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There is no "Bad Guy" today (boooo!) so I had some time for extra surfing and one thought came to my mind; "Oh! What is Jang Hyuk doing?". He was amazing in "Chuno" but disappeared from the the scene straight after the end of the drama, to take part in a Chinese re-make of an old hit, "All about Eve". I found some promo pictures of this, although there are not many about and "All about Eve" is not even listed in Jang Hyuk's Drama Wiki page (I wonder why).

Anyways, the pictures amused me greatly. I like the look of the drama, but even more , I am so amused that Jang Hyuk's character looks like an absolute opposite of Dae Gil. Good bye scruffy sharp-tongued rogue, hello well-groomed sweetie! He has even curled his hair!

More pictures )

PS: Where can i find this drama????????? I want it!!!!!!!!!

Also, in totally unconnected, I WANT this too: Lee Byun Hyun's new film, "I saw the Devil". I have no idea what this is about, but I like the title and I love the picture below, it reminds me of "Bittersweet Life":

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Chuno has ended, leaving me in extremely satisfied and peaceful mood. The results of the new-found peace of mind: Friday pictures of Jang Hyuk:

Picture number 1: Pictorial proof that brave Slave Hunters vote in favour of eyeliner, but abhor scissors and shampoo:

Picture number 2: Jang Hyuk – the – Goldilocks )
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Just four episodes of Chuno left – and I am still largely obsessed. The last time I was so obsessed definitely happened long time ago, during my watching of HBO series Rome. Rome was a little easier, though, at least we knew what is going to happen to the many historical figures and only the fates of Pullo and Vorenus were unclear. Chuno – I think the Little Prince is safe because the history tells me so, but the rest of the characters ? Anything can happen, anything. Korean period dramas are something of a combo between Greek tragedies , Shakesperian tragedies .. and .. any other forms of tragedies you know. Usually everyone dies at the end, but Chuno's director said that the ending is hopeful, so this most likely means that not everyone will die.

I have even started to post all over the place on soompi forums, which I have never done before. I am usually torn between two views on soompi forums: 1) soompi is a very good resource; 2) soompi is full of strange people making strange posts of the kind "I love you OPPA" or "I hate that girl he is standing next to" with whom any direct contact should be avoided. But truth to be told, soompi forum-posting experience has been very positive so far , "Chuno" thread seem to be populated by numerous intelligent folks with various opinions and interesting discussion. So YAY!

I decided to record my latest predictions for the ending of Chuno and solemnly declare not to change them from this point onwards:
1. Un Nyun is alive, 99% probability
2. One guy out of the Dae Gil / Tae Ha pair is alive, 95% probability. Out of this, 80% probability that Dae Gil will survive and 20% probability that TH will survive (surprise me, mr.Kwak, please!)
3. Both Tae Ha and Dae Gil are alive : 10% probability.
4. Both Tae Ha and Dae Gil are dead : 5% probability.

For your delectation, the latest pictures of Jang Hyuk, credit: soompi forums.  )

Update: some discussion in comments which can contain soft spoilers (speculations only), but the pictures themselves are not spoilery.
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Because I love them both, icons of Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho - They are free to share.

01. 02. 03. 04.  
05. 06. 07. 08.  
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The main reason to watch Chuno: trio of fabulous leads (but I don't agree with their fashion choices):

I have been mostly posting about Oh Ji Ho this week, but I like Jang Hyuk too. He really impressed me in the latest episodes of "Chuno" and I am ready to agree that he is probably one of the strongest Korean actors, judging by acting skills.

Friday pictures of Jang Hyuk (and some more in the comments) )
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Just sneaking after having a dinner with our friends to post about Chuno, because otherwise my brain (and my heart) would burst.

Spoilers for the episode 16: My personal letters to Dae Gil, Tae Ha and the writers plus bonus screencaps )
I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH. I just wish I had translations of all the conversations Tae Ha and Dae Gil had together - they felt so significant!!

Also!! New Chuno arrival: Remember this guy??????????

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The state of me is simple: crazily obsessed with "Chuno". And why do I have to do this to myself? Shouldn't have I waited for the drama to finish? Why give yourself 9 weeks of insane obsession?

Anyways, I have been scouting on soompi forums (trying to close my eyes to the brewing shipping wars) for the pictures of Dae Gil's shirtlessness and found some good ones:

The rest of the pictures. Chuno is great, I promise! )

And whilst I was passing by, I found some really good pictures of Jang Hyuk (the actor playing Dae Gil) himself, shirtless of course. Here they are )

He can also be very dorky! The proof is here )


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