Jun. 24th, 2011

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This is cross-posted: I have made this post for an ASOIF community.

Martin uses fairytales quite extensively, right? I don't want to mention the most obvious ones (like for example, how many times the Beauty and the Beast story crops up in the series? 3? More?) or the ones that I have already seen mentioned somewhere else (Jaime and Prince Charming from Shrek are long-lost twins), here are just a few:

More fairytales )

What do you think? Do you know any fairytale stories that you think might have influenced A Song of Ice and Fire series?
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There is something I have found very interesting whilst reading [livejournal.com profile] shapinglight's LJ. Something I want to ask : what do you think of pairings with big age difference , and by big I mean over 10 years, at least?

For example, Dany, who is 15 (well, at least she is supposed to be 15 in the Game of Thrones HBO) and Jorah who is 49 (I think ) ? I personally love the pairing!

I might be in a complete minority, but the age differences do not bother me in historical (or history-related, like Game of Thrones) fiction. If it was considered old enough for a girl to be married at 13-15 (often to an older man) in the world of the book/show, I accept it, I do not want that world by our standards. In my brain I do the substitution 13-15 = marriageable age in this society.

I think mostly this has to do with the stories my gran used to tell me. She was married at 13 to a guy 10 years her senior. This was the age to get married in Russian villages in 1920s, so she did. It was a happy marriage, they lived happily together until he died in WW2.

I often think why the marriageable age (especially for girls) was quite often a lot lower in the "olden days", and I think this mostly had do with the short life span and high death rate in babies.

This all said, I do not at all approve of a 15-year old having a relationship with someone who is 49 years old in our day and age. I will be the first one to shout "Evil!!!!!!!!!"! I feel there must be a contradiction there , but what can I do.

PS: I thould stop obsessing so much over Game of Thrones, shouldn't I?


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