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LJ: I am really pleased with the speed LJ is working. EVERYTHING IS FLYING. I can't stop commenting and writing because finally LJ IS WORKING FAST FOR ME. I might take all my annoyed ranting back and wait for LJ to fix the issues with default comment title and other things because my main problem with it (speed and reliability) is fixed. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I still can't believe it and almost want to pinch myself: "Is this real? LJ is working so fast! And I haven't had an error in the last 48 hours, not even one!"

I did log a support request re: default comment title and spellchecker, though. I saw a LJ news post saying these things will be fixed. We will see.

Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia: I loved the episode until the ending happened. spoiler ) I am still not pleased.

Walking Dead: I have finished all available episodes of the season 2 and I am having a terrible imaginary crush on Daryl. He is like a version of Sandor Clegane with a crossbow. My open plea to the creators of the show: "Dear creators of Walking Dead! Please do not kill off Daryl anytime soon".

Anime: I am watching tons of anime at the moment. I would appreciate any recommendations!
My anime favourites, just few of them:

Monster (I haven't expected so much depth in anime)
Shiki (so scary it is good)
Ergo proxy (mind-bending and gorgeous)
Hellsing (really REALLY loved it)
Trinity Blood (my favourite anime song)
Trigun and Cowboy beebob - great old-school anime.

Suits: I have finished 12 episodes of "Suits" in one day. I am still off on holidays. I enjoyed watching, but I didn't feel any depth to be honest and the love triangle part (and the way the character of Rachel was developed in the show) didn't feel right for me at all ..

Warehouse 13 is still lovely. Now they even have a DOG (I love dogs).

Ojakgyo Brothers: I have also watched 38 episodes of "Ojakgyo Brothers" in two days and I am crushing so much on Joo Won it hurts. Also - Uee is such a surprise, I really like her character.

I should stop commenting and posting excessively and do something else. :D
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I don’t get really angry very often. Not at all. This is probably the first time I am ANGRY on LJ pages.

I HATE APPLE: Apple!!!!!!!!!!! I never liked the brand in the first place, for principal reasons, but now I have a reason to HATE IT PERSONALLY. I will dedicate my life to campaigning against this evil bunch. Why? The story goes like this:

1. My daughter dropped her ipod touch. She is fairly small, so the fall was quite small, BUT! The front glass smashed completely! I must say this never happened to me before! I tend to drop my phones, laptops and other devices, I am just prone to drop things. THIS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE. Once I dropped my mobile down a flight of stairs and it bounced all the way down. Did it smash? No - I got away with a scratch!

2. I remember something about "1-year warranty", so I go to the Apple store. THE ONLY APPLE STORE existing in West Yorkshire (Leeds/Sheffield area). There I have to stand in a queue for 1 hour ten minutes, in the store that was literally stuffed with people with broken laptops and iPhones.

3. I get told by a too-cheery sales guy (Why were you so cheery, the Apple guy? Was looking at the shop stuffed full with idiots who buy the rubbish Apple stuff for large sums of money cheer-inducing?): because the ipod is under 1 year old APPLE WILL DO ME A FAVOUR AND "replace" it for 119 pounds. IT IS MY FAULT (well, my daughter’s) that she DROPPED THIS VERY FRAGILE DEVICE. But did it come with "fragile" warning? NO IT DID NOT.

4. I feel that I was used and I do not like the feeling AT ALL.

I HATE THEM ALL. I hope Steve Jobs is turning in his grave somewhere in a special place reserved for people who cheat other people out of their money by brainwashing (please do not lecture me about respect, I am too materialistic to feel any respect after spending 119 pounds on "replacement"). I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM APPLE AGAIN AND I WILL TELL MY STORY TO EVERYONE.

5. I bought the iPod against my better judgement (my daughter has a peer pressure at school :D) , but paying 250f for something that obviously doesn't cost as much to produce I expected a better customer service. And how mistaken was i!

LJ hate
And today LJ has UPGRADED SOMETHING AGAIN and my Flexible Squares LJ layout is all weird, cutting off the images that don’t fit in the "square". I had to switch off "Disable customized comment pages for your journal" for now, and I also am getting "Content error" all the time. OK LJ. STOP BEING IDIOTS. STOP IT. LJ people - I know you are not as rich as "the father founders" of Apple, but I still do not like you. You have to stop this idiocy already.

PS: Insert selective swearing of your choice in my thoughts about Apple and LJ. This is one of those rare moments when I wish I knew how to swear.

Positive thoughts: My new Android phone
I have bought myself an Android phone! It was cheaper than the ipod "replacement" was. AND I LOVE IT. I don’t know why I haven’t done this for ages. It is like having a little computer in your pocket and it can do practically anything you want it too. I LOVE IT. It syncs with my Google account and is looooooovely.
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I could not access LJ at all for several days - another DDoS attack? Just managed to do so by using an old version of IE I have for testing, still can't access it through Firefox or Chrome.

Just wanted to say good bye as I am going to Prague for holidays with the family. My love to you all!!!!!! Happy birthdays to everyone having birthdays soon and all good things to everyone!!

** big hugs **

I will be back around 8-9th of August!!!

PS: If you know any news about the LJ issues , please let me know!!!

I am alexandral on Dreamwidth - I hope some of you are there!

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There is a bit of excitement going on in ASOIF fandom as the first (unconfirmed!) spoilers for "A Dance with Dragons" are released. Apparently, some Amazon orders were dispatched in Germany, or something like this. If this is true.

I have read some spoilers (I sworn to not disclose where :D) , but they are , of course, unconfirmed and MIGHT NOT BE TRUE. And regardless, I will not tell them to anyone because it seems that I am such a minority in the fandom as far as spoilers are concerned. As in: I love spoilers, the rest of the world hates them.

Me? Reading Russian literature, I grew up with the idea that stories have bad endings more often than they have good ones. So I discovered by experience that for me the best way to deal with a bad ending is to know it in advance, before I get too emotionally involved. The last time I read something unspoiled was "Little mermaid" at the age of 7, and after reading the ending I said to myself "The fairytales have bad endings too, I must check the endings from now on". So I did, always reading the last pages of the book first.

When I joined the fandom and found out that not everyone reads the last pages first, I was surprised. How do you deal with the death of your favourite characters? Or with the ships that gone astray?

But all I wanted to say, really - I WILL NOT SPOIL YOU!!! HONESTLY. I will post pictures of Nicolaj Coster-Waldau and other unspoilery things. And this post is just to discuss how you feel about spoilers and why.

PS: But I went and pre-ordered my copy of the book on Amazon. What if their software has a glitch again and my copy is dispatched?
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First of all , in case you are paranoid (like me) and think that your computer might be a zombie involved in DDOS attacks: here is a link to a post with the map of all zombified computers and instructions on how to find your IP address, Click here to find the map and check. I checked my IP address. :D Thank you to [ profile] blueocean80 for linking me to this!!!!

Another interesting post is here : synecdochic : LiveJournal's DDoS and Russian Politics. Some of the things mentioned are : "But somehow suggesting that "the Russians" are the cause of everything ill that happens on LJ is ignoring not only the rich culture of Russian-language LJ, not only the fact that LJ is a political force to be reckoned with, not only the fact that people are murdered because of what they post there, but also the fact that Russian-language LJ is probably the only reason LJ still exists as anything other than a fond memory. So please don't do it."

I must say that for a long time I used to get a knee-jerk reaction when synecdochic was mentioned, ever since her/his "Moscow does something stupid again" comment about some LJ fail. I don't even remember the particulars of the fail, but I used to remember the comment for a long time, even after she/he apologized. Moscow is a very large city where my family lives, so I don't take kindly to it being blamed for LJ's fails, and I think that the cold war warfare (including terminology) needs to be put to rest already (and I am not even talking about Russophobia). But "Russian Politics" post is really quite good, so I finally move on and admit that it is daft to remember a single comment for such a long time.
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From fabulous [ profile] endlessdeep, this is an interesting article: Why Have Hackers Hit Russia's Most Popular Blogging Service?

I am a practical person. Unless I am given some very tangible proof, I am not sure what to think. I think it is as likely that DOS attacks are caused either by LJ's competitors or some group of hackers somewhere who don't have anything better to do.

But! If the attacks are indeed political in nature and this is an attempt to shut down one of the free-speech platforms for Russian people, I am sort of PROUD TO BELONG TO LJ. I am going to stick around through thick and thin. I have seen many debates here on LJ, people fighting for their freedom to write porn one of the biggest of them. I am finally very happy to belong to a cause worthy of fighting for, and I don't really share "I just wish Russian political bloggers moved their blogs to somewhere else" sentiment.

PS: The funny part is that "Even the blog of President Dmitri Medvedev, a self-styled techie, came under attacks so powerful that it was inaccessible for several hours on Wednesday. On Thursday, Medvedev ordered police to launch an investigation." HA!

PS2: LJ? Do you need any donations for purchasing any new equipment to fight the DOS attacks?
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However annoying the last 2-3 days have been (I had terrible LJ withdrawal symptoms yesterday) , I do not worry. There are not many absolute truths that I know of, but I know one of them: any Internet application that is built by humans will be out cold once in a while. And the bigger it gets more chance it will. And if you know an Internet application that never has a problem it will definitely be one of the two: a) built by aliens from outer space or b) small. None of the two options suit me personally.

So I do not worry, just try not to use LJ heavily at the moment as they are doing whatever they are doing to protect themselves from DOS attacks and their servers must be busy. And yes, let's blame Russians for this! How dare they express their opinions freely and invite DOS attacks to the place where I post about Korean dramas!

PS: I do, however, have a DreamWidth account (I always want to call it DreamWeaver :D). I have had it for years: you never know what can happen! It is the same as here, alexandral . I am very very unlikely to move there, though. If LJ goes out of operation I am going to take a plunge and create a "proper" blog.
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I am back but my LJ notifications are not!!!!!!!

I don't seem to be getting any email notifications! Everything seemed to be fine last time I logged in, but no notifications today!

Is there some setup thing that I have missied or is this a widespread problem?

Update: the problem was in my Google email account. I found all the notifications in the spam folder!
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My life seems to be in a craziest stage since the time of my long-forgotten youth: work is madly busy, Zend PHP certification exam is approaching too fast (6th of December), I need to write two assignments for the Leadership and Management course (which culminated on 19th of November in consolidation day and my team's win!) by the December 18th, on which day I am flying off to Moscow. Oh, also lately I went to few one-day conferences and as a result London is practically making me sick, especially considering that one of the conferences happened on the day of the Tube Strike. I still hold on tightly to my usual optimistic POV, but only just. If I don't go prematurely all gray, I am due for two Christmas weeks of ice sculptures, ice skating and pancakes in Moscow.

In good news, I finally nailed salchow (A move in figure skating in which the skater jumps from one skate, completes a full rotation, and lands on the other skate) and tea-pot move and completely completed my silver NISA (National Ice Skating Association) level!

I am not even watching anything!!! Well, may be "Lost Girl" and "Gloria", but this is ALL. "Gloria" is safely helping me through this crazy real life spell.

My daughter made me go and watch "Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows 1", which overall was a pleasant surprise. Of course, I am still the same old nay-sayer that is not overly excited by Harry Potter in any shape or form , plus I have a confession to make: I find grown-up Daniel Radcliffe to be somewhat on the creepy side. Where has the pretty boy gone? BUT! To be fair, "Deathly Hallows" was much much better film than the two previous ones. There was enough time given to beautiful landscape shots, there was enough time for characters to talk to each other, and there was enough time devoted to Dobby's death (more time than to Dumbledore's death, actually) and Ron's jokes. Some other excellent things included Ron himself, Hermione in a red dress and Luna's father. Oh, if there are any Hermione/Harry shippers left (although I am not one of them) : I thought "Deathly Hallows number 1" was a really shippy film.

In short, I enjoyed the film, enough to give it 6.5 out of 10 and we had a nice time afterward in Pizza Hut. It took a lot of explaining for my daughter and her friends to understand what the Horcruxes are, though. I blame it on the scrambled-up previous film.

Some more film stills )

PS: Oh where ebooks_crack has gone????????????? I am so very upset!!!
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I got curious enough to test the new Facebook re-post feature. My findings:

I have another account, madlenmadlen, that I originally created for my friend but she never used, so I am keeping it for my daughter. She uses it from time to time to take part in polls.

What I did in Madlenmadlen:

- I set up a Facebook connection with my Facebook account
- I checked the checkbox of "automatically re-post when I comment", switching on automatic updates.

Testing of Facebook re-post with automatic updates enabled:

Case 1: Alexandral has default Custom CSS settings and madlenmadlen has not set up style=mine.

1.1 Alexandral's public post: Facebook re-post checkbox- is defaulted to "clicked" upon commenting. When the facebook checkbox is clicked, the comment madlenmadlen made is re-posted on Facebook. When the facebook checkbox is unclicked, the comment madlenmadlen made is NOT re-posted on Facebook.

1.2 Alexandral's locked post: Facebook re-post is defaulted to "unclicked" upon commenting. When selecting to click the Facebook checkbox by hand, the comment madlenmadlen made is re-posted on Facebook. When the Facebook checkbox is unclicked, the comment madlenmadlen made is NOT re-posted on Facebook.

Case 2: Alexandral has Facebook featute disabled in Custom CSS and madlenmadlen has not set up style=mine.

1.1 Alexandral's public post: Facebook re-post is defaulted to "clicked" upon commenting and hidden. The comment madlenmadlen made is re-posted on Facebook automatically.

1.2 Alexandral's locked post: Facebook re-post checkbox is defaulted to "unclicked" and hidden. The is no way to re-post the comment onto facebook.

Case 3: Alexandral has Facebook featute disabled in Custom CSS and madlenmadlen has set up style=mine.

This is the same as the Case 1


- I still dislike the feature.

- But the main problem I could see with it, namely accidental automatic re-post from protected entries , does not exist. ** sigh of relief **

- Disabling the Facebook checkbox in Custom CSS (by .b-repost-item {display:none} - thank you to jenlev!) has it's pluses and minuses. If you are not too worried about your public entries, but more worried about protecting your locked entries - the feature is for you. It can be overridden by style=mine., but still , something is better than nothing.

- It could be good if LJ manned up and removed the feature altogether

- Or at lest, if they could make so that Disabling the Facebook checkbox in Custom CSS couldn't be overridden by style=mine.

Edit: it seems that LJ removed the re-post feature for locked posts. YAY!
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Hee, may be am quite late with this , but I could not resist:

LJ appeared to go ahead with a new "very helpful" feature of being able to re-post your comments (in any entry, it appears, locked or not) to Facebook and Twitter.

1. I haven't tested this myself, so I am not 100% sure if the re-posting comments from locked entries work. I have seen posts from people who tried to do so and succeeded , but I am not 100% sure. I am sorry - as a part of my job I do a little bit of computer systems support and my initial reaction to anything is always to double-check it. But let's assume that this works.

2. I don't see any immediate huge difference between ability of anyone who has malicious intent and has access to my locked entries to copy-and-paste and ability to re-post on Facebook/Twitter.

3. The only difference is that this can happen accidentally. Which is hugely possible with the "automatically re-post" checkbox being clicked. Which is a problem indeed.

4. This is just me, everyone is different: I am hugely paranoid and the thought of posting something on the Internet that I can’t openly express in RL makes me very very uncomfortable , regardless private or locked status of the post. I personally never do this - whatever you see in my LJ is what I also talk about with my family and friends and work colleagues. These are databases! They can be broken into by evil Russian programmers! They can be sold to evil advertising agencies! Even if the management now is good, the management can be bad tomorrow and – NOTHING ever gets deleted or removed from databases! For this they have archives!

I lock my personal posts as a first-line prevention measure against idiots, but I have no illusions : I am quite positive that nothing will work against really determined individuals.

4. This is my opinion and my only and I do not think it is universally right or anything, but I just have it:
I do not like some things about Dreamwidth. I do not like the way every time anything happens on LJ there are big posts on Dreamwidth from Dreamwidth’s management/creators of "look how bad LJ is!!!!!!!". I don’t like this attitude and I haven’t seen this happening much on LJ.

In short: LJ, please remove this stupid feature because it can cause accidental damage. But I am not moving and I am thinking about deleting my DW account.
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I have just lost a comment by princess_dexter. The previous post is showing 2 comments but I can't see one.

LJ - are we finally through?? What is this madness??????
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Thank you so much everyone for the cookies and other gifts!! They are very much appreciated! Happy holidays to all of you!!

However, note to self: the next time you want to bring any of your web-sites down, introduce something like a free gift. Works as a treat - my comments have been reaching me very sporadically (or not at all) since the free cookie gift was introduced. I am am surprised LJ ordering system held well.
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Thank you so much to everyone for your support. It helped me immensely. Let the world "outside" tell me how Internet relationships are somewhat inferior to "real" ones. I know different. ** hugs **
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sincere apologies for overreacting.

I am back to rant about the latest Harry Potter movie which I happened to see twice in a short space of the last three weeks (it just happened this way. oh what would we not do for our children!). My apologies to anyone who liked the film, these are just my own thoughts.

Before I start ranting - I must say that am not the biggest fan of Harry Potter books , although they are definitely very decent, amusing and wholesome reading and I would definitely recommend them to my daughter. I think there are better books out there but at the same time HP is a very good series. I like some of the films, especially "Prisoner of Azkaban" and "Goblet of Fire".

BUT! The movie "Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince" is a nonsensical mess. It does a huge disservice to the books. All the main arcs of the sixth book (Voldermort-related memories, Half-blood Prince mystery, etc.) were cut short and gave way to teenage romance. And even more, all the teenage romance scenes of the book (I was looking forward to some of them) have been replaced by lovey-dovey scenes of the scriptwriter's personal brewing that rival "Twilight" in their cheesiness. Why? My guess is that the film is trying to appeal to teenage audience , but does it in a strange fashion. The books are already hugely popular with teenage audience. Why did the director feel the need to change every single scene? I seriously think that the fame of "Twilight" has affected the director and scriptwriter. And as a result - good bye "Harry Potter", hello this summer's teenage supernatural romance movie.

I can rant for hours about this film, remembering it's every single shortcoming (I have watched it two times , you see). The film picks up at the end but even then , I was really looking forward to see Dumbledore swimming in a breast-stroke fashion and I didn't get it and the scene with everyone holding little lights was nausea-inducing.

My ratings: 4/10
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This is a follow-up from a post by [ profile] meganbmoore. I have been thinking about these things for quite a long time and as an icon-maker I am really interested in what YOU guys think. I have compiled this poll using the icon trends that I find particular frustrating myself. I also added other icon trends that simply stand out but which I don't dislike..

[Poll #1068164]

PS Please feel welcome to add an opinion!
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Oh, I completely forgotten about this one – it has been two years since I joined LJ! I was reminded about it by [ profile] ginger001's post (my mind works in strange ways) who joined LJ almost at the same time and who is my oldest LJ friend. I raise a glass of virtual champagne to say huge "thank you" to all you ladies and gentleman on my friends list who been kind, entertaining and fabulous all these two years!!

And in a flow of good news – I have received a big thank you from the hard-to-please senior manager for the work I have done on my latest website at work. The interesting thing is that I probably only found my inner web-designer self through LJ and icon-maiking so YAY LJ! WHOO-HOO! Thank you all!

To celebrate all this let's look at some black-and white pictures of James McAvoy who is Alexandra's "next best thing after champagne", here. Oh, I love black-and-white pictures, especially of James McAvoy! )

And because I can't hold it any longer spoilery ramblings on Atonement )

PS: Rantings above are the indicator of my present brain overload at work and I apologise for them. And this is just a start because I am starting another very important and time restricted project at the moment. :D I need a good luck with it!

LJ hiatus

Jun. 2nd, 2007 12:05 pm
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I am giving in and I apologize ahead!! I can't use LJ properly for almost a week already. It works fine some mornings but during the recent evenings and afternoons I can't post or comment properly. Sometimes it is just working very slowly but more often it is giving me an error. It is the same today.

The best (even though very slow) way to use LJ for me is through Virtual Private Network connection I have to my work computer. If I use LJ on my work computer through the VPN I don't get any errors, but using VPN slows it down dramatically.

To add to this I am developing a new system at work for the Freshers Festival with the due date like IN ONE WEEK and my time available for fighting with LJ speed will be limited next two weeks.

I have decided to give it a break for 1 or 2 weeks and have a hiatus. May be this will make things easier for LJ (one less connection, whoooff!!) But I will be back with more stories and news of different and fannish kind!!

Have a nice time everyone and my thoughts and support to anyone having hard times! I will miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I have made the previous entry with the thoughts about my past private because I will not be able to follow the comments in hiatus. I apologize very much!!!
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LJ e-mail notifications are not finding their way to my e-mail box since this morning AT ALL. A spooky thing is that we had problems with e-mails at work on Wednesday and Thursday. This seems to be sorted today, but – Is everything in the world connected??? Our e-mail guy was saying that e-mail protocol SMTP was not originally meant to become something so wide-spread and that it is pretty possible that some emails can take days to arrive.. The result? I don't like that my LJ e-mail notifications don't arrive even though I can understand that some relays can get clogged and some exchange servers can get clogged too or many other things can happen.. ** sigh **

[ profile] baleanoptera gave me three interests to explore quite a while ago. I haven't forgotten!!!!!!

House plants I love house plants, outdoor plants, all sorts of plants. They are beautiful, they are enigmatic and they are alive.. When I was 11 I joined house plant club at our school and for a few years we used to work in the green house and help them with their houseplant collection. I enjoyed it so much I sometimes think that growing flowers was my calling and I missed it even though I enjoy my persent job greatly..

Oleg Menshikov, one of the biggest Russian film stars and my personal darling, can be seen in Burned by the Sun, probably the most acclaimed by the West Russian film. "Burned by the Sun" is directed by Nikita Michalkov and it has won Oscar for the Best Foreign Film in 1995 which it is absolutely worthy of. I can recommend this film to anyone! Menshikov also starred in the main role in Nikita Michalkov's Barber of Siberia which is a beautiful film but too made-for-the-West for me.

Oleg Menshikov, charmingly boyish: )

Idris Elba What can I say apart from much squee and glee and other not-so-coherent exclamations? I better say it in pictures:

Friday Pictures: Idris Elba and his works )

PS In unconnected: I have changed my header a little, can you let me know it is not visible?
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Flexible Squares problem

I had a look in the Flexible Squares community and couldn't find any information as to why posts with the large pictures started to break indecently starting from the beginning of April 2007. They have an information about the known issue with the breaking of the large-image page, but the way they describe it seems to be the way it used to happen, when only the part of the post from the large image onwards was shifted below the sidebar. But the way it happens now is that ALL post containing the large image is placed below the side bar.

New Layout style and colours
I gave up and moved to the more generic and free of bugs Component Layout style. A little bit of fiddling (OK, it only took me 4 hours) and I have got it the way I like, with the header and all. I changed the colours slightly..

Problem with Component layout I can't figure out how to get rid of is that background is stripy and I want it plain coloured. I will appreciate very much if anyone who knows how to get rid of stripyness let me know. I feel there is a simple way to do it and I saw layouts without strypiness, but it is eluding me. I will appreciate any HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

Layout speed Hmm, the other thing is that the old layout seemed to upload faster. But may be it is just me. Update: GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRR! It is too slow, I had to return back to my old layout. GRRRRRRR!

Dark layout vs Light layout
I was thinking about Layout Colours recently. I notice that icons look much better on the dark layout. This is why I often see dark layouts used for icon communities; it makes colours look so much brighter. BUT!! I find it difficult to read white text on dark background, but it could be just me because my eyes are not as they used to be.

What do you think?

[Poll #968339]
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As requested by [ profile] soniag, three of my interests:

Classic films.
Like classic books it is something that is proven by time. A movie that is famous after 40 or 50 or 60 years since it's release is bound to be worthy of watching, especially considering technological advancements in the film industry. I often wonder which of present day films will stay and be popular after 20 years.. Or after 40? Some of the Oscar winners of times past are completely forgotten, but some other films that were frowned upon by critics, like "Dirty Dancing", stay. I often want a time machine to look into the future! Also I like the fact that old films are very reserved as concerning sexual and violence content. I think this made the creators to try harder, to be more inventive, but this is just my own thinking.

But of course the main reason I like old films that they don't do actors and actresses like that anymore. :D Humphrey Bogart! Cary Grant!! ** sigh ** I wonder if they all had descended from aliens, their beauty was insane! Shoulder lines, perfect profiles, CHEEKBONES! Where all the perfect men gone?? Some of my most favourite films are "Third Man", "Citizen Cane", "Wild Strawberries", "Notorious", but my absolute favourite is "Casablanca", the greatest film of all times. :D

Casablanca: Rick and Ilsa )

Chow Yun Fat
Isn't he handsome? He has that special x-quality of simultaneous manliness and gentleness. My favourite film with Chow Yun Fat and also my unchallenged favourite among Asian films is "Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon". What a movie!! Like a piece of beautiful music, a piece of human soul itself. Chow Yon Fat was absolutely amazing in his role of noble Master Li Mu Bai …..

Chow Yun Fat: )

I don't remember the time when I didn't love cats of all shapes and forms and sizes. I remember as a child I used to drag stray kittens home to my mum who was firmly against having a cat in our 2-room Russian flat.. Heee! By the words of Terry Pratchet's Death – "Cats are nice!!!" I totally sign by this. They are beautiful, they are clever, they are loyal but independent. They smell nice!! I always wonder how cats manage to stay clean and never get stinky even though they never have a bath. But the main and totally essential thing is that Cats do purr. Oh, what a comforting sound that is!!!

Ragamuffin Kitten.. AWWWWW! )

HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!! Something happened with the Fixed Squares layout recently and it breaks now in an indecent way when displaying large graphics, as in this post. Flexible Squares had problems with large graphics before, but they were nowhere as bad. Does anyone know how to fix this??????????????????????? I really like this layout but I will have to change it if this is impossible to fix. ** weeping **

PS If you would like me to choose three of your interests, please let me know!!


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