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I had a wonderful weekend, in short:

a) my house is at it's peak of cleanliness
b) weekend was spent at the church's convention which was fab
c) had some friends staying with us for the above mentioned convention which was great


e) Today is the birthday of talented , sweet and funny [ profile] dianora77! Happy birthday, dear!!!!!!!!! ** confetti and chocolate eclaires **

Something for dianora77 behind the cut )
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It came to my attention that yesterday was also the birthday of [ profile] siljamus!! Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!I hope you had a lovely day full of every wonderful thing!

Something for you behind the cut below, a painting I saw in "Tate Britain" on Tuesday, "Hope" by George Frederic Watts. There is something about it that is in equal parts disturbing and soft and it is "calling" to me in a way that makes me want to drop everything and solve the mystery behind it.

Hope by George Frederic Watts )
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Vilhelm Hammershoi (15.05.1864 – 13.02.1916) was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His art sometimes is called "dispassionate" and "purist" but this is strangely at odds with my own impression from it. I would have called his art to be "moody" and "atmospheric" but at the same time it is full of light. It gives me a feeling of disquiet. I often find myself staring at his works as if I stare long enough I find a secret of each painting. Hammershoi almost always painted his models from behind as if to hide the expressions on their faces and he often painted shadows. His most famous model was his wife Ida and though I seem numerous paintings of her I still feel that I don't really know how her face looks like. Was she pretty? Melancholic? It seems that she was..

Few of my favourite paintings of Vilhelm Hammershoi:

A Lady reading in an interior:

The rest of the paintings behind the cut )

I made some icons from his paintings. They are free to share. Preview:

.. .. .. ..

The rest of the icons plus two of the icons from Monet paintings )

John Bauer

May. 28th, 2007 10:30 pm
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John Bauer (04.07.1882 – 20.11.1918 was a painter and illustrator from Sweden. His most known illustrations are for the popular Swedish fairytale annual, "Bland tomtar och troll" (Among Elves and Trolls) . Apparently this annual is still going! I was introduced to his art by [ profile] baleanoptera in her excellent post Picturing that which is not, again and immediately fell in love with it.

John Bauer was one of the people whose life follows inexplicable and dark fate. His sister died when she was 13 and this made a huge impact on him and his family. He was suffering from depression and had family difficulties in his later life. John Bauer, his wife and his son died in the shipwreck and this is a very strange story : they decided to go to Stockholm by ferry because they had heard of the recent train accident.

I have been collecting his illustrations for quite a while already and meant to post them for ages. They are absolutely amazing, outworldly and mysterious!

John Bauers illustrations: trolls, princesses, strange creatures )

I have made some icons from John Bauers's illustrations, free to share. Preview:


The rest of the icons )
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I love love love his art. (Of course, [ profile] baleanoptera I could not resist and made some icons :D )

Icons are free to share (textless are not bases), but please remember the artist - Michail Vrubel.


The rest of the icons )
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Art of Mikhail Vrubel

One of my most beloved painters, Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel, was born in my home city, Omsk, Siberia in 1856. His manner of painting is wonderfully unique and influenced by Late Byzantine style, though he is considered to belong to Art Nouveau wave.

He studied medieval Christian art and made some illustrations for "Hamlet" and "Anna Karenina". But his most famous and most controversial painting "Demon" was finished in 1890.


This is actually an illustration to Lermontov's long poem, "Demon". This poem tells the story of fallen angel's love to Georgian princess, Tamara. If any painting gives me irregular heart beat and shivers, this is the one. I used to have a period where I saw the eyes of Demon in my dreams at night.

Swan Princess
In 1896 Vrubel fell in love and married famous Russian opera singer, Nadezda Zabela. They lived together in Moscow where she performed in the private opera theatre of Vrubel's friend, Savva Mamontov. ( Yes, they used to have private opera thetres at that time :D). One of the most beautiful and poetic paintings "Swan Princess" portrays Zabela perfoming in Rimsky-Korsakov's opera "The Tale of Tsar Saltan"

The tale of Tsar Saltan (poem by Pushkin), synopsis. Basically it is a mix of many different fairytales )

High resolution versions of Vrubel's paintings )

Sad things

At the end if his life, Vrubel had a mental breakdown. Because of the mental disease and failing eye sight he stopped painting. The other fact I find even sadder in a way - because Vrubel used bronze powder mixed into the paints to give his paintings particular shimmering and glittering look, we will be never able to see his painting as they were 100 years ago . :(
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1)Project Report is a history and it was not all that bad after all! Huge thank you for support!!!!

2) This is a wonderful painting I really, really like of lady thoughtful and serene: Rossetti - La Pia de'Tolomei )

3) I think I woud like to make a header from this gorgeous painting or may be National Geographics pictures, but I don' know how. If anybody knows how to add headers I will be really, really thankful.

4) Doctor Who and Rose! I finally watched it all the way through and I am upset again that Christopher Eccleston only did one season.Spoilers up to The Parting of the Ways )
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O, his paintings are amazing!

5. 6. 7.

Free to share


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