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A Big Rant:

OH NO LJ YOU ARE IDIOTS. Idiots! Taking away Subject field and spell checker and all other good stuff. This is so bad that I feel like laughing. I guess I am in shock. This is such a huge fail. In the announcement post (here, in Russian, thank you to [ profile] coffee_n_cocoa) the tone of the developers' words is absolutely abhorring. I don't know if this comes though in the translation (Translation, thank you to [ profile] coffee_n_cocoa), but I have never seen anything as self-entitled, self-congratulating and self-everything. It is as if they are talking to someone beneath them.

Personally I think that this is a move against free Users and Communities. LJ doesn't want them.

But, I must tell you ladies and gentlemen that I don't think "this is the fault of Russians" . Russian LJ users also suffer en masse, complain using every strong Russian word they can find and ask to give them back their subject lines (in this post, thank you to [ profile] coffee_n_cocoa for the links). Russians are your friends, not your enemies. :D The cold war is over.

Hmm, I feel a bit selfish, but at the same time I am glad that the Flexible Square problems are finally sorted and I can get back to my customised comments. I had this LJ layout for so many years that I have bonded with it and I was suffering during the period I had to use default comments (I never liked them).

Also, I am still staying on LJ and will be staying until I will leave completely and forever. I have roots here, and if LJ gets too bad, I will stop using it and move.. I don't where yet. Tumblr most likely.

And oh, DW? I don't like it. For me DW is Apple of blogging, too much of a cult. This has always been the main problem for me: I don't really see any alternative to LJ out there.

PS: Dear Idiotic LJ Developers, this is CHRISTMAS, for goodness' sake, not April Fools' day!

Edit: I have complained to the Customer Support. Disappearance of the old functionality counts as a bug, so I logged this as one. I know this is not much, but not much is better than nothing and I hope that if LJ receive a large amount of support requests something can be done. I am an optimist.


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