Jul. 1st, 2011

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A Dance with Dragons is coming out so soon! I wanted (but who am I kidding) to do a complete re-read, but only had time to finish Game of Thrones so far. Considering there is only 12 days left , I decided to re-read "A Feast for Crows" in the remaining time and re-read the other books as the show airs. When I first read "A Feast for Crows" I felt confused and overwhelmed with so many new characters, and because of it I don't think I understood or remembered too much.

I have read 60 first pages of AFFC yesterday. :D

But now, it seems that ASOIF world has settled somehow in my memory because I feel totally differently. I seem to grasp who is who and what is what (with a bit of help from Google). First of all, the Ironborn are so interesting: Asha, Aeron the Damphair (with his haunting love for his dead brother) and even Victarion.

Secondly, I do seem to be getting a fair bit of understanding on "What is going on in Dorne". I remember reading AFFC for the first time and thinking "WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE? SANDSNAKES? ARIENNE? Where have they all come from?" But no more! It seems now everything makes sense.

On tangential note, this is An Obscure Character Appreciation Day. I remembered how much I liked Prince Doran's bodyguard, Areo Hotah, even the first time round. Now I am getting a grasp on the bits of his backstory and he seems to be even more interesting.

Here is a picture of Areo Hotah and His Axe. I do have a thing for axes.

PS: What is your favourite Obscure Character in the ASOIF series?


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