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Although I was largely preoccupied with all things football during the last month, this didn't stop me from obsessing with very high intensity over Taiwanese drama "Summer's desire". In fact, because of this drama I re-discovered my love for Twdramas in general. I think my favourite things about this borough of Asian drama are that they usually very high on OTT, angst and drama but somehow without sliding into a total gloom and doom. To add, although often possessing high-volumes of angst, these dramas often have good endings. Another plus is that Twdramas often dare to go where no other drama dares to go.

In fact, I think "Summer's Desire" is something that is written to satisfy my every wish and whim. Rich ice-hearted men with horrific childhoods? Oh YES! Young orphan girls? YES! Arranged marriages done in correct manner? Redemptions and reformations? It is all there!!!! I have collected quite few "Summer desire" related pictures because I love pictures. The one below is my favourite one, but there are more, of all three leads.

Episode 7 : the story is really getting going and we get to see more into Ou Chen's world. His Childhood Past is revealed, and to say honestly, it is horrific. I have never heard of anything like this one. But more importantly, Peter Ho has got a haircut and all over sudden he is not an ugly overbearing young master anymore, he is cute-looking overbearing woobie with a soft marshmallow centre.

Summers desire related pictures : this drama is so addictive! And has gorgeous people! And many OTT costumes! )
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I am still very very much obsessed with "Summer's desire". I can't even honestly say the drama is good but I can't stop watching and thinking and obsessing. One thing boggles my mind even more than the drama's psychological mysteries do is : How did they manage to make Peter Ho to look so severe and unattractive? Peter Ho looks like below which is in my book "Good looking, cute, energetic". He even has some very slight dimples:

the rest of the pictures: Peter Ho and beautiful Barbie Xu )

The main result of my obsession is that I crave a drama /a movie/ a book just like Summer's Desire: fake marriages, suicides, icy rich otomen, etc. ** sigh ** Any recommendations would be extremely welcome
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Yes, the picture below is totally OTT and Peter Ho wears FEATHERS, still, I love it:

A small, small rant about the wedding chapter in the novel )
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I will not fight it, my obsession with "Summer's Desire" has reached huge proportions. I have watched the spoilery MV with Peter Ho's song "I remember I once loved" about 100 times already. I absolutely adore the song, I think it is one of the reasons I am shipping Ou Chen and Xia Mo : a man that sings this song deserves some loving coming his way.

Also, A BIG REVELATION: Peter Ho seems to look cute! WHat have they done to him in "Summer's Desire" that he looks so grim? The crazy haircut? No smile? I don't know if this is intentional, after all, from the novel, Luo Xi is supposed to be the pretty boy of the story and Ou Chen is supposed to be a slightly-scary "Young Master".

Following from my loving of "Summer's desire", I am in the Twdrama stage. It helps also that there isn't many new Kdramas I am interested in (apart from "Dong Yi" and "Bad Boy", and I am fully up to date with both) .

Does anyone have any good Twdrama to recommend? I am starting "My lucky star" (from [ profile] dangermousie's recommendation, THANK YOU!!!), but I am greedy! Thank you so much in advance!
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The World Cup: Argentina/ South Korea 4/1
I thought Argentina played awesomely well and Messi is officially my favourite player of this season, but one of the goals was scored from an off-site position. This doesn't change anything, just makes me less cheerful for them as a team. This feels like the old days of Maradona – these things used to happen all the time with him.

Tangentially, I wonder how Messi's name is supposed to be pronounced. Every one here says it as "messy", but I suspect that the emphasis could be on the first vowel, "e".

Summer's Desire : I am still quite obsessed with it. I have read what is available of the novel here (thank you so much [ profile] vert_gazon) because I couldn't wait, the up-coming marriage through manipulation was making me worried. BUT!!!!!! )
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"Summer's desire" is this Summer's guilty pleasure. There is so many things wrong with everyone in this drama, but I am obsessively watching it on viikii as soon as episodes appear; I also can't stop thinking about the characters, so may be the drama is not all just guilty pleasure:

The cap below is, in my opinion, something that describes the whole drama in one shot: Luo Xi is obsessed with Xia Mo, to a very unhealthy degree, but she is in love with someone else (Ou Chen), only she thinks she is not because she has huge scars from her childhood and she is afraid of commitment.

It doesn't help that Ou Chen is a spoiled rich man (whose upbringing included him shooting at various people with arrows , and no-one ever stopped him from doing so) who has got used to getting everything just the way he wants, even when he end up damaging his own relationships. I think Ou Chen is not beyond repair because although he has fits of "you belong to me" rage, he is also shown as someone who can be a giving (and even easy to manipulate) person, so far it has been as if he is saying one thing and doing another. But we will see.

Luo Xi is clearly a basket case, though. He speaks about death and suicide as easy as you and I speak about having a cup of tea and tells these kind of things to his girlfriend : "You are a poison to me..." . I wouldn't have minded if he said something like once or twice, but these are almost the only things he tells her. Theirs is a weird relationship, it has no "normal" couple interaction at all. They either kiss (in a very hot way) or he tells her she is poison.

Luo Xi and Xia Mo do have some very hot and weird kisses, though. )
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OMPH! OMPH! This is so ridiculously OTT and so deliciously Yummy!

In short:
Xia Mo: keeps both boys at her heel
Luo Xi : go away you creepy boy
Ou Chen : I love him, but he is also crazy

My favourite screencap: Ou Chen is so eating of her hand. Literally

The rest )
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When I saw all your posts with posters, screencaps and happy feelings about the new Taiwanese drama "Summer Desire", my fate was sealed. It has been a while since I watched a Taiwanese drama (the last one was "My Queen") and I really liked the look of this one.

But! The first 5 minutes of the drama, and we get to hear the main herouine's voiceover: "But because of me, hatred ran deep between the two. ..Perhaps I am inauspicious . I made them unhappy…" Please tell me I am not hearing what I am hearing, because what I am heating is "It is my fault they are fighting.. I am unlucky. I made them unhappy". What sort of misogynist, "women are the reason men turn to bad things", drivel is this????? I will give the drama a bit of credit and try to ignore the introduction for now, but I will be on my guard.

Male leads:
- I don't mind Peter Ho as Ou Chen so much. He is no Adonis, but providing he angsts a bit more in every episode I think I can learn to like him. There is intensity in him that I find very appealing.

- On the other hand, Huang Xiao Ming as Luo Xi looked fine in screencaps but in motion he has a weird slightly sleazy smile. AND he wears pink cardigans.

PS: Cinderella's sister : the end : I am so so happy! There was an angsty deep in the middle of the drama, but overall it was a very much feel-good drama of spring. It told quite an unusual story (take me right, I love romance as much as any other person, but some interesting family relationships were an additional bonus), it had good script, amazing settings and excellent actors. My ratings: 7/10


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