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UK is doing well in voting. The world is coming to an end!!!!

Edit: so the winners are Azerbaijan. One of those strange Eurovsion "wins by numbers" - I don't think anything stood out to me about this performance at all.
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With one thing or another, it has escaped my attention that the Eurovision song contest 20011 is happening! Right now!!!!

1. The first things first: How come that Ireland always "gets it" as far as the Eurovision song contest is concerned and the UK does not???? Kudos to Ireland for choosing Jedward as their Eurovision entry (see Youtube video below). Unless my favourite (the French Corsican dude) is going to win, the winners have to be the twins:

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2. My personal favourite is French entry. BECAUSE it's OPERA! Because Amaury Vassili has a gorgeous voice! And he sings in Corsican language!!! And has gorgeous long hair! Video )

3. Estonia's Getter Gaani is something what can be called a Classical Eurovision Entry (crazy costumes, shapely ladies and all). I never seem to to get tired of them: Video )

4. Russia nominated a "mister Cheese" this year, Alexey Vorobjev. I know I am a lady of bad taste, but Alexey looks a little tiny bit like a young Kevin McKidd in a pair of tight black trousers. The song is kind of awful, but I do like the trousers. Video )

5. UK is trying hard,to stay away from the last place, we really do. I don't think choosing Blue as our Eurovision contestant is going to help us, though. The guys are visibly despising the whole affair and themselves for agreeing to participate. Really, the UK needs to chill out and join with the fun: Video )
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So far this has been a competition of boobies; which ones are gonna win?

a) Live ones in apricot-coloured top (Armenia)?

b) Or metal ones (Turkey)?

Also, Greece has re-used their last-year's costumes! Whoo- Hoo! The man wearing the costume is different, though!

My predictions for the top 6:

Armenia: the guy playing the flute was cool!
Turkey: big all over Europe, also metal boobies
Serbia: have to give him points for crazy haircut and catchy song
Germany: Lovely Lena is lovely
France: ole-ole!
Greece: op-pa!

My favourites:

Germany: the only act I really liked
Russia: for all the wrong reasons
Belgium: this was rather refreshing

My dislikes:

Turkey: stop flashing lights. Stop it. I have almost had an epileptic fit.

PS: watching Erovision on a big HD TV screen is great. GREAT.

EEEEEEEEEE! Lovely Lena has won!!!!!!!!!!
BOOOOOOOOO! To pseudo-Manga, flashing lights, metal boobies and all!
Hahahahaha! UK is the last! Again!
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HA HA HA HA HA. It is going to be (thank you to [ profile] elec3nity !) the most awesome author of the most awesome "Guitar, Guitar" Peter Nalich. HA HA HA HA. He is the geekiest chap that have ever made an YouTube video. But his English is very good, however!

Just in a case you don't know who Peter Nalitch is, this is the geekiest song of all times, the Youtube hits record breaker, "Guitar, Guitar":

And this is his Eurovision entry, Lost and Forgotten )

OH MY POOR HEART. Today is a really great day.
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1. Please give Terry Wogan back to us. Boo to Graham Norton.

2.Who is going to win?

Will it be the Norwegian with a Russian name and a fiddle? I have seen many cheesy things on Eurovision over the years but he is by far the King of (good, wholesome and cute) cheese.

Or the Greek (" I'll tear my shirt off for you. Trust me, I participated in Olympics")?

Or German tight sparky pants?

Or Andrew Lloyd-Webber and his mousy protegee?

My guess is with Greece.

Results: It is the Norwegian with a Russian name, Alexander Rybak! Way to go, Alexander, my name-friend!!!
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RUSSIA IS THE WINNER! And I think I just promised Sasha to go to Moscow next year and watch Eurovision live. I hope she will forget. :D


To my double Russian/ UK self the results are confusing.


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