Nov. 29th, 2011

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LJ is having PROBLEMS! Oh, I am getting a bit tired of this. I was ready to feel for them during the first (and even second) wave of DDoS attacks, but this is getting old pretty fast. LJ folks! T'is the time to do something, you had plenty of time already.

Forgive my old-school sensibilities , my younger friends, but this season seems to be the time for some of the ugliest fashions I have ever seen. Namely - girls wearing tights without wearing anything else (please see the illustration below). This look belongs (may be) in a gym or in a ballet performance, but NOT in a café, unless the aim is to cause gastrointestinal disturbances.

You might say that these are not tights but leggings, but how the casual onlooker is supposed to know? For the record, thin-ish leggings worn without a long top over them look as ugly as any tights. And matched with UGG boots (the ugliest foot wear invented) the look is terrible, even on the gorgeous ladies like Olivia Wilde:

I have shamelessly stolen the pictures from the Internet, but I see 5-10 examples of this "fashion" every morning I am walking to work, especially around the University area.

This is a hilarious chart I have stolen from [ profile] lage_nom_ai: Am I wearing pants?. This chart needs to be spread all over the world, and I am going to help the good work. Young ladies and gentlemen! Please consult the chart before stepping outside!


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