money?
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Just last Friday I was in Prague, doing many things in this gorgeous city: walking long walks along Prague's beautiful streets and parks, eating nice food, and visiting Prague Opera and Prague Zoo (which is one of the top 10 in the world).

Now I am back, and as much as I love my job it all seems like a bit of a shock. It also seems that the sub-system that I have just started doing for the Uni's new Website needs to be ready for the 1st of September which is very very soon, so I will probably have to work like mad for the next few weeks (also I am going to Scotland to visit my friend this weekend). In short - crazy times ahead and my head feels empty.

Game of Thrones

I haven't heard any casting or other GoT news and I haven't really done much of the "proper" reading of "Dance with Dragons". I skimmed very quickly once, but now I am reading very slowly. I took the book with me on holidays but I am still at the beginning of the book.

Please let me know if there have been any exciting casting news.

The only good piece of news I have seen is from Shadowlocked, here. It seems that HBO has good intentions towards "Game of Thrones" . HBO co-president Richard Pepler apparently said that "We told George we’d go as long as he kept writing" . This is a bit vague and unclear, but at least thins means we are going to have at least 5 seasons.

Photographer Amanda Killen has made some awesome pictures from the Game of Thrones season 2 filming sets. I adore the photographs of what everyone thinks are the New Gods of Westeros (The Seven: the Father, the Mother, the Warrior, the Crone, the Smith, the Maid, and the Stranger):

More pictures )

Other fannish things

I have watched few films and TV shows on the laptop whilst on holidays:

- Mentalist. I am so thankful to the show's creators for everything, especially for the great closure of Red John storyline.

- Nikita. I might and I might not continue watching this show. I have periods of interest followed by periods of non-interest.

- We went to see a classic motorbike show yesterday, so I am re-starting my "Sons of Anarchy" watch.

- Midas (Korean drama) which suffered badly from Kdrama second-half syndrome. Jang Hyuk was very hot with a short haircut and wearing sharp suits, but I was more interested in No Min Woo's character.

- Royal Family (Korean drama) which was GOOD but I didn't like the ending.

- I finally watched "Inglorious Basterds" which I liked much more than I expected to. Christoph Waltz (the Nazi Colonel Hans Landa) makes the movie and steals the focus from Brad Pitt and everyone else.

- I also watched a Canadian zombie movie "Stake Land" which was good (if you like zombie movies).

PS: How have you been? I hope everything is good!
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I went to the dentist today, seems like a good day to post some pictures. You see, there was that huge "getting to know you" post on [ profile] game_thrones, with various questions like favourite books and films and characters. My favourite ever character has always been Miss Marple, ever since I was 12. I want to be Miss Marple when I grow up.

I had a good time filling the questionnaire, but as soon as I posted it I remembered that I have forgotten Alicia Florrik, the lead character from "The Good Wife:" series. So when I was at the dentist, I kept thinking that I must make a post about Alicia. I love Alicia so much that it is personal for me, there is just something in her character, so strong but so vulnerable at the same time that strikes a chord with me. I hope Julianna Margulies will get an Emmy for her role this year, and I am glad that Josh Charles was nominated as well (I have never expected him to be such a good actor, he delivered a very nuanced performance in the series).

The Good Wife is also such a fabulously female-oriented show, and I love both Khalinda and Diane , especially Diane. And generally, as a show, it is very well-written and acted.

pictures )

PS : If anyone knows where to find any of The Good Wife icons, please let me know. I have been wanting some for ages. It is a odd thing, though - something like Game of Thrones seems to have huge amounts of icons everywhere, but I haven't seen much of The Good Wife ones.

PS 2: There is not many male characters that I want to stab with a rusty knife as much as I want to do this to Peter Florrik, Alicia's husband.
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There is something I have found very interesting whilst reading [ profile] shapinglight's LJ. Something I want to ask : what do you think of pairings with big age difference , and by big I mean over 10 years, at least?

For example, Dany, who is 15 (well, at least she is supposed to be 15 in the Game of Thrones HBO) and Jorah who is 49 (I think ) ? I personally love the pairing!

I might be in a complete minority, but the age differences do not bother me in historical (or history-related, like Game of Thrones) fiction. If it was considered old enough for a girl to be married at 13-15 (often to an older man) in the world of the book/show, I accept it, I do not want that world by our standards. In my brain I do the substitution 13-15 = marriageable age in this society.

I think mostly this has to do with the stories my gran used to tell me. She was married at 13 to a guy 10 years her senior. This was the age to get married in Russian villages in 1920s, so she did. It was a happy marriage, they lived happily together until he died in WW2.

I often think why the marriageable age (especially for girls) was quite often a lot lower in the "olden days", and I think this mostly had do with the short life span and high death rate in babies.

This all said, I do not at all approve of a 15-year old having a relationship with someone who is 49 years old in our day and age. I will be the first one to shout "Evil!!!!!!!!!"! I feel there must be a contradiction there , but what can I do.

PS: I thould stop obsessing so much over Game of Thrones, shouldn't I?
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This is cross-posted: I have made this post for an ASOIF community.

Martin uses fairytales quite extensively, right? I don't want to mention the most obvious ones (like for example, how many times the Beauty and the Beast story crops up in the series? 3? More?) or the ones that I have already seen mentioned somewhere else (Jaime and Prince Charming from Shrek are long-lost twins), here are just a few:

More fairytales )

What do you think? Do you know any fairytale stories that you think might have influenced A Song of Ice and Fire series?
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What do I hear about the finale of the USA version of The Killing ? Everyone is saying everywhere how terrible it was? Has anyone watched this? I am very interested because I love Danish original show, Forbrydelsen , so much and I am naturally curious as to what could have gone so terribly wrong! The original show's first season had one of the most powerful and thought-provoking endings ever!

Is anyone watching USA "the Killing"? See, Sarah Lund is curious too, she says: what have they done to my show?

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Jaime Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was wearing a HAT! And Emilia Clarke was so cute in a little dress!! Also, Sean Bean and Mark Addy were cutting a dash!

the rest of the pictures, totally adorkable )
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I am feeling extremely rambly and happy. This was such a good finale! Dragons were so awesome , but I was glad that the scene with Dany breastfeeding the baby dragons was omitted. I woke up an hour earlier , so that I can watch the finale before going to work. I don't quite share the doom and gloom, and "what am I going to do now???" mood. Now the first season is over, but I can always :

a) re-watch, so that I notice some things that I haven't. For example, I still want to know where is Roose Bolton (he has to make it into the show, right? Who is going to take over Harrenhal?)
b) re-read. I have just finished Game of Thrones re-read and started A Clash of Kings re-read.
c) Read the new book that is out in July!

Trying to do a little bit of post-show analysis, I must point a couple of flaws in the show that I have noticed:

1. Uneven pace and odd editing in the first few episodes

2. Sexposition scenes with Ros-the-whore, which, as [ profile] lage_nom_ai noted, is just an example of lazy writing, and an aesthetically disgusting example at that. As a math-freak I am, I added all the time of sexposition scenes in the first season, and it adds up to between 20-30 minutes. 20-30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine 20-30 minutes of other good things instead!

3. Some important material didn't make it to the show.
Everyone probably has their own scenes they think should have made it into the show. For me, it was the Little Bird scene between Sansa and the Hound, which was a very important one for both of these characters. Also the scene was important because of "There are no true knights" message that it conveyed.
But for someone who does not care for The Hound at all, may be there is another scene that they think should have made it into the show. The missing direwolf scenes should have been there, for sure!

But , after all is said and done, I have not been obsessed with anything as much as I was with "Game of Thrones" for ages. Not since "Chuno"(Slave hunters), and this was over a year ago. The obsession has to count! I love the show!!!! And there is a huge list of good things I can write about it, a list that will be much longer!

The rest of the post is my Sansa/Sandor inner shipper talking, spoilers for the episode 10, no book spoilers.Sansa, Joffrey and The Hound )

There is something I noticed as well, just a little thing. Sansa took off Joffrey's locket, and put on her dragonfly necklace again, the one she brought from home. I have a necklace just like that one! (I got it at a craft fair last year):

PS: I have a question for book fans: What scene do you think should have been in the show, but wasn't included for some reason?

PS2: How badly do you wish a slow and painful death to Joffrey?
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Poor Sansa! But I find it unsuitably amusing that Sansa is taller than Joffrey (you little so-and-so, I wish you terrible and painful death!). :P I can't wait for the new episode but I am going to feel the loss when it ends. But nevermind, the new book is out in July! I still can't quite believe it, though.

PS: Because I always think of these things, I think about the actor that plays Joffrey, Irish actor Jack Gleeson. Personally, I think he is doing a great, even fabulous job. He did the creepiness so well! And his moment of tendeness with Sansa was so believable too! But the actor is so young! Won't he only get bad roles of horrible people from now on? And I do hope he is not going to be bullied or have anti-fans or anything crazy like this.
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The series have completely overtaken my brain.

Game of Thrones fandom has been amazing so far. I only had one little glitch in one of the Game of Thrones communities. I commented that I think that Renly/Loras sex scene is heavily into stereotypes. For some reason I had a person commenting to my comment and implying that I don't like people being out. What was even stranger, this commenter implied that I live in some forgotten part of the world . I had to explain that I ship Renly and Loras and that am glad that the show has their relationship in the open. But that I still find their sex scene using several stereotypes. This is may be my recent extensive obsession with reading m/m romances talking, or most likely my general dislike for any race, nationality, gender, sexuality, etc. stereotypes talking. But me saying that the scene is stereotypical is not in any way anything detrimental to my character, right? And it has nothing to do with the part of the world I live in? May be I am missing something, I am still puzzled.

Anyways, I didn't want to make a fuss in the community, so I commented back and was as light as possible, thinking as I always do that "may be this commenter had a bad experience with someone else". But here, in my own LJ, I can rant away. :D So, just for the record, I do not live in a forgotten part of the world. And anyways, what is wrong with other parts of the world ?

I do see a problem looming ahead, though. And it has to do with Robb.

It all starts with the show creator's decision to make everyone older. As a general rule, take away 10+ years from the age of any character and you'll get the book age. For some characters this makes sense, especially for Sansa and Dany. They both have storylines that would have freaked out the majority of the viewers if their characters were played by someone of the book age. Dany is 13 in the books and Sansa is 11. Imagine a 13-year old actress doing the "wedding night with drogo" scene? There would have been a mighty outcry. So instead we have actresses that are 22 and 15 which makes sense.

Then we have Robb. I am still a little puzzled by the huge popularity of Robb. I find the actor to be semi-attractive and good at acting (but I am yet to see an actor that is not good at acting in this show). He also has a heroic part to play in the season 1, "let's fight for the rights of the North" part, which I, as a person from the North, am really partial to. We do have a clear North/South divide here in the UK , you see :D. But I am a bit puzzled as to why he seems to be turning into such a pin-up. He is not that attractive, surely, not in "OMPH! he is so HOT!" way? But at the same time I personally like him, so why not?

The rest is spoilery , but I tried to be vague in spoilers and marked the spoilers with asterisks **** )

What do you think?
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I loved the episode and am feeling too emotional to write anything coherent.Out of the new characters, I liked Shae (who is long past 18, but otherwise perfect, the trend to make everyone older continues) and I continue to love Bronn. Ros-the-whore seems to have disappeared without a trace, thank you to the old gods of TV. And then there were characters that I hated strong enough for the Russian Amazon in me to rise up and want to kill them all with bare hands (and feed their livers and other parts to the dogs :D).

Wall of HATE:

A Question. )

PS I have taken tomorrow off so that I can make some animated icons. Yes, this is serious!

PS: Possible spoilers in comments
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We are going out with our friends tonight, but I just could not miss this. Shamelessly stolen from somewhere else, this is a recent photoshoot of True Blood cast. True Blood is my yearly dose of trashy entertainment love which I will defend against all nay-sayers.

Eric Eric Eric Eric, and the others )

Also, I could not miss the pictures of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau that I simultaneously find oh so pretty and somewhat on the funny side. One Soul bracelets promo: Pictures here )
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Roose Bolton was there, with the rest of Robb's men! And so was his flayed man banner, which looked like an upside-down stick man :

Arya and Sansa. This is something I have noticed in some of Game of Thrones reviews, something I have been guilty of myself, namely forever comparing Arya and Sansa. But really, this is like comparing apples and oranges: they are so different, but equally interesting characters, I love them both and always will. The only tiny problem I have is something that I have also seen mentioned: the show seems to look somewhat more favourably on Arya and give us more of her point of view. I might be wrong to think so, but it just seems so to me. I give you just a couple of examples:

1. I have seen Sansa being blamed for the incident with Micah. But for me, Arya is probably the one to blame (or her parents that didn't teach her the ways of the world) . Creating a big rucus with injuring a prince and destroying his property? How do you think this would have flew even in the "democratic" country as the UK where you not really allowed to touch royals, even in our day and age? What did Arya think was going to happen to Micah after he , without any intent on his part, participated in this?

2. Arya's first kill: this is one of the big changes from book to the show: in the book, she killed the boy "in cold blood" where in the show it was accidental.
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Of course, not the first gif in the history, just the first gif made by me. And it is Barristan Selmy (Barristan the Bold)!!!

Barristan Selmy throws his sword at Joffrey )

The only thing I am not happy about is that the gif is a bit slow on it's first loop, I need to think. Do I need to pre-load it (I need to figure out how to do this on lj page)? Does anyone know what is considered to be a good size for a gif? Mine is around 1.5MB. Is this big? Does anyone know any tips to make a gif lighter ?

But overall, I am pleased. This is quite easy. Thank you to [ profile] viennajones and [ profile] blueocean80

PS: The gif it totally free to share , take it if you like!
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Can I express enough how much I loved this episode???????? It was the best episode of the show for me, and by far. I guess for me this episode highlighted the main shortcomings of the previous episodes, namely: gratuitous sex, general underuse of direwolves ( for they are not an accessory, but one of the most essential elements of the story, and it was finally revealed why - they are amongst few things that can successfully fight the Wights), and unbalanced focus , where some characters can have some arbitrary scenes added and some other equally interesting characters are sometimes forgotten. I guess for me as a viewer it seems as if the GoT screen writers like to sit down and think 'Ok, LET'S IMPROVE THIS BOOK" or "this is MY favourite character, there should be more of him/her", but really "improving" something that is already good can be a tricky business.

We had:

- The finger-biting scene that made it into the show, against all odds

- Barristan Selmy being absolutely full of awesome. I am so glad this scene was done well, because it is really important to the future story. Did you see how all the guards stepped back when he drew his sword? This was the best scene in the episode.

- No whores in sight. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!

- Just enough Littlefinger to make his every scene and his every gesture and his every word into pure gold

- Varys talking to Ned. This was the second best scene

- And we finally saw Rickon (aka the forgotten boy) for the first time since the episode 1!!!

- Personally, I am also glad that Hodor scene made it into the show as well
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I re-watched the episode 7 yesterday, so that I can get my weekly Game of Thrones episode to keep the momentum of obsession going. I have also discussed it with everyone and anyone who is willing to listen. Did I mention that I am largely succeeding in pushing the show and the books to my working colleagues? And what a good episode this was again! But I must rant say few things:

Dear Creators!

I really like the character of Baelish as played by Aiden Gillen. I never expected to be amused by this character so much. But what is it with making him into some kind of show creators' pet? What is it with giving other character's stories (yes, I am still harping about the Hound's story) to Baelish and what is it with the gratuitous brothel sex scenes, inexplicably crossed with his heart-felt confessions to the brothel whores? I never liked teachers' pets and I am on the verge of feeling dislike for Baelish.

On the storytelling level, I feel (I might be wrong here), this scene didn't fit with Littlefinger's character. He seems like a person that does not disclose anything unless this serves his interests. And here he is spilling his guts and his secrets to the Northern whore who has some intimate connections to several men from the North and who potentially can spill his secrets to these Northern men?

As a logic and science geek, I also want to mention that no-one travels as fast as Ros-the-whore did from Winterfell to King's Landing, not without an airplane. Is Roz going to be revealed as a secret Targaryen heir, with a dragon stashed somewhere in secret place? Is she going to be the Queen of Westros one day? There must be something important for Ros's character in the future episodes, otherwise I don't understand why we see so much of her.

To finish, the scene was nausea-inducing and it lasted far too long. It felt like "it's not for girls" culture that I abhor. Please stop it. I know you want your ratings high, and I want your ratings high too because many of my favourite events will be happening in the season 3. I want your season 3 almost as much as you do, but still, this was bad.

PS: I want to show off my new "devious Baelish" icon.

Spoilers : No book spoilers so far


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