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Lost in RL, I am otherwise happy and well. PHP Zend certification has been successfully passed (but oh my, this was a hard one!), work is as fine as the work gets : there is always a disaster or two, but this is the world of computer programming, nothing to really worry about. Family is doing well, including all the pets.

I am off to Moscow for two weeks on Saturday the 18th. Dear [ profile] rika_66, let's meet again , let's go and eat some Japanese food together! I hope there is plenty of snow and there will be some ice sculptures this year (I promised my daughter ice sculptures, you see).

Speaking of snow, this winter Britain was snowed-over again. And again, I seemed to be the only person who loved it. The photograph below feels me with cold glee:

Speaking of Japanese drama, I am LOVING Nagareboshi. Sometimes I think I like Takenouchi Yutaka more than Takya Kimura, but even more, I adore good old-fashioned sentimental terminal illness + transplant + arranged marriage drama. It feels as if Japanese drama wheels done a full turn : Goodbye dramas about crazy teenagers , Welcome back good old romantic dramas about normal people of normal age!!!!!! An added bonus is gorgeous cinematography and amazing shots of jelly fish.

PS: I promised myself to return to the world of active posting after the New Year, but I am announcing a comment answering amnesty to myself. Thank you so much for the comments!! I know I haven't answered some in the latest posts, but I loved them all!!!!!!!
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I have had a very very lazy day today, mostly watching lots of drama-related things. I have finished "Tsuki no Koibito", and what a strange case of drama this is. It is like two dramas in one! The whole direction changes completely after the episode 5 and it is not as if I am complaining because 5 episodes of doe-like Lin Chi Ling acting cute was definitely a hard to stomach thing, but still - what why and how this has happened? The creators of the drama suddenly heard the voices of all the fans? Anyways, I am not the one to complain too much because I liked the second half much more than the first one and even reconciled with Lin Chi Ling who was perfectly acceptable as her new personality as well: good bye cutsey poor girl, hello aloof model.

I have also caught up on "Bad Guy". I am full of enthusiasm about this drama again! It is great! Psychological entanglements, guys of gorgeousness that is hard to express by words, beautiful settings, wonderful music and kissing galore. This drama definitely has more kissing I have ever seen in a Kdrama. It almost has as many kissing scenes as "Summer's Desire", and this is a lot.

Some of spoilery bad Guy pictures and video! )
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New dramas:

Gumiho's revenge: I have watched the first episode of this and loved it. It is like a very scary and very dark fairy tale that explores the evilness of the human world using fantasy media. Both girls (Jang Hyun Sung and Kim Yoo Jung) are fantastic and I hope for some unconventional romance developments. I noticed that the ratings are rising , and I will not be surprised if this will end up to be an unexpected hit. Must post some screencaps!

King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo: reminded me heavily of "East of Eden", which is not necessarily a bad thing, but the whole premise goes like this: It is fine for a man to have an affair with a specific purpose to make an illegitimate child of male gender; who would blame him when his wife is only giving him girls? It is all fine because the MAN is GOOD and of course his child will become a great person. But it is NOT fine for a wife to have an affair and an illegitimate child. This automatically makes her evil, and makes her spawn an evil bakery hater.

Dramas I am actively watching :

Bad Guy - (ep.6, my ratings so far - 7/10) I love this and I can't wait for the subs
Dong Yi - (ep.30, my ratings so far - 7/10) We are now entering the period of Dong Yi becoming the King's concubine. I am becoming very reluctant to finish this.
Kim Soo Roo - (ep.11, my ratings so far - 6/10) A very good drama but the reliance of the whole nation on the Big Golden Egg prophesy is making me laugh.
Queen Seon Deok - (ep.42, my ratings so far - 8/10) I love this much more than I expected to.
Worlds Within (ep.6, my ratings so far - 7/10) I should marathon this tomorrow

Summer's desire - (ep.8, my ratings so far - 7/10) My huge obsession of this season
The Outsiders - (ep.16, my ratings so far - 8/10) Pure great
Why why love - (ep.10, my ratings so far - 6/10) Fluffy angstorama I am really enjoying in fast forward mode.

Gaiji Keisatsu - (ep.6, my ratings so far - 7/10) I am on the very last episode, but finding it hard to approach it. What if everyone dies???????????
Tsuki no Koibito - (ep.6, my ratings so far - 5/10) I am spoiled for the ending and it is the ending I want, so I must finish.

Dramas I am sort of watching , but need a move on:

Barefoot Youth (ep. 16, my ratings so far - 6/10) Such a good drama, but has bad subtitles.
IRIS (ep.8, my ratings so far - 7/10 )
Que Sera Sera (ep. 7, my ratings so far - 8/10) I must finish this one day
The Slingshot (Story of a man) (ep.10, my ratings so far - 8/10 I must finish this too!
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Have finished the episode 5 of "Tsuki no Koibito": I am loving this drama, but may be not for the reasons intended. The drama is a good proof of the classical axiom: you should cast stronger /better actors as leads, not as secondary characters. I haven't seen this happening too often , but there are some very well-known cases when the secondary characters completely steal their dramas from the leads ("Queen Seon Deok" is may be the most well-know). "Tsuki no Koibito" is just a little bit like this for me, and of course, the situation might change. I thought I would never consider it possible that someone can steal Takuya Kimura's drama from him, but it is happening before my very eyes. I don't think the fault lies with him, but because his character is heavily entangled in the romance with Lin Chi Ling's character and she is so wooden, I just can't take his character seriously yet. I don't understand where he is coming from or what is moving him; may be this will be revealed in the fullness of time, but we are through the half of the drama! Besides, it doesn't help that evil Kazami is so interesting and that his haircut suits him so much!

I have developed a big weakness for Matsuda Shota. I don't know what has hit me, I have seen him before numerous times, in "Liar Game", "Hana Yori Dango" and "Bara no nai Hanaya" , but it is like I am seeing him for the first time:

Anyways, this was a long-winded prologue to: Does anyone know any good dramas with Matsuda Shota? (Preferably where he is a romantic lead)?????? I will be forever thankful!!
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Top five in the "Your favourite Korean drama" category:

PictureDrama titlePlaceNumber of votesComment
Coffee Prince112I love this drama to bits, but still , the first place is a huge surprise! But as it is said, you can't argue with figures and facts. "Coffee Prince" is a runaway favourite! Congratulations and huge love from all of us!
( Devil )
25This is absolutely perfect drama
The Legend 3-54Mind-blowingly good period drama
Chuno4-53A new step in sageuks and Kdrama in general
My Girl 4-53May be the best romantic comedy there is

The rest of your Kdrama favourites, in descending order. I thought they all are worthy of mentioning! )

Top five in the "Your favourite Japanese drama" category:

PictureDrama titlePlaceNumber of votesComment
Hana Yori Dango 19No surprises here! I still remember how the whole of LJ went crazy with Hanadan fever in 2007. This drama always comes as a winner in the "Best adaptation of Hana Yori Dango manga" poll. Congratulations, Makino, Domyoji , Rui, Sojiro, Akira and Yuki!
Nodame Contabile27Wonderfully quirky, hilariously funny and feel-good.
Nobuta wo Produce 36A real gem among teenage dramas
Pride45Woo-hoo to Kimura Takuya doing hockey!
Utahime 53I haven't seen this yet, but I must!!!!!!!!!

The rest of your Jdrama favourites, in descending order. I thought they all are worthy of mentioning! )

Top five in "Your favourite Taiwanese drama" category:

PictureDrama titlePlaceNumber of votesComment
Mars 110Another runaway favourite. This was one of my first dramas and I really enjoyed it 4 years ago, but only after a while I came to realize how special it is. A really unusual treat, full of psychological mysteries.
It Started With a Kiss 25There is a whole new definition to "she has him wrapped round her little finger". It is ISWAK.
Black & White 34Bring on more plot than you can handle and Zai Zai in white suits.
Love Contract4-52The prettiness of Mike He is overwhelming
Why Why Love4-52Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

The rest of your Twdrama favourites, in descending order. I thought they all are worthy of mentioning! )
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I have gulped frour episodes of "Tsuki no Koibito" in one go today and loved it, but with a BUT.

Main OTP:

Theoretically I love this set-up, an icy-cold rich man saved from sure heart-failure (by freezing) by the love of a warm-hearted poor girl, who takes him in her arms and melts his icy heart.

Here comes the BUT: Where did they find the lady who plays the warm-hearted girl, Lin Chi Ling? She can't act to save her life which is painfully visible next to the other leads, all excellent actors (Kimura Takuya, Shinohara Ryoko, Matsuda Shota) . I checked Lin Chi Ling credentials and so far, this is her first big role, she has been more of a "model and host" and hasn't done much acting before . I say – pretty lady! Go back to modeling and hosting, acting is not for you! Gosh! I really like the "warm-hearted girl" cliché, I really do! But here, I am supposed to see a poor warm-hearted girl but all I see is a plastic doll, entirely free of any warm feelings (or any other feelings, for that matter).
Why did the director risk so much by casting someone absolutely new? I have not a clue what he was drinking/smoking when casting her, but gosh! I have heard about some negative feelings expressed by some viewers towards Lin Chi Ling and although I don't condone any hate, I must say: she is no good as an actress.
And this is such a pity as the character itself (as it is written) is very interesting. I can just imagine what some good actress, like Barbie Hsu, could have done with this role!!!!!!!

Still, theoretically I love icy-hearted rich man / warm-hearted poor girl pairings, consequently: I want Rensuke and Chinese girl to be together (But I am not really that bothered because I can't take the girl seriously).

On the plus side, Maemi is beyond awesome. I adore her, I want to meet her in RL and be her friend. She is wonderful. She needs to get over Rensuke (because why would she want to be with someone who is not worthy of her ?) and run away with Matsuda Shota's character. Which I hope will happen at the end !!!!!!

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Ratings mania:

Cinderella's Unni : finished with respectable 23% ratings. No surprises here, the drama is good and family dramas generally make good ratings.

Bad Guy : still 12%. Poor Bad Guy. I think SBS is not treating it fairly: first they try to move the airing date, second they miss Wednesday's episode because of the elections, thirdly, the drama won't have any new episodes on 16-17th of June because of the World Cup. I am personally very obsessed with the World Cup, but still: this sounds like they want to sabotage their own drama! I watched the episode 3 today at the lunchtime and although I liked it ( a lot) , at the end of it I felt as if the story is left half-way. These dramas are meant to be shown 2 episodes a week!

Kim Soo Ro : 9-10% . This is a bit odd for a sageuk. And there are no subtitles to check!

Dong Yi : 26-27%. The ratings are high, but not as high as the ratings of "Chuno" and "Queen Seon Deok".

Tsuki no Koibito : 15-16% (a big nosedive in the ratings since the first episode). This is a bit of an unpleasant surprise, the lowest ratings of Takyua Kimura's drama since .. I don't know when. And just when I was about to start watching it! What is wrong with "Tsuki no Koibito"?????

Edit: Coffee House: 9% . The ratings are low, but they are little better than the ratings of "Worlds Within" (previous drama of this director). I have a whole theory about "Worlds Within": I think it is a drama that closer to Western shows and films than any other drama I have seen. May be this doesn't fare well with Korean public?

Recommendations: A great Chuno write-up by [ profile] kittyhawk03 , here.

Help!!!!!!!!! Watchers of "Dong Yi": can you let me know in which episode the pre-story ends? So that I can jump straight to the story? I will appreciate this very much.
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I need a good Jdrama to watch, to balance my Kdrama viewing. Gaiji Keisatsu attracted my attention.
Anyone has seen it? Is it any good? I am in a mood for something dark, but I am not in a mood for something extremely naive under a surface of dark, as the majority of police-related Jdramas are (SP, I am looking at you).

Whilst downloading subtitles from With S2, I noticed the following rant by With S2 subber MisterX . You have to read it in full if you haven't read it yet because it is priceless, here ( ), but I included the beginning below. MisterX has a curious way of writing - the main theme can be summarized in four words: hordes of Johnny’s vermin.

The excerpt:

Can “detoxification” work for dramas?

The impact the “idol invasion” has had on the J-dorama landscape over the last decade (not to mention the impact it’s currently having on the Korean TV industry, with people like Lee Soo-Man, Park Jin-Young and Kim Gwang-Soo commanding as much influence and power as top industry executives) is as obvious as it is painful to witness. Shows which in the mid to late 90s would have been perfectly acceptable are now contaminated by hordes of Johnny’s vermin, just as spurious and damaging to the overall quality of the product as a locust swarm would be to luxuriant crops. For an industry with so much behind the scenes potential, so much history and opportunities to take advantage of Asia’s richest narrative background, what we’re being offered today is little more than slim pickings, 2009 having been one of the worst years for J-dorama in recent memory.

PS : Mr.X is the subber who subbed "Chuno" and CitC. My huge thanks for his hard work on these. He is also known to complain about Tae Ha's soft voice . I don't agree with this. Tae Ha's voice is lovely. It does many things for me on many different levels.
I also don't agree with his views on Jdrama, and even if I agree with some of the views I feel I disagree of principle with his way of voicing them.
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I have caught up on this, just to decide I am going to drop it, or may be will quickly fast forward at the end.). The drama is a bit of a mess:

- Lee Min Ho's angst is beautiful, and this about it. This drama would have been a 3% ratings flop if he wasn't in it.

- The main lady is fine with me, but she is such a cop out from "Hotaru no Hikari", minus Amemiya's success at work. Her house is also a cop out from "Hotaru no Hikari", complete with the porch

- All Secondaries are most annoyingly boring. In particular, avoid this drama if you liked Wang Son in "Chuno". I will never be able to see Wang Son in the same way ever again.

- The gay theme is dealt with too heavy-handedly for my taste. Jin Ho's pretending to be gay in the front of the gay manger, because "the manager's eyes were so sad" , consequently deceiving everyone, making the gay manager to re-include Ji Ho's bid, which will be leading to big problems (for the gay manager and himself) at the moment of future discovery of the truth – there must be some logic here, but I don't see any that is not offensive to gay people. I personally don't think that culturally Korean dramas have reached the point of being able to deal with gay themes successfully.
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This post is the result of my post-shingles tiredness and a short remark I saw in one of Jdrama reviews (it is in Russian and the remark is small enough), but it has sent me in the direction of annoyance. The fact is, that this is not the first time I read similar remarks, usually coming from fans that only watch Jdrama and never watch Kdrama and usually the remarks have negative meaning. And though I understand the sentiment when the comparison is between Western shows/Kdramas, I don't understand it when the comparison is between Jdrama/Kdrama:

a) but no-one died or got terminally ill, because it wasn't a Kdrama
b) too much angst, almost as if it was a Kdrama.

There are some differences in Kdrama and Jdrama, but they are quite difficult for me to pin-point in this post; one of most noticeable differences is that Jdramas are much shorter and therefore easier to manage. I love both , sometimes I have periods of watching predominantly Jdramas , sometimes I have periods of watching predominantly kdramas. Two big differences that make me personally gravitate more towards Kdrama overall are:

1. On purely subjective level, I find Korean actors to be much better looking than Japanese actors.
2. Again, on purely subjective level, I much prefer Korean style of cinematography with clear bright colours to Jdrama style of cinematography with muted colours.

There are other differences too, for example, Jdrama does absolutely-over-the-top strange and wonderful things like no one else ("Deer man", I am looking at you! There is also a drama about TWITTER), and also they tend to do more of non-romance centered dramas (but Kdrama also make some). But these are not the differences that I often hear mentioned by jdrama fans who have never checked a Kdrama in their life. Jdramas were in terminal illness storylines and OTT angst long before Kdramas even went there.

I like to prove everything with hard facts: :D

a) Jdramas with terminal illness, just out of the top of my heard: "One litre of tears", "Beautiful life", "Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake".

b) Jdramas with angst: to prove the point, I feel I only need to mention one, because this is the drama that I personally find most OTT in angst and love story among all dramas I have seen: "Forbidden love".Oh, I must mention "Kou Kou Kyoushi" as well.
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During the Easter holidays I have watched two Japanese dramas I had heard to be very dark and depressing, but I found to be very life-affirming: "Ryusei no Kizuna" and "Last Friends". Both dramas are now in my list of favourites and both confirmed my lately developed love for Japanese dramas.

"Ryusei no Kizuna" : a story of three children whose parents were murdered. I loved this quirky dark drama, and all it's inhabitants. I am really interested now in the works of Higashino Keigo, the screenwriter that also wrote the script for "Galileo". I have already got his "Byakuyako", but the work demands caught up with me and I haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

"Last Friends": a story of group of friends, each affected by some of the most difficult problems of our society: child abuse, prejudice, domestic violence. The only big minus for me was that I started this drama as the result of my watching "Ryusei no Kizuna", when I wanted to see more of gorgeous-looking Nishikido Ryo. But it happened that in "Last Friends" Nishikido Ryo played evil Oikawa Sosuke, the character that I wanted to murder with my own hands. The story also left me with a question - do they not have any Police in Japan? Why someone can just go around, beating and raping his girlfriend and other people and WHERE IS THE POLICE? Where are the domestic violence shelters, etc. etc? Why does everyone has to be so powerless agianst one single tyrant?

And!!! I have been watching Asian dramas for quite a while now, I have seen many weird clothes and many weird haircuts. I have even become un-sensitized to weird haircuts. Until I saw Eita (playing Mizushima Takeru) with what has to be the worst haircut of the century.

See: The worst haircut in the history of ever.

Horror. Oh horror. I really would have liked to meet the person responsible: )
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I have finished watching the Korean version of "Boys Over Flowers". Quite predictably, I loved it. Overall , I think I really enjoyed this drama, because many things have been done differently than in the previous versions, because all loose endings have been nicely tied and also because spoilers )

Also I have been re-watching "Meteor Garden" during the recent weeks and one particular scene made me very uneasy ([ profile] meganbmoore mentioned this scene before). This gave me a thought to make a list of Asian dramas that I found difficult to stomach for one reason or another. ** sigh ** I am much better with squeeing and explaining why I like things than explaining why I don't.

1. Hong Gil Dong - I have a problem with the main hero always putting the main herouine down and calling her an idiot all the time. I have a problem with the main female character being shown as an idiot. Also with the most unconsistent story development.

2. Meteor Garden - with the scene where Domyoji hits Shankai and she thinks "oh, but this must be my fault!"

3. Forbidden Love (Majo no Jouken) - a teacher having sex with her pupil in the SCHOOL LIBRARY.

4. Bara no nai Hanaya (The Flower Shop Without Roses) - a girl pretends to be blind and makes the main character pity her and fall in love with her. And no-one notices that she isn't blind, even when she cooks elaborate dishes. I am through 5 episodes of this drama and I don't know if I should finish it..

Also, not so connected (I found this drama hard to watch but it didn't feel wrong) - does anyone know how Zeni Geba ended? Has Everyone died?

This is of course just my personal "dramas that make alexandral uneasy" list, most likely/definitely other people have other dramas that push their "wrong" button.
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"Mei-chan's butler" was a delight!

Icons are free to share, preview:

Credit: Some of screencaps for the icons by [ profile] uisceros.


The rest of the icons, spoilers. )
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I think I am in complete minority with Korean BoF. My thoughts behind a cut )

Below is my attemp at a purely scientific poll I tried to make to find out your preferences:

[Poll #1363046]
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I have been watching quite few Japanese dramas recently, it seems that I finally fell deeply in love with the complexity, psychological depth and realism that Japanese drama has to offer. Japan also does some of the best examples in the weird and wonderful category. I made a short compilation of the Japanese dramas I have finished in the last couple of month:


9/10 Hotaru no Hikari / Glow of Fireflies
I adored this drama. This is the first Japanese drama (may be the first TV show of any origin) I remember that throws away and stomps on the non-achievable stereotype of a woman that has to be it all : beautiful, dedicated at work and perfect housekeeper at home. This drama does it consistently, without coming back either to "reforming" the woman into a domestic and workplace goddess OR showing her missing in love life or personal fulfillment. I have known few friends whose house is what can be considered a mess, who like to spend their weekends dressed in pyjamas but who are successful at work and have great families. I pride myself on being one of them. Something's gotta give and it is better be your house cleaning than your necessary relaxation time or the time of a chat with your loved ones.

PS: Lying on a floor is overdoing it and so is sleeping under the newspapers.
PS2: Fujiki Naohito is awesome.
PS3: "Firefly" is a good name for a girl.
4/10 Love Generation
Although the beginning of "Love generation" gave me a feeling similar to my favourite "Long Vacation" and had young Takyua Kimura with a beautiful haircut, overall this was not my thing. I didn't enjoy tos and fros between four sides of the love quadrangle. This reminded me of something I don't particular like about Western shows - constant partner swapping. Very predictable happy ending seemed to be forced, I just can't see Teppei loving Riko in earnest. Also featured one of the most annoying dorama songs.
6/10 Beauty or the Beast / Bijo ka Yajuu
Quite enjoyable, although quite standard "opposites attract" drama set in a TV NEWS station has one bigger arch and few separate little stories in every episode. The drama's over-earnestness and naivety was slightly irritating, but the main couple ( Matsushima Nanako and Fukuyama Masaharu) were joy to watch.
????? Cupid no Itazura
I haven't watched this show and don't really intend to, but I have found this description in DramaWiki that just asks to be posted:

"A man who's still a virgin, has a very very rare disease which allows him to only have sex seven times in his life. After he has used up all the seven chances, he will never ever be able to have sex again for the rest of his life... and so far, he has wasted two times on 'self gratification'. Now he only has five times left, and he wants to choose carefully and save himself for that someone special...but at the same time he desperately wants to lose his virginity".

OMPH! I WANT TO KNOW THE NAME OF THIS ILLNESS. I don't know to laugh or to cry.
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I am staying away from the spoilers for the episodes 9 and 10 of "Boys over Flowers" (I know the main direction from previous versions) because I promised my daughter yesterday to watch them together when subtitles are out. Parental love is the strongest thing in the world.

Also - I am hugely obsessed with Mei-chan no Shitsuji (Mei-chan's butler). Why no-one is watching this??? It has a spunky spectacles-wearing girl with a dedicated super-butler caring for all her needs?????????????
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I have watched quite few different things recently:

Slow Dance. I gulped it in one go on Thursday which resulted in huge under-sleep on Friday. This is a lovely drama if you are a fan of the story how "an older woman helps a younger man to find himself and after that they marry in a very happy way". To be fair, the drama felt a little as if it was made to cater for the needs of over-thirty working ladies. But I didn't mind this at all because any drama that has both Fujiki Naohito and Tsumabuki Satoshi brooding, angsting and falling in love is wonderful by default.

I would appreciate recommendations of any dramas with Fujiki Naohito and Tsumabuki Satoshi very much.

Money's Warfare I have almost finished it, I just don't want to watch the last episode because I don't want the drama to finish. I have fallen in love with it's crazy ways completely. It scooped Baeksang awards for the best drama and the best male perfomace by Park Shing Yang. I must do a full post on "Maney's Warfare" to try to lure others into watching it :D, but at this time I have to mention that the episode 13 had the best kiss in the history of Asian drama. :D

Powerful Opponents (Kangjeok) I loved the first two episodes for the sake of the female herouine who is the cutest thing and the secondary guy, Yoo Gwang Pil who is wonderfully gloomy. He rocks my socks with his reserve. On the other hand, this drama has the ugliest lead male I have ever seen up to date. The President's Son has: Rabbit Teeth, Scared eyes, Bad dress sense and the haircut of Hong Gil Dong. I intend to call him Rabbit Teeth (or RT in short) from now on.

See what I mean: (Update: I watched more of "Powerful Opponents and Rabbit Teeth is improving on me).

One question: Do female bodyguards wear high-heels? Wouldn't this interfere with the duty? Don't they have "sensible shoes" dress code??????

Zettai Kareshi Love, pure love. If anyone have read the manga, please spoil me - Whom will the herouine (Riko) will choose at the end? The Robot? The Cheeky Manager Guy? I am rooting for the Cheeky Manager.. because he is human and the Robot (a gorgeous looking guy, no doubt!) is not and Riko won't be able to have many cute babies with the Robot, right?

Around 40.
Big plus: Fujiki Naohito!
Big minus: He plays a militant ecologically conscious guy and this self-righteous type annoys me to no end. I have personal reasons. :D
Some more big plus: I have only seen two episodes but so far I like the way the drama is dealing with the questions of "What is more important for a woman? Her career? Her family? Her friends? And should a woman marry and live in her marriage without love, just for the sake of the social acceptance?". The main female herouine is awesome and absolutely free of any stereotypes.
The result: I would recommend this to any fan of grown-up range of Japanese dramas.
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I have finished Japanese drama "Trick". It has been the funniest and quirkiest show that ever crossed East/West divide and I loved it. To cut the long story short it is about two love-hate partners investigating supernatural phenomena, a magician and a scientist. Only the magician is a cute no-nonsense girl and the scientist is a too-good-looking scruffy professor conversed in martial arts and of course together they are a feisty mix.

I find it difficult sometimes to describe why I like something; it is much easier to list reasons of why you don't like something. In "Trick", I loved the main leads Nakama Yukie and Abe Hiroshi (and who would not, IMHO :D). And I loved the stories, very clever and suspenseful. And I loved the "main" series of jokes the nature of which I will not disclose as I am trying to keep away from spoilers. But if you have seen "Trick" you know the jokes I mean – they are so rude and so hilarious. I was very surprised to hear something like this in a Japanese drama and at the same time I was gigling. Anyways, if you need an intelligent pick-me-up show , "Trick" is the one for you. And if you you have seen "Trick" do you think "Trick 2" and "Trick 3" are as good as the first one?

Here they are: Yamada and Ueda, my funniest OTP in Japanese drama:

Pictures of Yamada and Ueda )

I desperately need some Asian drama requests. "The Legend" has finised and left a big hole in me. I am waiting for the arrival of "Capital Scandal" but it is not here yet. I am also waiting for "Hong Gil Dong" to get fully subtitled. I need something to LOVE and I'll appreciate if you'll name the best Asian show you have seen in the last two month.
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Japanese dramas? Alexandra's favourite flavour of the day.

"Galileo" : consumed in two days on holidays. I wish someone else on my friends list was watching it, especially [ profile] meganbmoore who may be can like it well. My impression in short: Science indeed rocks and Shibasaki Kou (you can remember her as Ogawa in "Good Luck") is one spunky lady. A science geek in me received much welcome feed! And UST thing was really done to perfection.

Security police: even more love. I am trying not to get too obsessed as subtitles don't appear to be appearing anymore. There are subtitles for the first two episodes only and that is it.. But! Okada Junichi's lovely boyish character with his suitably tortured past!!! Tsutsumi Shinichi (Again from lovely Good luck) and his manly cool and commanding character!! Maki Yoko and her "no-nonsense is the new pink"! Subtitles, please come again!

Egao no Hosoku I have immediately become over-the-moon with Abe Hiroshi. Why? He is charismatic, in a very unique way. He has sense of humor and intelligence. And he can act, in a big way. His face is so expressive. What else? He is older than I am.. :D

"Egao no Hosoku" is a very funny and cute drama with big portions of chemistry between the two main characters. It could have become one of my favourites as it has all my favourite elements. BUT! )

Abe Hiroshi is , of course, awesome. And he apparently is a stage actor too and I found some fantabulous black-and-white pictures of him on stage. I have no idea what the play is as the pages I taken this from were in Japanese.

Even if you have never seen a Japanese drama in you life (and don't intend too):

The rest of the pictures of Abe Hiroshi, black and white )

PS I 'll appreciate any recommendations of dramas with Abi Hiroshi. very much. Especially romantic ones with good endings. :D
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My daughter's sleep-over party extravaganza went much better and easier than I expected. Girls did sleep quite a bit of their sleep-over time (8 hours !!!! Weee!) and the rest of time they were happy without big fall outs or any other drama. May be I can do this again. :D

London trip I am off to London tomorrow. About 2 months ago we applied for Russian citizenship for my daughter and this was successful. Now I need to apply for a Russian passport for her (as in a piece of paper sense). Hopefully this should not take too long. But still Russian embassy in London is on of the most unfriendly places that have ever existed and it's officers like to shout at you unduly. Plus they like to change their rules and make many difficulties for the applicants. I will be glad when it is over.

But because this time I am going on my own and hopefully should have some time to enjoy London.. It would be fantastic if you could recommend some interesting places in London to visit?

Fannish bunch of things: Supernatural and La Femme Nikita

Supernatural finale was great, much better then I expected. the rest of glee is hidden because it is spoilery )
Yes, it was a fabulous end of the season with some very nice special effects. My wish list for the next season – Please, please, please dear creators, can you write some interesting romantic interests for Winchester brothers? Pretty please again..

La Femme Nikita This is absolutely marvellous! I started watching it from [ profile] miss_dian's recommendation and – OMPH! SQUEEE! Why haven't I watched this before????? I really like it. It absolutely deserves it's own post with pictures but for now I am just going to squee some more for a bit. Both Nikita and her handler Michael are very cool and amazingly attractive and they are already prepared for a passionate forbidden love story. He was kissing her hand in the episode 4 !!! And Roy Dupius who is playing Michael has some very sweet accent! I just have read that he was born in Canada. Is this how Canadian accent sounds?? I am moving to Canada ASAP!

Dorama land: This is where I am going to eat my hat. :D I watched some more of "Proposal Daisakusen" and "Sapuri" and I am really liking them both.

In the episode 2 we see more of the inner-world of both Minami and Ishida Yuya and I am starting to like both of these so different individuals. Ishida Yuya seems to have that child-like wonder in him that is very endearing. Also there is something in the tone of the drama that is reminding me of "Anego", it is light and deep at the same time. But feel I am such an old lady because I can't stop thinking that Kame needs a haircut and a big roast dinner. Desperately.

Proposal Daisakusen Second and third episodes were lovely. My eyes went misty a couple of times, especially in the second episode. The story with coffee milk was cute, sweet and wonderful. I think I like the main message of this drama – our destiny isn't ruled by one or two important events but it is built day by day in a chain of daily insignificant occurrences. But again! I am finally turning into an old lady for sure ** weeps ** because I think Yamapi needs a haircut too! Or may be he needs to dye his hair as [ profile] scottishlass suggested. But something is not quite right. ** sigh **

Mawang I can't wait for the new episodes to be subtitled. I scouted in the soompi forums and spoilers are driving me crazy!!

Mawang screencaps and videos. I desperately want to understand what they are saying to each other in these gorgeous scenes! )

Have a good Monday everyone!


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