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These are from the episodes 8 and 9. Take, enjoy, credit is nice.



The rest of the icons, 24 in total )
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I have gone completely overboard , making over 90 icons. Because "Game of Thrones" has so many amazing characters (I had to include them all, especially The Direwolves) and so many gorgeous scenes (I had to include them too). They are free to take and use anywhere you want.



The rest of the icons )

Spoilers: The icons are from the episodes 1-7. But NO SPOILERS for episodes after 6 . No spoilers for the episode 7.
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I guess nothing says "Alexandra is obsessed" as making icons. They are mostly from the recent episodes and reflect my obsession with Nikita's hair, Michael's and Owen's tattoos and various pairings (as I can't make my mind yet) :Michael/Alex and Michael/Nikita. The icons are free to share, if you need any text added please let me know.


The rest of icons, 20 in total )
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Alessandro del Piero icons for [ profile] queenofthorns. I have gone completely black-and-white mad because she has sent me all these wonderful black-and-white pictures of Alessandro:

01. 02. 03.  
04. 05. 06.  
07. 08. 09.  

PS: Germany/Uruguay was an awesome match and overall I am very pleased with the result (3:2 - Germany:Uruguay) . Also I have finally succumbed to the awesomeness that is Forlan. Yes, I've confessed. He can wear headbands, bleach his hair and do anything else - I do not care anymore! He is great and so is his free-kick!
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I am so so sad. I haven't expected to be so sad. I had to be somewhere this evening and I didn't watch the match at all, and now I am sad and devastated and I don't even know what happened. Please tell me the details , I will appreciate this very much. I feel now guilty that I didn't like Germany as much as I should have had. ** sigh ** And I am afraid for Netherlands now - Spain continues to create these 0:1 wins!

I had To cheer myself up by making Netherlands icons, as promised to [ profile] queenofthorns, and this has cheered me up indeed. There is certain collection of qualities that (almost) every Netherlands player possesses : they have gorgeous smiles, bold heads and arms of steel.

01. 02. 03. 04.

05. 06. 07. 08.

PS: gone to bed, a bit sad.
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One week down, I have more or less decided on the teams I am going to cheer for (in order of intensity):

1. Italy
2. Netherlands : because I am a materialistic person and this is my sweepstakes team. I also like the team, the orange uniform and the best looking coach of 2010 Bert Van Marwijk. Also I have suddenly remembered that I have friends in Rotterdam.
3. Brazil : this is always a magical team for me.
4. Argentina : the team of Messi plus the most hilarious coach of ever Maradona
5. Serbia : again, for materialistic sweepstake reasons and because Milan Jovanovic is nice
6. Ivory Coast : Didier Drogba.

As promised to fabulous [ profile] queenofthorns, I have made some icons with Maradona and Rafa Marquez. And because I felt compelled to, I also made some icons of Messi, Italian team, Netherlands, Brazil and Serbia



1-11 : Maradona
12-15 : Messi
16-18 : Rafa Marquez
19 : Didier Drogba
20 : Brazil
21-24 : Italy (Fabio Cannavaro, Buffon, Daniele de Rossi)
25-27 : Netherlands (Wesley Sneijder, Bert van Marwijk, Robin van Persie, Joris Mathijsen)
28 : Milan Jovanovic
29-36 : Germany (Özil, Podolski, Loew), by [ profile] lage_nom_ai's request
37-40 : Brazil

The rest of the icons, 40 in total )
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In short - this was lovely!

Quick thoughts (with a rant) )

I have made some icons, free to share, preview:


Icons, 12 in total, spoilers )
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Cinderella's sister icons, from the first two episodes. They are free to share, Preview:


The rest of the icons, 40 in total )
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Because I love them both, icons of Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho - They are free to share.

01. 02. 03. 04.  
05. 06. 07. 08.  

Chuno icons

Feb. 4th, 2010 11:02 pm
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They are from the episode 10 (spoilers) and promo pictures. They are free to share.



The rest of the icons )
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I was recommended this BBC mini-series by [ profile] koalathebear - and it was great, in a big way! I am waiting for the second season now. :D

Icons are free to share, please let me know if you need any text added.



The rest of the icons )
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This was such a lovely drama, such a delight. Thank you so much, Hong sisters!!! I have made stacks of icons (all episodes, from 1 to 16, in episode order, spoilers) they are all free to share!



The rest of the icons behind the cut )

Extra icons, mostly Jang Geun Seuk )


Jul. 13th, 2009 08:25 pm
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If anything scares me , it is a story about Evil Nazi Zombies in a dark old bunker. "Outpost" is probably not a film I would have dared to watch in a movie theatre, but at home, stopping it when it became too scary and snacking on ice-cream, I enjoyed it. This is a well-made scary movie with some nice cinematography and Ray Stevenson (burly and war-worn). Few reviews I have seen note that not everything gets explained in the film. For many reviewers this is a minus, for me - a plus.

Because Ray Stevenson looks really really good in this movie I have made few screencaps:
Screencaps of Ray Stevenson, no spoilers )

And some icons, free to share:


The rest of the icons )
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I was in our swimming pool with my daughter and her friends when I first noticed the posters below on the walls of the entrance. Since then I have seen them in few other places - they are a part of a new Police campaign to increase the population's involvement in helping the Police.

I find them .. strange. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. :D

More of Strange New Posters as well as some old favourites )

Icons of the posters, free to share:


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"Sita sings the blues" is an amazing phenomena, on many levels : it is a gorgeous animated musical film, it created new directions for computer graphics and it is a story that makes you think. I can ramble for ages as to why does it always seems to be that the best things in life are free ("Sita sings the blues" is a free-download animation), especially why the best works of art never happen to make too much money for their
creators. May be there is something about art that doesn't work well together with the money-making aspect of it.

Anyways, I rarely say this because everyone's tastes are different and something I like may not necessarily suit others, but I think "Sita sings the blues" is an exception :

EVERYONE MUST WATCH "SITA SINGS THE BLUES". IT IS AWESOME. Thank you so much for the rec, [ profile] baleanoptera

Icons are free to share, Preview:


The rest of the icons behind the cut )
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"Mei-chan's butler" was a delight!

Icons are free to share, preview:

Credit: Some of screencaps for the icons by [ profile] uisceros.


The rest of the icons, spoilers. )
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I have been doing overtime work during the weekend (from home). He-he! Even my mouse gave in, I had to order a new one.

True blood continues to be the trashiest show I have ever seen. That thing with Sookie's brother was totally disgusting. I don't remember all this in the books. In fact I don't remember many other things too. I wish Alan Bell just followed the books, without trying to be too clever with all that "vampires as persecuted minority" nonsense.

But still - ERIC AND PAM!!!!!!!!! So beyond awesome.

I had that mad icon-making urge I get sometimes. Icons are free to share.

.. .. ..

The rest of the icons: )

Pictorial evidence of awesomeness of Pam and Eric (and Sookie had a nice dress!!): )
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Yes, this is love!!!!!!

Some more icons, mostly from [ profile] the_grynne's fabulous screencaps .


Three more )
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After three episodes I am absolutely in love with this show. Brad, Ray, Lieutenant and Doc.

Icons are free to share, preview:


The rest of the icons, 23 in total )
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Icons with the theme of summer:
- fruit
- trees
- woods
- flowers
- mushrooms
- butterflies
- reindeer and penguins have summer too!

Icons are free to share. Please let me know if you need any text added.


The rest of the icons )


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