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Happy birthday to lthw absolutely wonderful [ profile] lesbiassparrow (whose posts on Roman customs absolutely make my day) and fantabulous [ profile] wistfulmemory ** hugs, confetti and cakes (of all kind) **
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Happy birthday to the wonderful, sweet [ profile] teh_haley. I wish you fulfillment of ALL your wishes (even little ones) !!! Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! ** plus big chocolate cake, confetti and candles **
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And sadly, this is the first week of "British summer time", the one single thing that can be crowned as "Spoil alexandral's spring mood the most". I hate it, hate hate hate it. Hate is a strong word, but I just do not understand why do I have to go through with this nonsense year after year. I am generally not a morning person to start with, which may be the reason why the change in time tends to make me really tired for weeks.

I hear different arguments for summer time, each of them not without several arguments against:

1. We do it for the farmers! No - Apparently (as it was proved by some Australian farmers) time change affects cattle negatively. Biological clock of farm animal's goes haywire.

2. It is lighter and safer on the roads! No - if any people are like me, they are tired for weeks after the time change, hence prone to traffic accidents. I was that close to a traffic accident a couple of times this week. Plus: the traffic on Monday and Tuesday morning was HORRIBLE: everyone seemed to be running later than usual.

3. It helps to save the energy! I have looked into this: and no, no proven energy saving.

I want to immigrate to Australia, or simply go and protest.

PS; but it not all bad, of course. First of all: today is the birthday of the wonderful and knowledgeable [ profile] trailer_spot.Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second of all: it is spring! The weather is finally warm (ish?) , daffodils are blooming all over the place : happy weekend, everyone!!!!!
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This was a week full of birthdays! Happy birthday to fabulous [ profile] nutmeg3 and also most wonderful to [ profile] seven_trees,[ profile] the_grynne, [ profile] bae_mac and [ profile] jaydk!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy birthday to most fabulous [ profile] jenlev, [ profile] siljamus and [ profile] queenofthorns!! Also happy belated birthday to most fabulous [ profile] arathesane and [ profile] allbloomedout. February is one of the coldest months of the year, but it is the birthday month for so many wonderfully warm people! Happy birthday to you all, many good wishes and virtual champagne!!

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Happy birthday, dear [ profile] ginger001!!!!!!! I wish your next year to be the happiest even, with all the great things (fannish and otherwise)! ** hugs **
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Happy birthday to dear [ profile] himmapaan!!! I hope you had a great day and that the next year brings you happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!
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First of all, my sincere apologies and belated birthady wishes to the wonderful:
[ profile] elspethsheir
[ profile] calixa
[ profile] village
[ profile] endlessdeep.

Thank you so so much to everyone reccing "Gloria" – I am deeply and fully back into Korea drama love! This drama is made by the same folks who produced "Family Honor" and not surprisingly it gives me the same feeling "Family’s honor" did. I love it’s cosy world (the drama is supposed to be about harsh realities of life but I feel so comforted by it’s world I want to live in it), I obsess over it’s delicious romance stories and I adore almost every single character, elderly and children included. I adore both couples, Jin Jin/Kang Suk and Dong Ah/Yoon Seo, but also I like Kang Suk’s irascible mother , the invincible lady manager, the perm-haired club owner and especially Jae Hwan, new re-incarnation of the cute under-cook from "Pasta". The only two characters I hate are Yoon Seo’s possessive mother (your daughter doesn’t belong to you, you crazy person) and Kang Suk’s evil step-mother (but I have a little tiny flick of pity for her). Oh, and I loathe Kang Suk’s pervy alcoholic brother.

But mostly, because I am shallow, and also because I loved and wept for Man Oh in "Conspiracy in the Court", I love Lee Chun Hee and his portrayal of Dong Ah. I have great hopes for the writers of Gloria (so far they only produced happy and life-affirming stories) , so I hope Dong Ah has much happiness coming towards him. Wake up, Dong Ah!

In the meantime, the drama also has it’s priorities straight and in the episode 2 we had Dong Ah shirtless for no apparent reason:

just in case you want to see another version of this )

And the fact that Kang Suk is regularly prone to angsty shirtless fighting and other forms of shirtless angsting doesn’t hurt as well Shirtless and semi-shirtless angst )

PS: I have sailed through 10 episodes really fast and I am so going to enjoy every episode left. The subtitles are coming nice and quick, apparently, so YAY!
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Happy birthday [ profile] maryxmas!!!!!!!!! I wish you all the wonderful things in the world and hope you have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy belated birthday to [ profile] bzoppa!!!!! I wish you many many many happy years and good things ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy birthday dear [ profile] lesbiassparrow and [ profile] wistfulmemory!!!!!!!! ** big squishes, cakes and confetti ** I wish you happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy birthday to wonderful [ profile] soniag!!! I wish you happiness, many new books and everything you wish for!!!!!!!!
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Happy birthday [ profile] dangermousie! I wish you fulfilment of all your dreams and wishes and also many many good fandom things: dramas, films and books! Kim Nam Gil is sending his "Happy birthday" too:

Today! The first episode of "Bad Guy"! Is out!! I have watched it raw (no patience!) , could not understand a thing, but have understood as much : the drama is fast-paced, beautifully filmed, sexy, complex and dark. And Kim Nam Gil has very long eyelashes. I might get terribly obsessed. I want subs!!!!!!!!!

Screencaps of the episode 1 of Bad Guy. Not all of them are worksafe )

In other Kdrama News: Cinderella's sister episode 17 was fabulous, lovely and more. My thoughts on the episode 17, with screencaps )
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There are so many birthdays this weekend!! YAY! I wish the happiest of birthdays and many many wonderful things to the fantastic:
[ profile] ancarett
[ profile] juprujac
[ profile] semyaza
[ profile] charlie_bz

** throws confetti**
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Happy birthday to dear [ profile] miss_dian and happy belated birthday to dear [ profile] linfer. It is such a pleasure to have you on my friends list and I wish you fulfillment of all your wishes and happiness!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy birthday dear [ profile] maddeinin and [ profile] savepureness!!! Also happy belated birthday to [ profile] teh_haley !!!!! I wish you all the great things, everything you wish for!!!!!!!!!
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My sincere apologies - I didn't have any time answering the latest comments - there are some most amazing comments in "Why do you watch Asian drama" post. I am off to the Oracle Application Express user group in London,Slough (aka will be busy busy busy) early this morning , putting my programmer hat back on and all such things. I will be back on Thursday.

Happy early birthday to [ profile] trailer_spot! I was so lucky to meet you in "real life" - I wish you another very very happy year!!!!!!!!
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Happy birthday to wonderful, one and only [ profile] nutmeg3 and the happiest belated birthday to most amazing [ profile] the_grynne!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you both everything you wish for and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy birthday, dear [ profile] seven_trees!!!!!!! ** gives you lots of hugs, throws confetti and passes a large piece of chocolate cake **
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Happy birthday to most awesome trio of [ profile] jenlev, [ profile] queenofthorns and [ profile] siljamus . All three of you are very important in my LJ life and I hope I would be able to meet you in real life too, one day! ** hugs, confetti and huge chocolate cake **


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