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I am back in the fannish land of living! I have seen quite few good Korean dramas recently and it feels like a good time to make a "My top 10 favorites" list.

1. The Legend – it is a truly great piece of TV, Eastern, Western and otherwise.
2. Lovers in Paris Cinderella's story! Dimples! (read more below :D)
3. Goong (aka Princess Hours aka Imperial Household) – The greatest love story in Korean drama for me. EVER.
Usually in Kdrama love stories develop the following way (I take 20 episode drama as an example) :
a) Episode 1: They meet.
b) Episode 4: They are in love but they don't know it yet themselves.
c) Episode 10: They discover that their feelings are mutual and that their love is BIG LOVE.
d) The rest of the episodes: Many obstacles on the way of Their Big Love.
My personal favourite parts are from a to c and because part d doesn't interest me much I usually end up lagging at the end. In "Goong" part c lasted up to the episode 22 (I think) with Shin never being sure that CG loved him and throwing fits of jealousy. I loved this. Plus the best costumes.
4. A Love to Kill – Tragedy that is psychologically very true. Best angst. Best kissing scenes. Rain.
5. Winter Queen – SO lovely. Snow! Winter! Hyun Bin boxing! Dimples again!
6. Full House – Rain! Young and pretty! And the good ending!
7. My name is Kim Sam Soon is the most "Western" Kdrama I have seen. I loved the main herouine. Add Hyun Bin and dimple obsession.
8. Capital Scandal – May be the best made drama after "The Legend", devoid of the usual Korean cheesy music, cheesy costumes and unnecessary secondary characters. But I am not sure about the flippancy with which it dealt with murder for terrorist purposes.
9. Lovers – I adored the main couple but at the end the storyline with the pregnant girlfriend left me with heavy feelings. I am not sure if I feel that Kang Jae should have been more responsible for his girlfriend instead of going around staring at Mi Joo with puppy-dog eyes. I know – BIG love! But we are in charge of our feelings, right? At least to the point where we don't show them to our pregnant girlfriends who can miscarry our child? In short, losing a child is a really big subject for me and I rather don't have it in a drama.
10. My Girl – The best "third man" in the history.
11. Tree of Heaven - I have forgotten this one! It has to make number 11. Forbidden step-sibling love with Lee Wan totally deserves it.

Hong Gil Dong
I really quite liked Hong Gil Dong up to a point and was hoping it would make it into the top ten, but (spoilers) not anymore. )

Lovers in Paris
Her dress is so pretty:

Big promotion for Lovers in Paris, in Pictures )

Lovers in Prague I have started this drama (and it took me a while to find it! I learned how to use Clubbox just for this occasion!). Very good, but not as good as "Lovers" or "Lovers in Paris" so far.
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Hong Gil Dong : episodes 13 and 14:

- Hong Gil Dong is lovely, but I am having all kinds of maternal feelings for him. Poor boy! To have such a father! To have such a destiny which he doesn't want for himself but from which he can't escape!

- Hing Gil Dong's father must die. I am all pacifist and all, but this must be done. Seriously, man! Telling your son "What have you changed by your Robin-Hooding?" . So many things were changed by your son's actions!

- I am still all about the Prince. To think of it, his character is probably supposed to be younger than Hong Gil Dong, but he comes across as more mature for his years. What do I like? The truth is, a morally ambiguous character who has selfish thoughts and doubts but who ends up doing the right thing at the end is so my thing in fiction. I think I identify with this personally.. Besides, I like clever characters, devious and net-weaving. I find a brain in a man to be very very attractive.

- Hong Gil Dong and Yi Nok are meant for each other. He needs her as he draws his strength in her unconditional love. No, Chang Hui! You don't really need her, it is just your loneliness talking. You fell in love with the first person who looked at you as a person and not as a Prince/king/destiny/whatever. Get over it quick, please, or you'll lose her friendship.

- Hong Gil Dong and Chang Hui – oh my! What a duel of wills! What a firework of love/hate relationship! Thank you so so much, Hong sisters! Chang Hui needs Hong Gil Dong to tell him (for the first time!) what it means to be a good king. Hong Gil Dong , on the other hand, needs Chang Hui to tell him (also for the first time) that he needs to stand up to his father. And I don't really care that Chang Hui's advice had some net-weaving in it. It was just the thing that Hong Gil Dong needed. As much as it was net-weaving it was Chang Hui's attempt to see what Hong Gil Dong is made of.

- As anyone else, I hate madam Noh. BUT! Well, I can't forget the times when she and Chang Hui were hiding and had nothing to eat and she had to steal food. She was beaten badly at least one time for stealing food for her prince, she suffered. I don't know – may be there is a good side to her.

Also I loved:

- Yi Nok stepping all over The Weird girl's wedding silk! HAHAHA!
- I am kind of in love with Chang Hui's bodyguard. HE HIS SO HOT.
- Gom biting his toungue. This was so partisan-like!
- I figured out why they stopped cutting HDG's hair. This must be because he is in hiding and has no scissors?

Capital Scandal, episode 7

- Song Joo's dresses are to die for. Every one of them!
- I love this drama but I am getting this "terrorism is good and heroic when for the better cause" vibe which I am largely trying to ignore.
- I am all about Lee Soo Hyun. He has the best suits and he knows how to wear them. He holds his hands in his pockets in a strangely VERY ATTRACTIVE casual manner! And he angsts!
- Woo Wan is a lovely, lovely boy but such a big puppy!
- EVERYONE sleeps fully-dressed in Korea, wering taylor-made suits
- Update: Kang Ji Hwan has a great profile when he angsts )

Trick 2
Is it just me or is this season even quirkier than the season one? This drama must conquer the world; it has some of the best TV dialogues.
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I am at the beginning of the Project of High Importance (to be named the Epic Project from now on for short) and may be I will soon disappear, or may be I'll just go permanently grey. But! I shall conquer this!

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is safe to say that Korean drama "Hong Gil Dong" (or Robin Hood ;D) is still making me happy and I love it and even not in this-is-my-crack way but in this-is-a-good-piece-of-entertainment way.

SPOILERS!!!!!!!! )
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I have just finished the episode 12 of this 24-episode Korean drama-variation of the Robin Hood legend. It is getting even better and better!

MUST GO TO SLEEP, but just before I do it: Cut just in case )

My prediction for the ending: Yi Nok and The Prince will be arranged to be married at some point. And the Prince will become the new king and be good at this, continuing his love/hate relationship with Hong Gil Dong. Then Yi Nok will have some usual struggles and decide that the live of noblity is not for her and that she loves Hong Gil Dong and not Chang Hui. Seeing this, Chang Hui will let her go and secretly smuggle both Yi Nok and Hong Gil Dong on a ship to China. Or may be make Hong Gil Dong the new police chief. THE END.

Some of my favourite screen caps: )
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I am on the episode 8 of Korean 24-episode drama "Hong Gil Dong". It is getting better with each episode. The story itself is so far the best part. It shows that this is an adaptation of an acclaimed novel. The story keeps you guessing and the ending is difficult to predict at this point.

I am still very much all about The Black Prince Chang Hwui But don't worry Hong Gil Dong, I like you too. I often like 2 or more characters in the same TV show with similar strength. :D

Here is a gif (taken from soompi forum) of Chang Hwui crying. OMPH! OMPH! Poor boy!!!!!!!! )

I had a look at the soompi thread for Jang Geun Suk (the actor who plays Chang Hwui) and he seems to be a happy-go-lucky type with a big smile which must prove that he is a good actor, must it not? :D His previous drama "Hwang Jin Yi" seems to fare well in ratings.

Onyone has watched "Hwang Jin Yi"? Any good? I seem to have a feeling [ profile] meganbmoore made a post on this drama but I am not sure.
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I have watched 5 episodes of this 24-episode Korean drama already and it is really enjoyable. Not earth-shattering or outstanding but very, very well done. It seems that Korean dramas of the last two years gathered in speed and quality and this is just another very good product indeed. Fast, tight, great story, bright colours and very amusing. Oh, and good music. The story of Robin Hood is good everywhere, isn't it?

Few things to mention:

- Please don't kill me – I am not finding Kang Ji Hwan (the actor who plays Hong Gil Dong) attractive yet. I am saying "yet" as may be he will grow on me (and I really like the character) but for now he is somehow a tad too fat or something.

- I definitely don't quite like Heo Lee Nok (or Yi Nok?). And this must be the character as Sung Yu Ri was wonderful in "Winter Queen". I just wish Heo Lee Nok will stop making over-eggagerated facial expressions. And I have grown tired of "a stupid girl with a heart of gold who eats too much and with whom everyone falls in love" cliche . She doesn't bother me but at the same time she doesn't amuse me at all.

- So here (apart of the story which is very interesting to watch) I am all about The Black Prince. I think I will end up with my heart broken!!

- The last part of the usual quadrangle, Seo Eun Hye (played by Kim Ri Na) , seems to be a psycho spoiled girl. The first scene with her (the one with a dead bird) was very seriously creepy.

Just a nice screencap: The Black Prince vs Hong Gil Dong

A screen cap of The Black Prince. No Spoilers )


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