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Friday is a good day to post pictures! I have saved some Emmys pictures from various sources:

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If you are a fan of Jaime, and a member of [ profile] ontd_asoiaf community, vote for Jaime in Westerosi Madness Poll!!!, Click here to see the poll!

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Some new promo pictures from "Headhunters" (and related festivals), a film adaptation of Jo Nesbo's thriller, that is going to be released on 26th of August, so very soon:

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Just last Friday I was in Prague, doing many things in this gorgeous city: walking long walks along Prague's beautiful streets and parks, eating nice food, and visiting Prague Opera and Prague Zoo (which is one of the top 10 in the world).

Now I am back, and as much as I love my job it all seems like a bit of a shock. It also seems that the sub-system that I have just started doing for the Uni's new Website needs to be ready for the 1st of September which is very very soon, so I will probably have to work like mad for the next few weeks (also I am going to Scotland to visit my friend this weekend). In short - crazy times ahead and my head feels empty.

Game of Thrones

I haven't heard any casting or other GoT news and I haven't really done much of the "proper" reading of "Dance with Dragons". I skimmed very quickly once, but now I am reading very slowly. I took the book with me on holidays but I am still at the beginning of the book.

Please let me know if there have been any exciting casting news.

The only good piece of news I have seen is from Shadowlocked, here. It seems that HBO has good intentions towards "Game of Thrones" . HBO co-president Richard Pepler apparently said that "We told George we’d go as long as he kept writing" . This is a bit vague and unclear, but at least thins means we are going to have at least 5 seasons.

Photographer Amanda Killen has made some awesome pictures from the Game of Thrones season 2 filming sets. I adore the photographs of what everyone thinks are the New Gods of Westeros (The Seven: the Father, the Mother, the Warrior, the Crone, the Smith, the Maid, and the Stranger):

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Other fannish things

I have watched few films and TV shows on the laptop whilst on holidays:

- Mentalist. I am so thankful to the show's creators for everything, especially for the great closure of Red John storyline.

- Nikita. I might and I might not continue watching this show. I have periods of interest followed by periods of non-interest.

- We went to see a classic motorbike show yesterday, so I am re-starting my "Sons of Anarchy" watch.

- Midas (Korean drama) which suffered badly from Kdrama second-half syndrome. Jang Hyuk was very hot with a short haircut and wearing sharp suits, but I was more interested in No Min Woo's character.

- Royal Family (Korean drama) which was GOOD but I didn't like the ending.

- I finally watched "Inglorious Basterds" which I liked much more than I expected to. Christoph Waltz (the Nazi Colonel Hans Landa) makes the movie and steals the focus from Brad Pitt and everyone else.

- I also watched a Canadian zombie movie "Stake Land" which was good (if you like zombie movies).

PS: How have you been? I hope everything is good!
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This is cross-posted, for keeping

I love Game of Thrones and I love Queen. It is one of my favourite bands and Freddy Mercury is the best singer ever as far as I am concerned. Here are sone of game of Thrones Characters are "Their" songs from Queen.

Youtube links and the rest of craracters )

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A Dance with Dragons is coming out so soon! I wanted (but who am I kidding) to do a complete re-read, but only had time to finish Game of Thrones so far. Considering there is only 12 days left , I decided to re-read "A Feast for Crows" in the remaining time and re-read the other books as the show airs. When I first read "A Feast for Crows" I felt confused and overwhelmed with so many new characters, and because of it I don't think I understood or remembered too much.

I have read 60 first pages of AFFC yesterday. :D

But now, it seems that ASOIF world has settled somehow in my memory because I feel totally differently. I seem to grasp who is who and what is what (with a bit of help from Google). First of all, the Ironborn are so interesting: Asha, Aeron the Damphair (with his haunting love for his dead brother) and even Victarion.

Secondly, I do seem to be getting a fair bit of understanding on "What is going on in Dorne". I remember reading AFFC for the first time and thinking "WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE? SANDSNAKES? ARIENNE? Where have they all come from?" But no more! It seems now everything makes sense.

On tangential note, this is An Obscure Character Appreciation Day. I remembered how much I liked Prince Doran's bodyguard, Areo Hotah, even the first time round. Now I am getting a grasp on the bits of his backstory and he seems to be even more interesting.

Here is a picture of Areo Hotah and His Axe. I do have a thing for axes.

PS: What is your favourite Obscure Character in the ASOIF series?
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Jaime Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was wearing a HAT! And Emilia Clarke was so cute in a little dress!! Also, Sean Bean and Mark Addy were cutting a dash!

the rest of the pictures, totally adorkable )
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Poor Sansa! But I find it unsuitably amusing that Sansa is taller than Joffrey (you little so-and-so, I wish you terrible and painful death!). :P I can't wait for the new episode but I am going to feel the loss when it ends. But nevermind, the new book is out in July! I still can't quite believe it, though.

PS: Because I always think of these things, I think about the actor that plays Joffrey, Irish actor Jack Gleeson. Personally, I think he is doing a great, even fabulous job. He did the creepiness so well! And his moment of tendeness with Sansa was so believable too! But the actor is so young! Won't he only get bad roles of horrible people from now on? And I do hope he is not going to be bullied or have anti-fans or anything crazy like this.
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We are going out with our friends tonight, but I just could not miss this. Shamelessly stolen from somewhere else, this is a recent photoshoot of True Blood cast. True Blood is my yearly dose of trashy entertainment love which I will defend against all nay-sayers.

Eric Eric Eric Eric, and the others )

Also, I could not miss the pictures of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau that I simultaneously find oh so pretty and somewhat on the funny side. One Soul bracelets promo: Pictures here )
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They are so pretty! Emilia Clarke is so lovely and has bright blue eyes! And Sean Bean has the best of smiles! And Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (What a name! My first ever love was called Nikolaj! And what a surname!) is so dashing!!!

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Currently, I am loving HBO's Game of Thrones. There is a bug here and there (beware: whores and brothels overload), but on the whole, this is a very close and very good adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire book series. I reached the point that when I think about the characters and speculate about the possible new developments in the new book, "A Dance with Dragons", I imagine the faces of the actors. As far as shows go, this is also an amazingly intelligent watching. To put this in context, The Wire, Generation Kill, The Killing (Forbrydelsen) , The Devil (Mawang) and The Slave Hunters (Chuno) are better shows in my opinion, but Game of Thrones is getting close.

Why should you be watching "Game of Thrones" if you are not already watching it?

1. This is a fantasy show! How many fantasy shows (I do not count Vampyre Shows here) do you know? They are few and far between!

2. It has cold Wraiths! And possibly dragons! (dragon eggs so far) Pictures )

3. It has some of the most fabulous female characters You Have Ever Seen, of all ages! Pictures )

4. It has some wonderfully gorgeous men Pictures )

5. It has some wonderfully witty men Pictures )

6. It has some wonderfully noble men (mostly played by Sean Bean) Pictures )

7. It has tournaments and sword fights Pictures )

8. It even has m/m romance ! Pictures )

9. It has direwolves! Pictures )

10. It has most awesome evil characters, in abundance! Pictures )

11. It has many smaller, well developed characters Pictures )

12. The show has several themes that might be triggery for some, but I think it handles them with care.

13. You don’t have to be a fan of the books, in fact, you probably will enjoy the show much more if you are unspoiled
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It has happened! A show with non-evil Russian! And even more: an awesomely fabulous Russian! Well, the Russian is a genius chess-player and blond , but nonetheless! The cold war is probably over!

Apart from the Russian thing that was bound to make me immediately interested, the new Canadian shown about a mastermind strategist who finds the solutions to various problems from the room of his expensive hotel (because he has a terrible psychological trauma after witnessing his girlfriend's death and can't get out of the hotel, poor thing) is immense fun. It pokes at "Mentalist" (this is where the blond locks come from) and in one single first episode manages to make fun of a huge number of various stereotypes: gay parents, Mexican women, and already mentioned Russians.

To add to it, Shawn Doyle (the actor that plays Arkady Balagan) is gorgeous. His Russian is terrible but his eyes are piercing blue. Quick Googling tells me that he used to look even better with dark hair.

More pictures of Arkady and various other characters )

PS: I think I like Canadian shows.
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I have sailed through 2 seasons of this Danish show in a records time. For me, the show felt like fresh water on dry soil: it has been a long long while since a show challenged me on all different levels at once (intellectual, emotional and esthetical) . And this is considering that the first season moves with a book-like pace: the characters are explored and developed in depth, with careful attention to detail.

What is "The Killing"? First of all, it is a well-written whodunit story that concentrates on the Police hunts for the killer of a young girl (Nanna Birk Larsen) in the first season; and murderers in Mindelunden WW2 park in the second season . Both seasons involve a political story as well: Copenhagen Mayor election campaign in the season 1 and events in the Parlament surrounding new "anti-terrorism pack" proposal in the season 2 . The main character is Sarah Lund, a Danish police woman. I really appreciated the fact that in both seasons the killer wasn't someone who just appeared out of the blue. The hints to the killer's identity were accessible if you watched carefully. I really like this type of crime stories, where everyone and everything are not as they seem, but at the same time there are pieces of the puzzle thrown around to taunt our brain. My brain gets easily bored with the usual "the butlerthe most unlikely person did it!" crime storylines. I like to see what separates the killer from the rest of us, I love the psychological bits. In "The Killing" I guessed the killer in both seasons, but the show had me wondering and changing my mind until the end (both times).

But what truly set "The Killing" apart was the human drama aspect of the story. This is something we see quite rarely in Crime fiction: careful representation of the way the crime affects the family of the victim. One day Theis Birk Larsen is a happy man trying to make a hard living as a removalist; he just found that perfect house which his family is going to move into from the tiny rented flat. Another day everything falls apart following his daughter's murder, everything. The suffering of the family was so real that I found it truly hard to watch.

And if the show was not awesome enough after all this, it also had things to say about racism, class divide , society built on privilege and the war in Afghanistan.

It has some fantastic acting performances, especially from Sofie Gråbøl who lays Sarah Lund. I have a big crush on Lund, who is a lady of powerful intelligence. She has her shortcomings, but they just make her more human, not taking away even a bit from her uncompromising character. Her signature wear are knitted sweaters. I wish I could knit! The Internet is full of "knit a sweater like Sarah Lund's" pages!

The season 1 moves slowly and goes really deep, the season 2 moves much faster, with more victims but less depth.

Pictures! )
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I have been following "Haven" quite successfully so far, and for me this is one of the best new shows of this season, even though it has some odd moments. And whilst the main attraction for me is Emily Rose and her Agent Audrey Parker (it feels rather nice to see an FBI lady on TV that is neither stick-thin or big-boobied or OTT serious and who also has a normal name) and whilst also I am shipping Audrey and Nathan like no tomorrow, there is no way I am going to deny that Eric Balfour (who plays the third wheel of the love triangle, Duke Crocker) is extremely attractive. All that Russian, French and Native American ancestry has combined perfectly to create a very good looking man:

Some more pictures, I tried to find the most work-safe ones )
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I am completely freaking out : my daughter is having some problems with a couple of boys at school (name-calling and bickering) and although my rational self tells me that the last time she had problems happened 2 years ago and that everyone has problems from time to time, my less rational self goes very upset, totally irrational and unable to deal with things. Please spare a good thought. :D I am awfully behind with the answering on comments, my sincere apologies! I will catch up on this as soon as I regain sanity.

I am trying to cheer myself up with the recent pictures of Song Il Gook who is looking quite good nowdays:

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Although I was largely preoccupied with all things football during the last month, this didn't stop me from obsessing with very high intensity over Taiwanese drama "Summer's desire". In fact, because of this drama I re-discovered my love for Twdramas in general. I think my favourite things about this borough of Asian drama are that they usually very high on OTT, angst and drama but somehow without sliding into a total gloom and doom. To add, although often possessing high-volumes of angst, these dramas often have good endings. Another plus is that Twdramas often dare to go where no other drama dares to go.

In fact, I think "Summer's Desire" is something that is written to satisfy my every wish and whim. Rich ice-hearted men with horrific childhoods? Oh YES! Young orphan girls? YES! Arranged marriages done in correct manner? Redemptions and reformations? It is all there!!!! I have collected quite few "Summer desire" related pictures because I love pictures. The one below is my favourite one, but there are more, of all three leads.

Episode 7 : the story is really getting going and we get to see more into Ou Chen's world. His Childhood Past is revealed, and to say honestly, it is horrific. I have never heard of anything like this one. But more importantly, Peter Ho has got a haircut and all over sudden he is not an ugly overbearing young master anymore, he is cute-looking overbearing woobie with a soft marshmallow centre.

Summers desire related pictures : this drama is so addictive! And has gorgeous people! And many OTT costumes! )
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Among all my favourites of this season, there is something that makes Brazil to stand out : their amazing team spirit!!!! When I see the guys on the pictures or on the screen , they seem to like each other so much and have such a great fun together!

Also: Didier Drogba scored!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am less pleased about the cheating incident at the end!!! I don't think it will change anything, but still!

You know when I am obsessed with something , it is when I start making icons every day! Some icons of Brazil below, free to share:


And a random shot of the day (something I found when I was scouting for iconable pictures), Maradona and Yakubu Aiyegbeni (Nigeria) :

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Having seen all the major teams already, I must note that apart from Germany (with their Teutonic spirit) and Netherlands (with their efficiency) and South Korea (with their speed) I am not terribly impressed by anyone else. Germany is going to win the whole thing, right?

In FIFA rankings order, top nine teams:

1) Brazil. This is becoming Brazil's tradition: sparks of brilliance among some odd defending.

2) Spain. Where did the team that won European Cup 2008 disappear?

3) Portugal is the only team I actively dislike, mostly for their "I am emo, I am crying, I am complaining to the referee" tactics; so far they are utterly unimpressive.

4) Netherlands. This is my sweepstakes team, and they look terribly efficient. Go go Go Netherlands!

5) Italy is better known for it's defense than for it's attack, and they have always been late starters. I have hope!!!!

6) Germany completely destroyed Australia and have been the most impressive team so far. They are going to win.

7) Argentina looks similar to Brazil: one minute they do something interesting, another minute everything falls to pieces. But Maradona is one of my main sources of this championship's entertainment

8) England. I kind of liked them but I might be wrong.

9) France are also known for their late starter strategies, but come on, guys! Some people paid their money to see you playing, please make a little bit of effort!

I have put together a little set of World Cup pictires. I was debating with myself as to which one is the best but I decided on the one below: this is what the World Cup is all about!

The rest of the pictures )
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There is no "Bad Guy" today (boooo!) so I had some time for extra surfing and one thought came to my mind; "Oh! What is Jang Hyuk doing?". He was amazing in "Chuno" but disappeared from the the scene straight after the end of the drama, to take part in a Chinese re-make of an old hit, "All about Eve". I found some promo pictures of this, although there are not many about and "All about Eve" is not even listed in Jang Hyuk's Drama Wiki page (I wonder why).

Anyways, the pictures amused me greatly. I like the look of the drama, but even more , I am so amused that Jang Hyuk's character looks like an absolute opposite of Dae Gil. Good bye scruffy sharp-tongued rogue, hello well-groomed sweetie! He has even curled his hair!

More pictures )

PS: Where can i find this drama????????? I want it!!!!!!!!!

Also, in totally unconnected, I WANT this too: Lee Byun Hyun's new film, "I saw the Devil". I have no idea what this is about, but I like the title and I love the picture below, it reminds me of "Bittersweet Life":

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Synopsis: this is an urban horror film about a young East-ender Jamie Morgan (played by Jim Sturgess) with a big port-wine stain birthmark on the left side of his face, who lives with his mother in a flat in one of the council buildings in London. Jamie's life is no bed of roses, he is constantly taunted and laughed at. One day, when he comes home from the studio he works in (he is a photographer), he witnesses a horrible murder: a man is burned alive by strange half-human/half demon creatures. When his mother is burned alive by the same gang, he makes a pact with a strange man who might (and might not) be the Devil (played wonderfully creepily by Joseph Mawle).

This film is written and directed by Philip Ridley, London-born artist, photographer, writer and director. This is his first film after 15 years, and although I loved the film, it didn't quite feel as 100% finished article, there were some moments when the stitching was visible, so to speak. Nonetheless, this was also a film that has made a huge impression on me, so hopefully Philip Ridley will continue making movies.

It is hard to discuss the story without spoiling it. However, I must point to some remote resemblance to "Matrix" and less remote resemblance to "Angel Heart". But there was certainly originality on the way the ideas were applied to the present-day London life. I would love to discuss the story more because as with any good story, although I have made an explanation of the events in my mind, I am sure other possible explanations exist.

The film definitely feels as something created by a photographer, there is much reliance on the visual row in the storytelling and the conveying of the atmosphere. Many shots are cruel eye-openers: this is the country I live in, some of these streets are just next door to where my home is, but have I ever seen them in this way? But at the same time, there is beauty in ugliness and beauty in chaos to be found if you look the right way.

Some of the promotional pictures from jimsturgessonline that convey the beauty of the film quite accurately: )


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