Jun. 20th, 2011

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I am feeling extremely rambly and happy. This was such a good finale! Dragons were so awesome , but I was glad that the scene with Dany breastfeeding the baby dragons was omitted. I woke up an hour earlier , so that I can watch the finale before going to work. I don't quite share the doom and gloom, and "what am I going to do now???" mood. Now the first season is over, but I can always :

a) re-watch, so that I notice some things that I haven't. For example, I still want to know where is Roose Bolton (he has to make it into the show, right? Who is going to take over Harrenhal?)
b) re-read. I have just finished Game of Thrones re-read and started A Clash of Kings re-read.
c) Read the new book that is out in July!

Trying to do a little bit of post-show analysis, I must point a couple of flaws in the show that I have noticed:

1. Uneven pace and odd editing in the first few episodes

2. Sexposition scenes with Ros-the-whore, which, as [livejournal.com profile] lage_nom_ai noted, is just an example of lazy writing, and an aesthetically disgusting example at that. As a math-freak I am, I added all the time of sexposition scenes in the first season, and it adds up to between 20-30 minutes. 20-30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine 20-30 minutes of other good things instead!

3. Some important material didn't make it to the show.
Everyone probably has their own scenes they think should have made it into the show. For me, it was the Little Bird scene between Sansa and the Hound, which was a very important one for both of these characters. Also the scene was important because of "There are no true knights" message that it conveyed.
But for someone who does not care for The Hound at all, may be there is another scene that they think should have made it into the show. The missing direwolf scenes should have been there, for sure!

But , after all is said and done, I have not been obsessed with anything as much as I was with "Game of Thrones" for ages. Not since "Chuno"(Slave hunters), and this was over a year ago. The obsession has to count! I love the show!!!! And there is a huge list of good things I can write about it, a list that will be much longer!

The rest of the post is my Sansa/Sandor inner shipper talking, spoilers for the episode 10, no book spoilers.Sansa, Joffrey and The Hound )

There is something I noticed as well, just a little thing. Sansa took off Joffrey's locket, and put on her dragonfly necklace again, the one she brought from home. I have a necklace just like that one! (I got it at a craft fair last year):

PS: I have a question for book fans: What scene do you think should have been in the show, but wasn't included for some reason?

PS2: How badly do you wish a slow and painful death to Joffrey?


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