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It is nice to see that my favourite Slave General is having a bit of rest after "Cnuno"'s tight filming schedule, as well as providing his fans with some excellent pictures to ogle:

More pictures, of less work-safe variety: )
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As promised, few screencaps from Oh Ji Ho's old movie, La Belle. I tried my hardest to choose the ones that won't violate Photobucket's terms of service, but who knows?

A long way from Slave General Song Tae Ha: )
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I am insanely obsessed with Korean drama "Chuno", in fact , the last time I was so obsessed happened when I was watching "Rome". I urgently need some distraction, if possibly, in a form of a period drama that:

1. Preferably is under 30 episodes long (50-60 episodes maximum)
2. Has a strong romantic storyline (if possible, with tortured individuals)
3. Preferably Korean.
4. Has an OTP that preferably is developed slowly.
5. Has male leads as good looking as Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho (this is a hard one, I know!)
6. Has female leads as strong as Lee Da Hae
7. Multiple separate OTPs and/or avoidance of the usual love triangle will be a particular bonus (I am a bit tired of the main Chuno dilemma, you see - which OTP is "better" - Tae Ha/Un Nyun or Dae Gil/Un Unyun)
8. Hot bodyguards in love with their mistresses is a also a big bonus

I haven't seen too many Korean period dramas, there are only 5 that I have seen in full:

1. The Legend - loved
2. Damo - loved
3. Iljimae - not bad
4. Hong Gil Dong - liked at first, disliked the last quarter
5. Painter of the WInd - loved it

And 3 that I haven't managed to finish:

1. Hwang Jin Yi - I was't brave enough to continue this to the end, but I loved it.
2. The Return of Iljimae - I liked this one too, I don't remember why I got stuck.
3. Conspiracy in the Court - I am watching it now and loving it, but it reminds me of "Chuno" too much.

Here is something to convey my big thanks for the recs: a picture of Oh Ji Ho on a beach )

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Because I love them both, icons of Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho - They are free to share.

01. 02. 03. 04.  
05. 06. 07. 08.  
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Korean dramas:

Barefoot Youth : ep. 8, my ratings so far - 6/10 - I need to keep up with this one, I haven't watched any of it since the last update. I MUST finish it.

Chuno : ep. 17, my ratings so far - 10/10 - this is definitely going to be one of my all-time favourites, there have been some really interesting and thought-provoking developments in the recent episodes.

Conspiracy in the Court : ep. 4, my ratings so far - 8/10

IRIS : ep.9, my ratings so far - 7/10 - More I watch it more I have a feeling I have seen it all somewhere before. Also I am not too impressed by Kim Tae Hee's acting skills. But Kim So Yun is awesome as Sun Hwa.

Jejoongwon : ep.17, my ratings so far - 6/10 - I adore the herouine to bits, but the drama continues to be very naive; example : every single medical invention was invented in Korean hospital Jejoongwon. Also the creators definitely have something against Japan.

Hero : ep.6, my ratings so far - 7/10 - I need to make better progress on this one.

Pasta : ep.16, my ratings so far - 7/10 - it is like my comfort food, I will miss it when it is finished.

Still, Marry me / The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry : ep.11, my ratings so far - 6/10 - I love every single female character in this drama (4 so far) and every single OTP (3 so far) feels absolutely real, but the drama hasn't avoided the most horrible cliche of "around 30" dramas. Yes, you have guessed it right , the story revolves around the fact that women over 30 think about "getting a man" every single minute of their free time.

The Slingshot (Story of a man) : ep.10, my ratings so far - 8/10 - a real understated gem I need to watch more of!

Que Sera Sera : ,ep. 7, my ratings so far - 8/10 - very good but I can only watch it in small doses.

Women of the sun : ep.5, my ratings so far - 7/10 - classical angsty drama about lost siblings, adopted children, confused feelings , horrible parents and all other things. I have only started it yesterday (but I have checked the ending) and it is just what I need.

Wish upon a star : ep.15, my ratings so far - 6/10 - main OTP must kiss already!! It is episode 15, for goodness sake!

Japanese drama

Untouchable : ep 6, my ratings so far - 7/10 - a good pick-you-up drama, reminds me of "Trick".

To make this post a little more informative and because tomorrow is Chuno day: Oh Ji Ho, my gorgeous crush:

3 more pictures )
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Just sneaking after having a dinner with our friends to post about Chuno, because otherwise my brain (and my heart) would burst.

Spoilers for the episode 16: My personal letters to Dae Gil, Tae Ha and the writers plus bonus screencaps )
I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH. I just wish I had translations of all the conversations Tae Ha and Dae Gil had together - they felt so significant!!

Also!! New Chuno arrival: Remember this guy??????????

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Chuno is still going stronger with every episode, finally venturing into the territory of manly angst and friendship bigger than slavery and death (I am not a slasher but this episode almost made me one):

Spoilers for the episode 11 )
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I am 6 episodes into the new Korean drama , "Chuno" (or "Slave Hunters") and they were 6 episodes of absolute love. It has been a while since a drama satisfied me on all levels, from interest to history to love for eye-candy and spectacular fight scenes; may be the last drama of the same level was "The Legend". "Chuno" has an amazing plot (for which I will try not to spoil you) and stunning cinematography, but if I have to be honest, two main elements of my personal interest are: 1) Dae Gil and his shirtlessness and 2) Tae ha and his sword. Dae Gil and Tae Ha are the two main protagonists of the drama, both awesome in different ways and both possessing incredibly tragic stories in their past. I will try to tell you more about Dae Gil and his shirtlessness in the next post – I felt I had to start this with Tae Ha and his sword:

The story of Tae Ha and his sword so far, in pictures )

PS: What is stopping you from watching "Chuno"?
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Chuno (current Korean drama sensation that is soaring through the ratings) - I am all yours tonight. I have been a good lady , have saved your episodes one by one for one day of a big binge, and finally the day has come! I had a busy (but good) week at work, Florence-the-tortoise seems to be doing better and so does Sky-the-dog , so I have definitely deserved to finally see gorgeous Oh Ji Ho in the role of manly Song Tae Ha :

Oh Ji Ho can be very gorgeous (pictures to prove) )

And he also can be very dorky at the same time )


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