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I love the Canadian ice dancing couple , they are so lovely and tasteful and awesome. Congratulations to Virtue and Moir!!! They are also very very young which means we will be able to see more of them. And they are trained by Marina Zoueva!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I am kind of disappointed with Russian figure skaters this year. What is going on? I don't watch this sport for about 12 years (they don't show it in the UK), and what? :D Everything seem to have changed in 12 years - there is not a good figure skater in sight. Plushenko is a tosser, Kavaguti/Smirnov are dead boring, Mukhortova/Trankov are beautiful but seem to be falling all over the place, and Domnina/Shabalin will be remembered by their worst Original dance of all times.

Among Russian figure skaters I only liked Artem Borodulin (for the pretty) and ice-dancers Jana Khokhlova and Sergei Novitski. Jana and Sergei had a lovely Original dance, one of the very few authentic folk dances. I was most annoyed by the UK commentators during Jana and Sergey's original dance for going on and on about how they couldn't understand what the Russian song was about . Guys - this is a folk song which is very suitable for a folk dance. If you don't understand Russian , this must be your problem!!! ** end of rant ** And I really liked Jana and Sergei's interpretation of the Fire-Bird folk story in the Free dance:

My love to Jana and Sergei!!!
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We all know that whatever the judges say, figure skating is all about costumes. These Olympics have been very fruitful in bad figure skating fashions, the Original folk dance in particular (there were so many terrible costumes there I felt my eyes were constantly bleeding!) . We all know who the worst were; but there were some other almost equally atrocious offenses against fashion and common sense, committed right under the nose of the Olympic committee.

Your guide to Olympic Figure Skating costume faux-pas in pictures. Part 1 )

1. Oksana Dominina Maxim Shabalin (Russian Federation): The worst of the worst , wrong on so many levels that I can't even count them all. By the words of [ profile] dianora77: " I've decided to interpret their dance as something from the dawn of mankind, not as an insult to modern day tribesmen and their customs. That way I don't feel as mortified. "

This is all for now, I intend to continue this list as the Olympics progress. If you know of any costumes you feel should be included in the list – I would appreciate any suggestions!!!!
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According to the commentators, this will be the day of the national tragedy, but I don't think anything is lost for Canadian team. You need a wake-up call to do well in the finals, right?

But (I saw this in the breaks) - Canadian pair is leading ice dancing at the moment! I am glad they do - I didn't like neither pseudo-Indian dance of the USA couple nor pseudo-Maori dance of the Russian couple, though the USA couple was a bit better. SURELY - a gold medal in ICE DANCING has to be worthy of losing to USA (and it is not even finals yet!)????????????????

Now it is almost 4.00 and I don't feel sleepy at all. I am so glad I watched Canada/USA. I am going to continue and watch Finland/Sweden . Wouldn't it be good if Finland won as well??? (Update : no luck, they lost 0:3. I am sad).
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YAY! Russians!!!!!!!!!!!! Winning 4:2 against Czechs, hopefully Russians securing their place in the finals. And quite an awesome game too! I might stay awake tonight - there will be also USA/Canada and Sweden/Finland (this is always good to watch) tonight. So so exiting - finally my favourite parts of the Olympics started.


Edit: Ice Hockey rules: It has been a while since I watched much hockey and now I am feeling lost among IIHF (adopted at the Olympics?) hockey rules. Why aren't all wins of the same point value (some are 4, some 3 and some 2)? What is draw's point value?

What does it mean: "Upon completion of the preliminary round, teams will be ranked 1D through 12D. The top four ranked teams (1D though 4D) will receive byes to the quarter-final round. The remaining eight teams will compete for the remaining four quarter-final positions." The remaining eight teams will be in play-offs? This is not how it used to be 10 years ago!
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In general, I was quite underwhelmed by Men's figure skating programs during these Olympics. There was no-one I really liked. Everyone fell into one of three categories: 1) quite non-inspiring (Lysacek, Takahashi) 2) divas more concerned with their costumes than with their skating (Weir) 3) Non-successful jumpers (Lambiel) . No-one at all to write home about. I am ready for the new generation of male skaters so that I can find someone to follow.

Gosh, one person I can never decide what should I think about is Evgeniy Plushenko. I start these Olympics liking him because : a) my mother likes him, b) I love his jumps. Then I do 180% turn after his 2010 Olympic free program because of a) his idiotic sore-loser remarks, b) because he let me down and didn't jump all that well, and c) because he was a bit silly/overconfident and didn't pad his program with valuable elements (how stupid is that!). But!! As soon as I was ready to join Plushenko-haters , [ profile] seven_trees brought the following video to my attention.

I'm afraid I won't be able to hate him . EVER. Genya!!! Look at what you used to be! Give up you sore-loser diva ways, find your ability to laugh again , train more and come back. I'll forgive everything.
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Just before our usual Saturday ice-skating lessons I had checked the news and - OMPH! Britain has a gold medal!!!! In Skeleton!!! By fabulous Amy Williams!!!! Britain's first Winter Olympics gold medal in 30 years!!!!!!!!!

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Skeleton seems to be even scarier when you look at it closely, but YAY! I hope Amy Williams will continue to rock and make more records, she deserves to get a medal!!!!!!!!! I love the picture below (with the coach guy is all concentration. he is so cute and burly and everything and she looks so tiny.)

another couple of pictures )
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Gmm, this put a spanner in my wheels of Olympic joy : The Olympics have never expressed an ethical imperative, only ever a selfish one. War without the guns. Some of the points are really hitting home: the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili, infamous Own the Podium programme, bad weather conditions. But ?

Tangentially, I dislike (or more correctly: find difficult) one of the things about educational system in the UK: it seems that a big amount of effort is spent on obscuring your child's results. How well is he/she doing? Where are they in comparison with everyone in the class? If you take your child's yearly report , most likely you will not find an answer to any of those questions, all you will find is 6 sheets full of common phrases. Personally I had to go and almost drag the answers out of the teachers (I bet they labeled me "that pushy Russian mother" in my daughter's school) and still ,the answers given are never precise, but always fuzzy and almost incomprehensible unless you spend hours and hours researching. Why am I ranting about that? I think that the attempts to cover the results are part of attempting to make education "ethical, not selfish".
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I am on holidays for two weeks! Hurray! And even more hurray! because these holidays coincided with Winter Olympics!
BUT!!!! The main-stream British television doesn't pay any attention to the Winter Olympics 2010. I am absolutely flabbergasted here - the coverage of Winter Olympics is confined to shortish "highlights" program during the day (at 13.45, when everyone is at work) and 1.00-4.00 programs on BBC2. Nothing on BBC1 or anywhere else. These slots couldn't be chosen any better if the purpose was NOT to show any Olympic coverage. I am absolutely and entirely shocked here! Not showing the main sporting even of the year????? Whyy???

No wonder the count of British medals is nil so far, no wonder!!!!

Fortunately, we have Eurosport channel with our cable package and they show Olympics 24 hours a day.

Highlights so far:

- Canada won 18:0 in Women's ice-hockey match against Slovakia. My good-will towards Canadian ice hockey is quickly evaporating. I don't want them to win anymore. Anyone but Canadians, please (and by "anyone" I mean "anyone but USA").

- USA has won lots of free-style skiing medals. I have no idea what "Ladies moguls" means, though.

- So far we had days and days of Ski-jumping and Luge. My attention span is too short for anything that lasts that long.

- I usually like to watch Biathlon but the weather conditions were really bad this year which made Biathlon events totally predictable: the athletes who were lucky to start first won the races (as it started raining or snowing after the first 20 minutes).

Britain so far hasn't got any medals. But our best hopes are apparently in two entirely opposite sports:

1. Curling: the safest sport in the history of ever. I am still debating with myself which sport is safer: golf or curling. Hmm, it might still be golf, curling takes place on ice , after all. So, I have read up on this: curling is the matter of national pride and importance here in Britain and we hope to get a medal. And I will fight all of you nay-sayers and protect the glorious sport of curling.

2. Skeleton: probably the most dangerous Winter Olympics sport of all (the name "Skeleton" says it all, doesn't it?). Luge is bad enough, but at least you go down legs first; but going down icy hole with high speed near 130-140 km. per hour (I don't drive that fast in my car!) with your head (and face) down and without too much protection seems to be even worse. Yes, this is not for faint-hearted. I will be really cheering for Shelley Rudman (who also lives near by, in Sheffield). Plus, there already have been one death on the Vancouver Luge track which casts shadow over all tobogganing events - my support goes to everyone there.

PS My apologies in advance - during the holidays I might not be on LJ as much as I usually am . School-holiday time is always RL-intensive time. I hope everyone is well!!
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Happy birthday to [ profile] beleanoptera, my absolutely awesome LJ friend! Your erudite posts and comments always make my day! I hope you are having a fantastic day!!

There is a big Olympic party going on across the world, in China. It seems to be a nice day for a birthday as 08.08.2008 is a very very lucky day in Chinese Astrology, the day of the perfect triple balance. It seems to be fitting that the day of the perfect triple balance is baleanoptera's birthday. :D

Some gorgeous images from the Olympics opening ceremony in honour of baleanoptera's birthday. Fantastic! This is so like House of the Flying Daggers! )

My favourite image, I love the colours:
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I am so very excited!!!!!! But I just figured out that the most of the direct translations of Gymnastics (I used to do gymnastics in my younger days) will start at 4 am here. A bit on an early side, though if I stay awake it might just be considered a late night.

High-Heel race
Is this for real? A high-heel race takes place on 19th of July in Moscow!. I was so surprised last year to see an abundance of women wearing high-heels in Moscow. EVERY DAY. Going to work and using public transport and all in HIGH HEELS. This is so dangerous when you consider using elevators in Moscow's underground train system. And so feet-straining considering the amount of walking everyone does in this very space-y city.

Generation Kill
And may be Olympics will stop me obsessing with Generation Kill. I am so in love with this show, but there is not much talk about it on my friends list. I have been even reading Jacob's recaps on TWOP. He rambles too much and talks too much about himself (I don't want to know about you! I want to know about Brad!) and most importantly he, on several occasions, missed an important conversation . And this considering his recaps are 30 pages long. Hmm, I think I need to find proper recaps somewhere. This will not do.

The icon is fitting for the Olympics post, I think.


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