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Korean drama ratings list )

These are the dramas I have watched in full (there are quite few dramas I gave up on but I don't think it is quite fair for me to judge a drama without finishing it). I will appreciate any new drama recommendations.
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I saw top-10 lists in dangermousie's and princess_dexter's LJ's and was so tempted to post mine too:

They are in no particular order, I have found it hard to order them - I love them all, but somewhat differently ..

- A Love to Kill
- Beautiful days
- Painter of the Wind
- Chuno
- Mawang
- Capital Scandal
- The Legend
- Last Scandal
- Soul
- 9 End 2 Outs
- Slingshot
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I have a HUGE MASSIVE secret love for making lists. This must have something to do with my control freak tendencies and desire to organise and logically dissect.. Normally I try to curb my list-making enthusiasm but I am so very tempted by the latest thing that I have seen in few of my friends' journals that I am giving in completely:

Ask me my Top Five [Whatevers]. It doesn't have to be fannish. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.
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I am feeling very happy and sun is shining (sort of) so I feel I can make this post without any excessive bitterness the subjects don't deserve. As usual, these are just my personal opinions.

1. English Patient: I don't see any sweeping romance. All I can see is a story about a woman cheating on her husband. Later everyone dies at will just because "they don't want to live without each other".

2. Titanic: Probably the weakest Oscars winner in the history.

1. Anna Karenina: I feel more for Anna's husband (whose main crime is that he is a plain boring chap) than I do for Anna. And I hate Vronsky's character with passion.

2. Harry Potter books: are amusing, but quite unoriginal, middle-of-the-road and are always trying to "teach you important lessons" (aka, to be preachy).

1. Buffy : I think that being a special girl with special superpowers is every girl's dream. But why is Buffy constantly unhappy with her life, to the point of making her mother's and her friends' life difficult?

2. Battlestar Galactica: I loved this show when it started. But after two seasons it disintegrated into a self-important soap opera set in space. With Cylons.

3. Doctor Who: David Tennant's poor acting and over-exaggerated facial expressions make me cringe. I am so glad Doctor Ten is over.

Asian drama:
1. "Hana Yori Dango": To start, Matsumoto Jun is one the ugliest men alive. This drama is probably the most popular Japanese drama of all times but I don't understand why. In my opinion "Hana Yori Dango" is the second name for jdrama mediocrity. It is pleasant, but nothing more than that.

2. "Hong Gil Dong" is many people's Korean drama favourite. I find it misogynist and it also has the most horrible ending.
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I have finished watching the Korean version of "Boys Over Flowers". Quite predictably, I loved it. Overall , I think I really enjoyed this drama, because many things have been done differently than in the previous versions, because all loose endings have been nicely tied and also because spoilers )

Also I have been re-watching "Meteor Garden" during the recent weeks and one particular scene made me very uneasy ([ profile] meganbmoore mentioned this scene before). This gave me a thought to make a list of Asian dramas that I found difficult to stomach for one reason or another. ** sigh ** I am much better with squeeing and explaining why I like things than explaining why I don't.

1. Hong Gil Dong - I have a problem with the main hero always putting the main herouine down and calling her an idiot all the time. I have a problem with the main female character being shown as an idiot. Also with the most unconsistent story development.

2. Meteor Garden - with the scene where Domyoji hits Shankai and she thinks "oh, but this must be my fault!"

3. Forbidden Love (Majo no Jouken) - a teacher having sex with her pupil in the SCHOOL LIBRARY.

4. Bara no nai Hanaya (The Flower Shop Without Roses) - a girl pretends to be blind and makes the main character pity her and fall in love with her. And no-one notices that she isn't blind, even when she cooks elaborate dishes. I am through 5 episodes of this drama and I don't know if I should finish it..

Also, not so connected (I found this drama hard to watch but it didn't feel wrong) - does anyone know how Zeni Geba ended? Has Everyone died?

This is of course just my personal "dramas that make alexandral uneasy" list, most likely/definitely other people have other dramas that push their "wrong" button.
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I am back in the fannish land of living! I have seen quite few good Korean dramas recently and it feels like a good time to make a "My top 10 favorites" list.

1. The Legend – it is a truly great piece of TV, Eastern, Western and otherwise.
2. Lovers in Paris Cinderella's story! Dimples! (read more below :D)
3. Goong (aka Princess Hours aka Imperial Household) – The greatest love story in Korean drama for me. EVER.
Usually in Kdrama love stories develop the following way (I take 20 episode drama as an example) :
a) Episode 1: They meet.
b) Episode 4: They are in love but they don't know it yet themselves.
c) Episode 10: They discover that their feelings are mutual and that their love is BIG LOVE.
d) The rest of the episodes: Many obstacles on the way of Their Big Love.
My personal favourite parts are from a to c and because part d doesn't interest me much I usually end up lagging at the end. In "Goong" part c lasted up to the episode 22 (I think) with Shin never being sure that CG loved him and throwing fits of jealousy. I loved this. Plus the best costumes.
4. A Love to Kill – Tragedy that is psychologically very true. Best angst. Best kissing scenes. Rain.
5. Winter Queen – SO lovely. Snow! Winter! Hyun Bin boxing! Dimples again!
6. Full House – Rain! Young and pretty! And the good ending!
7. My name is Kim Sam Soon is the most "Western" Kdrama I have seen. I loved the main herouine. Add Hyun Bin and dimple obsession.
8. Capital Scandal – May be the best made drama after "The Legend", devoid of the usual Korean cheesy music, cheesy costumes and unnecessary secondary characters. But I am not sure about the flippancy with which it dealt with murder for terrorist purposes.
9. Lovers – I adored the main couple but at the end the storyline with the pregnant girlfriend left me with heavy feelings. I am not sure if I feel that Kang Jae should have been more responsible for his girlfriend instead of going around staring at Mi Joo with puppy-dog eyes. I know – BIG love! But we are in charge of our feelings, right? At least to the point where we don't show them to our pregnant girlfriends who can miscarry our child? In short, losing a child is a really big subject for me and I rather don't have it in a drama.
10. My Girl – The best "third man" in the history.
11. Tree of Heaven - I have forgotten this one! It has to make number 11. Forbidden step-sibling love with Lee Wan totally deserves it.

Hong Gil Dong
I really quite liked Hong Gil Dong up to a point and was hoping it would make it into the top ten, but (spoilers) not anymore. )

Lovers in Paris
Her dress is so pretty:

Big promotion for Lovers in Paris, in Pictures )

Lovers in Prague I have started this drama (and it took me a while to find it! I learned how to use Clubbox just for this occasion!). Very good, but not as good as "Lovers" or "Lovers in Paris" so far.


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