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I like making lists and tables and all such things. It seemed a good idea to start my Korean dramas ratings list - I find other people's lists to be a very useful source of recommendation.

I tried to be fair, ignore any of my subjective feelings for one or another drama, but at the same time I took into consideration my more objective feelings on, for example, how well women are portrayed? or can this drama benefit from cutting some of the unnecessary scenes and improving pace?. Also I tried to apply the general criteria of how good the story, humour, dialogue, acting, direction and characters are and how much sense the ending makes (but poor ending doesn't mean sad ending - sad ending might make sense too). Some other criteria I applied are: innovativeness ,cinematography and cultural impact. I also tried to take into consideration the average opinion of the fans, where I knew it.

The list only contains the dramas that I have seen in their entirety (but sometimes I used fast forward). There isn't many dramas that receive less 5 out of 10 on this list - this is just because I don't usually continue watching a drama that I don't find good to a certain degree. I will be adding more dramas and comments as I continue and link the dramas to their Drama Wiki pages. I want to add Japanese drama ratings later too.

Drama titleDrama ratings
(out of 10)
9 End 2 Outs8Fresh, different, funny, witty and romantic.
A Love To Kill8A rare Dostoevskian psychological drama.
Air City5Has it's ups and downs. Good actors. The ending doesn't make sense at all.
All in6A nun and an ex-convict fall in love in a casino.
April Snow4One of those dramas that sound much better than they are.
Auction house6Interesting drama about Korean art and much UST between Yoon So Yi and Jung Chan.
Bad guy6The ending that will make you want to pull your hair out.
Baker King, Kim Tak Goo7Will-be-classic makjang with ratings soaring up to 50%.
Beautiful days8Pulls at you heart strings like no other drama and has the best kisses.
Boys Before Flowers6Great fun if you are 10. My daughter's favourite so far.
Brilliant Legacy7Good family drama, especially if Lee Seung Ki is your idea of hot.
Capital Scandal9Awesome costumes, awesome
unusual story and two awesome couples.
Cinderella's sister7Well-written drama about family, healing and love.
City Hall7Small-town politics can be very hot.
Chuno9I willl need more time to express the awesomeness that is Chuno in full.
Coffee Prince7Great cross-dressing drama in slice-of-life style
Conspiracy in the Court8A bit too complex at times, but awesome nonetheless
Crazy for You6Get hankies ready for lots of angst.
Creating destiny6Lovely main couple, the rest pretty forgettable.
Dal Ja's Spring6Main herouine looks very odd. She falls in love with a younger man.
Daemul7Well-acted and well-written. heavy on politics
Damo8For the lovers of strong female characters - one of the best historical dramas there is.
Dear heaven7Solid old-school family drama with Yoon Jung Hee.
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang5Second half dragged and dragged and dragged.
Dream High6As pretty and as sweet as multicolored candy.
Fantasy couple7Slightly hyperactive but the chemistry between Han Ye Seul and Oh Ji Ho makes all things very very good.
Family's honour7The best family drama I have seen so far - I want subtitles!
Fly High7It is never late. All you need is determination.
Full House7Very lovable.
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung5The main herouine is a gold-digger and the whole drama is set to prove that it is fine to be one. but Oh Ji Ho is gorgeous.
Goong9Absolute classic.
Great Inheritance7Good family drama.
H.I.T7Interesting serial-killer story with a strong lady cop and a prosecutor in love with her. She saves his life at least twice..
Hello My Teacher7Forbidden love between a teacher and her pupil.
Hello! Miss5Somewhat odd, but worthy of watching for the second couple's sake.
Hero6Funny, with several engaging characters.
Honesty6Not for you if you don't like Ryu Shi Won.
Hotelier6Korean "Pretty Woman".
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor,6Park Shi Hoo is insanely pretty.
Hong Gil Dong6Good at the beginning, but has some problems from the feminist POV and poor ending.
Iljimae6Solid historical drama, but nothing out of ordinary
In-Soon is Pretty4Two main leads have no chemistry together whatsoever.
Last Scandal8Loved it
Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea (The)6Quite good drama, but lags.
Let's Go To The Beach6Quite adorable drama with Lee Wan. No kisses.
Lovers7Romance! Romance! Romance!
Lovers in Paris7For the lovers of romance stories, but the second half is not as good as the first.
Lovers in Prague6Feels less engaging than the other "Lovers!"
Marry me, Mary7Not the best as far as writing goes, but made me grin from ear to ear , all the way through. Extra point for lovely music.
Mawang10Perfect drama. Watch it!
Money's Warfare8Like no other drama I have seen.
My girl7One of the best traditional dramas: a love story between pseudo-siblings with abundance of strange fashions.
My Lovely Sam-Soon8Very unusual, more like a Western romance story.
My sweet Seoul.6A breath of fresh air, but it is pity that "a girl over 30 has to be dying to get a man" storyline is so terribly overdone.
Nine Tailed Fox7Do you like vampire stories as I do?
One Percent of Anything6Good family drama with Kang Dong Won (who should make more dramas)
Partner7Great chemistry between Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo
Pasta6Lee Sun Gyun's voice is so soft and velvety
Piano6Piano! Angst! Stepsibling Love! Angst! More Angst!
Powerful Opponents6This could have been so good if not for the most confusing ending of all times.
Prosecutor Princess6The leads are excellent.
Queen of Housewives7Much better than the title implies.
Resurrection7They make very good revenge dramas in Korea
Scale of providence5Good actors, "all over the place" plot and unresolved shipping
Secret Garden7Romantic makjang. Cousin Oska is adorable and makes the drama.
Sign7Starts a bit shaky, but becomes really good in the second half. For someone who wants something different.
Snow White7Good traditional "Cinderella story" drama.
Soul8Like "A Tale of two susters" 10 episodes long, and just as good
Star's Lover6Choi Ji Woo , Yoo Ji Tae and lots of chemistry.
Still, marry me6Nice girly drama.
Take Care of the Young Lady6Messy but adorable
Temptation of an angel7For the fans of traditional melodrama. Revenge, illegitimate children, comas and plastic surgery abound, everything is deliciously over the top.
Terroir6Can you love two people at once?
Thank you6Slightly emotionally manipulative.
The Legend10Perfect period fantasy drama
The Painter of the Wind8Paintings are cool!!!
The Scale of Providence5Great chemistry between the two main male characters. Forgettable female leads. One of the most direction-less dramas that I have seen.
The Snow Queen7Terminal illness drama done right. With Hyun Bin.
The Vineyard Man4The ugliest male lead - where did they find him?
Thorn Birds6Family drama crossed with makjang. Good points: totaly adorable kid and Han Hye Jin a.
Time Between Dog and Wolf6Gangsta story with lots of hot romance and Lee Jun Ki.
Tree of Heaven7I start weeping from just thinking about it.
Triple6Poor ending.
What Happened in Bali6Very depressing.
What's Up Fox?5Unconventional and cheeky.
When It's At Night7One of the best female characters in Korean drama.
Who Are You?6The screen time devoted to the unfunny father is the time lost.
Wish upon a star/ Pick the stars6Guilty pleasure.
Winter Sonata7Korean first lady likes it.
Will it snow for Christmas6Angst-fest with most gorgeous Goo Soo.
Witch Amusement6Lovely but no substance.
Women of the sun6Revenge, lost siblings, hot guys, childhood loves, angst etc.
You are beautiful7The best in the "young love" category. Also very funny and has exceptionally beautiful music.

These are the dramas I have watched in full (there are quite few dramas I gave up on but I don't think it is quite fair for me to judge a drama without finishing it). I will appreciate any new drama recommendations.
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